Chu Liuxiang


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Chu Liuxiang is a martial arts expert whose prowess in qinggong is one of the best – if not, the best – in the jianghu (martial artists’ community). He wields a metal hand fan as his weapon and uses it only for self-defence. Despite his superb combat skills and impressive qinggong, one of his definitive traits is that he has never killed a person in his whole life – not even an enemy. Usually, he relies on his wit, experience and calm to solve mysteries and overcome enemies who are far more powerful than him. The identity of his martial arts master is unknown, and even the well-informed Shuimu Yinji (水母陰姬) could only deduce that he is an apprentice of Ye Di (夜帝), a character from Daqi Yingxiong Zhuan (大旗英雄傳), another of Gu Long’s novels

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The Legend of Chu Liuxiang
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Date Group Release
02/04/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c27
02/03/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c26 part2
01/28/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c26 part1
01/27/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c25 part2
01/21/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c25 part1
01/20/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c24 part2
01/14/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c24 part1
01/13/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c23 part2
01/07/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c23 part1
01/06/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c22 part2
01/05/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c22 part1
01/03/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c21 part2
01/01/18 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c21 part1
12/30/17 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c20 part2
12/28/17 Foxs’ Wuxia v1c20 part1
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