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【Who says money can’t buy love? —— You just haven’t found the purchase link yet!】

Yang Xiao is charming, beautiful and makes a lot of money, but unfortunately, her eyes aren’t very good. Her first two boyfriends were nothing but beasts in human clothing. 

Her first boyfriend was a domineering CEO from a prestigious family. His only requirement? For her to get pregnant before marriage. A marriage license in exchange for giving birth to a son. 

——Yang Xiao: “Scram.” 

Her second boyfriend was a talented and highly respected university professor. However, this scholarly young man also had dozens of secret girlfriends and lovers on WeChat.

——Yang Xiao: “Get lost.”

In order to deal with her concerned parents and stop her relatives from gossiping, Yang Xiao opened the “Rental Boyfriend” app, planning to hire a fake boyfriend to take home for the holidays.

The next day, a guy wearing a sports uniform and holding a basketball appeared outside Yang Xiao’s house. He was tall, young and very handsome with short, fluffy hair on his head, and eyes that curved into beautiful arcs when he smiled. Even the sky seemed to brighten up when he grinned.

——“Thank you for hiring me! I’m Meng Yufan, your boyfriend.”

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pastelbunnyyy rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: Completed
What I loved about it: a FL who had 2 ex boyfriends and have had s*x with them. I respect women who waits for marriage, but I also respect those who don’t. The thing I’ve been very icky about most novels is the fact that they’ll get FLs who are in this lengthy relationships that involves cohabitation but have remained “pure”. While possible, still highly unlikely. In an ideal world, you’ll only have s*x with one person and it’s going to be the best s*x of your life and for... more>> the rest of your life lol. Sh*t happens. The men you fall in love with can be shitty people and not last forever and a woman’s chastity is not her worth.

Rant aside, I also enjoyed how realistic their relationship was. These are characters who made human decisions (with regards to their relationship).

What I didn’t like: it was dragging in a lot of parts. I personally feel like this could have been shorter with the amount of filler chapters that there were. <<less
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Meatshield rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Y’all you gotta give this a chance! The ratings are all wrong. This story is so fluffy and cute!

Both the leads are well-rounded characters with distinctive strengths and weaknesses. Having been in two disastrous previous relationships near the start of the story, the MC has all but given up on believing in men and finding true love. Thus, she initially comes off cold, tough, and solely career-oriented. However, as soon as the sunny, sincere, and innocent ML enters her life, she very slowly but surely finds her frozen heart thawing.... more>> It takes a while for her to fully trust him but even before she can admit that she’s investing more than just money into their relationship, we find her making little allowances for him everywhere in her life.

What I thought was cute was how the puppy-like ML pretty much fell for her at first (though he doesn’t know it at first because he’s inexperienced with love) and kept making excuses for her to see him even outside of his rental boyfriend duties. I really liked that the author portrayed the ML’s innocence and strong sense of righteousness to be both his strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, he’s kind and sincere and pretty much just an all-round good guy which is why he’s able to move peoples’ hearts. On the other hand, he can be overly naive about the real world and quick to be impulsive to protect his friends and loved ones. Luckily for him, this story is a lighter text overall all of the MC or ML’s counterattacks end up working as planned. I LOL’d so hard at

what they did to scare her cheating and scummy ex once and for all. It was truly an ingenious plot and he definitely had it coming.


The focus shifted to the two’s careers more after they officially confirmed their relationship and while I thought the story would start dragging here, I was surprised to find out that the author’s very good at establishing interesting yet realistic workplace/school settings. The struggles the two faces in their respective fields felt true to their jobs and I liked the snippets into the lives of their coworkers/classmates.

Overall, a good read that made me almost want to find a younger bf myself 😂. <<less
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YouToon rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Heartwarming and pure this story details the unusual first meeting and eventual romance of two people who could never have met and fallen in love any other way.

The female lead is capable, devious and very grounded. She's suffered two very bad relationships and lost the ability to open her heart.

Our male lead is young, ambitious and a little ditzy. His passionate drive to go after the things he wants in an honorable way never fails to satisfy.

The world building is decent, secondary characters are well developed. I was also impressed... more>> by how realistic the villains were. Each got a comeuppance that was appropriate for the crime. The leads careers were also touched on and folded into their story in a dynamic and organic way.

Strongly recommend if you are in the mood for a true noona romance that acknowledges the power imbalance, feels natural and gives valid character growth to create a sweet partnership. <<less
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pimni rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: c102
One of the best romances I have read this year when it comes to the modern romance category. The FL and the ML are both so beautifully written that you can't help but read the book again and again. And the translator is a very good one, I have read previous works done by her and hope this will also be a great translation. The story is really good, quite fast-paced and exciting. The FL is older than the ML and is a no-nonsense, very career-driven girl. I loved her... more>> best friend and roommate the best and the dialogues between the two will make you laugh every time you remember it. <<less
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