How to Live With Beasts


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Youngul recklessly came down from Seoul to Halla City, believing in the ‘first-come, first-served recruitment’ ad.

When she arrived, there were strange people with animal ears and wings.

More precisely, there were beasts of different races.

“Han Young-ul, you have passed. Start working right away.”

“Can’t you just let me go? I am just a normal human being.”

“No. You’re not an ordinary human being. Seeing how you could come here.”

“Han Young-ul is a Clear.”

Young-ul, who has lived as an ordinary human until now, is confused by all of this.

But the unbelievable things didn’t end here…


“Han Young-wool needs to learn to stop us from running out of control through physical contact, with actions such as holding his hand.”

“How can you stop a runaway just by holding hands? It may suffice for him, but that is not enough to satisfy me.”

Dokgo snorted and threw up.

“… … yes?”

Young-ul’s adaptation period for the Udang-tang hetero-tribal company where she was caught by a job posting and was forcibly hired by a hetero-tribe management agency.

Will Youngul be able to live with the beasts?

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짐승과 살아가는 방법
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