Deliverance of Counterattack


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His lover left him, his relatives died tragically, his family business was occupied, and he was imprisoned… Once in the upper class circle, Mr. Xu became everyone’s laughing stock overnight.

He thought that bad luck should come to an end. He was put to sleep by a man and accidentally hung up a bun.

After he was released from prison, he came back, opened a restaurant, engaged in farming, and made a fortune with steamed buns.

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Pregnancy Counterattack
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2 Reviews

New Passerby7
Jun 13, 2022
Status: --
Thank you so much for the translator for picking this up and for a very good translation. The plot is dog blood drama and face slapping in a big way. I love the cutie wowo. There are more details and angst in the novel compared to manga version.
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Jun 03, 2022
Status: c92
So glad to see one of my fave translator starting this webnovel woot! Last year, I actually stumbled on its webcomic-anime first. It's a dogblood revenge story but not overly dramatic, just my kind of jam. The bun appears a lot. Story will commence when the bun is already born and he's s3uuuuper cute! I love the VO and his meng OOTDs every episode. There will also be a gang/yakuza subplot c/o our goon leader ML. There's never a boring part, each arc has it's own breath-stopping action.

the novel illustration... more>> is quite different from the manwha tho but I love the ML and the bun's eyes. and IDK about the cover but our main couple is definitely manly. MC is a total butch shou. (PM me if you want to watch the animated webtoon)

again, this is revenge-dogblood story. but one big difference from the rest: MC AND ML ARE TEAMMATES FROM THE GET GO. Villains are the scum ex and scum relatives. Most of all, this is not just some simple faceslaps; MC's faceslaps will totally go haard, like for real. if you have a soft heart... well idk lol. <<less
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