Can a System Have Bad Intentions?


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Lu Tang transmigrated, disguised as a man with a system. While others received systems with spiritual springs, immortal herbs, and elixirs, Lu Tang’s system provided… vegetable seedlings?

Lu Tang’s system:

[Please complete the eating task and win the title of the biggest eater] [Please complete the fawning task and win the title of the best bootlicker] [Congratulations on completing the task. You’ve earned a lottery reward… Congratulations, you’ve drawn the double punishment prize] Humiliated under the control of the strange “Champion System,” Lu Tang carried out bizarre tasks every day.

Until one day:
“Huh, I seem to have become the richest person in our county!”
“Huh, my inns seem to be everywhere in the country!”
“Huh, a mysterious high-ranking official from the capital has come to borrow money from me…”
“Oh my! A woman! Crying tears of joy.JPG”

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