Dictator From Outer Space


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In 2180, the last survivor of the human race returns to Earth.

In 2025, a 3rd generation Chaebol regains consciousness after being rendered a vegetable in a car accident.

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우주에서 온 독재자
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7 Reviews

New Drakonus_
Feb 25, 2024
Status: --
There are three big issues in this novel that act as a barrier for most readers.

Let's start with the biggest one, racism. To put it simply, the author is a raging racist. In the novel, the MC had to go against China and Japan for some odd reason. With China, the author writes it off as just a country with an aggressive government seeking dominance, which is pretty accurate. But with Japan, the author makes it as if all Japanese people are hateful, underhanded, greedy, and immature bastards. The hate-boner... more>> against Japan is unreal with this one. I will not spend much more time with this, since it is very obviously written and also implied at various parts of the novel.

The second one, albeit less significant, is related to the story. This novel is a fake. Why a fake you might ask? Well, it's because it's a fantasy disguising itself as a sci-fi. The way the novel explains its future technology is simply bogus. Most, if not all, have something to do with magical alien civilizations gifting their magical "scientific" materials and knowledge to humanity. It just sucks to deal with this if you're tired of the usual fantasy magic stuff and want to read more sci-fi.

The last one is the translation quality. It's highly inconsistent. You can really tell that it's just a ChatGPT translation since it loses context of certain parts of the story, by changing up the spelling of names frequently, assigning the wrong pronouns to characters, and having weird sentences that have no correlation to the current context. The worst part is that the translator doesn't bother to fix these errors, probably due to them either having bad English skills or just straight up being lazy.

Aside from these three issues, the story is decent. If you learn to ignore them, that is. This is also why I'm rating this as a 2/5, because it is hard to ignore them. If I ignore the 3 issues, then I'd say it's around a 3.5/5. <<less
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Jul 22, 2023
Status: c13
Too much Tech Bro going on.

... more>>

The author likes AIs so much you can tell he wants to marry one.

Crypto is used to make the MC rich even though it already crashed and the novel was written after the crash.

MC wants androids and AI to replace all the human workers so that he has complete control of everything which is a common trait Tech Bros and CEO wanting to get rid of employees all share with the recent rise of generative algorithms.

There is a general distaste and superiority that Tech Bros have taken that has really come out in this novel to what they believe infringes on their right to destroy the world around them to make "Progress/quick buck" society tries to do to them when regulations smack down their get rich schemes because they destroyed the lives of everyone around them.

The author also believes scandal filled CNN is reputable.

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Sep 07, 2023
Status: c79
Ultimately, this story is a love-letter to authoritarianism. The protagonist quickly decides (without much thought) that the only way to save humanity is to rule over it with an iron fist. Of course, the MC has little to offer in the way of skills or talents, he's just a psychic soldier, but a super-advanced AI came back to the past with him, and it basically acts as the wisdom character who spoon-feeds the MC all the answers whenever he struggles.

There's also this element that is present on earth that only... more>> he can manipulate and it solves all the world's tech problems. But, it's just a lazy way for the author to avoid bringing any actual scientific knowledge or discussion into his story.

The fact that the author seems to have a hard on for Putin is also difficult to get around. <<less
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Jul 02, 2023
Status: c13
Honestly, after reading 13 chapters, there is vibes of Korea number 1 novel. MC smart (original owner of this body wasn't like that) and etc, but I feel like he will rely too much on ... more>>

super AI

gimmick, which are doing better job than main character. He doesn't feel like a human and he acts like somekind of "android" which replaced original owner of the body. Down in the spoilers I will also note other things


Korea (no mention of north korea in first 13 chapters) in this novel, like a beaten kid, which getting heavily influenced by Chinese and Japanese (Oh... Usual korean targets to hate), because korean companies stagnating now and etc. I am pretty sure that there will be card like... MC saves country economics and develops Korea! First of all, I really wish to know... How people took it as a normal for him to invent things that other couldn't + original owner of this body clearly didnt studied this.


Uh... I think there is even more things to point about this novel, but people will diss me or try to shut me down with futuristic human excuse and uber AI, which knows everything <<less
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Dec 26, 2023
Status: c17
This might be too early to review but the MC is from the future where he was born from technologies. He does not even know why a mother cares for her children. Now, he possesses a guy from Korea and he become more patriotic than a Korean citizen. Why would a guy from the future mingle and fight how the past people fight? His goal is to be prepared and make Humans strong.

So why go against China or Japan which is a much stronger country than Korea in the novel?... more>> It's quite baffling why choose a weak force rather than a strong force or use a weak force to confront a strong force and I expect it to be destroyed at some point.

MC possesses a guy from Korea and not the other way around. If this is a Korean citizen regression I will at least understand like some CN novel. He also mentioned he could go against everyone since he was from the future and highly capable (his spaceship). So why do this dirty work if what you are going to do in the future is through force too? Waste of time. <<less
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Jan 11, 2024
Status: c30
First of all. My 2 stars don't reflect the quality of the translation. The translation is in my opinion good.

The story is acceptable, what is not so acceptable is the level of hate from the author to the 21 century's Japan people. The level of hate is pitiful. The two countries are modern and capable democracies. I have never read a Japanese light novel that have hate for another country, they are not perfect but the current Japanese people is not responsible for the atrocities of WWII. Is a shame,... more>> the story have potential but the constant attack on Japan make hard to read this. <<less
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Sep 19, 2023
Status: c23
So far there is nothing but talk, talk, talk with very little action or discussion on any cool tech. So far its nothing but a political thriller with scyfy elements which is sad since there are other novels on this site that use a similar setting but with much better results. Give the first 10 chapters a read if you're interested still then you may be able to complete it.
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