Emperor’s Conquest


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She was born into a powerful family of the nobility, a blue-blooded aristocrat as capable as any man. He rose from humble origins up the military ranks, an iron-blooded knight with high ambitions. A transaction for power severed her from her childhood sweetheart. A tardy encounter was the beginning of his and her vow to meet life and death under heaven, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Political intrigue, dynastic succession struggles. He trampled through it all in the toil of becoming emperor.

Old enmities became new disputes, concerning life and death of entire families. She entered once more into the palace, changing the entire political climate of their world.

Meeting once again, they had become strangers. The peach blossom were all fallen, no more than a golden age grown cold.

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Di Wang Ye
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October 24, 2018
Status: c6
This is a well translated story - so far, the heroine has loved, lost, seen the pain of an emperor's harem and felt her heart grow cold. All these lessons will stand her in good stead when she finally has to find her own way back to imperial politics and family betrayals. Descriptions of people and places are detailed and contribute lots of depth to the story.

I'm hoping this continues being translated - their work is very smooth and easy to read.
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AtnVhlod rated it
November 30, 2018
Status: c6
Very intriguing so far, page turner if I were holding a book... So far so good, very promising, looking forward to greater developments in the story.

Huge GJ to the translator/s, the translation is impeccable one would have thought this was written in English.
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