A Monk’s Lovesickness


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Twenty-nine year old Kuzuhara Kano loves her ordinary daily life above all else. While her friends are getting married and having children one after another, she is not in a rush nor does she have any aspirations, living a carefree single life. But one day, her life changes. By a twist of fate, she is suddenly proposed to by a handsome monk. No matter how handsome he is, it is impossible to marry a person you’ve just met!! Although Kano is surprised and instantly refused him, he still smiled charmingly and didn’t seem to give up. On the contrary, a sweet coercive approach has begun—
Too much doting, doesn’t he know the limits?! The s*x appeal-dripping monk’s and a carefree girl’s sexual attraction at full throttle! A cute love story!

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One entry per line
Souryo-sama no Koiwazurai
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Date Group Release
08/17/19 Manic Josei c8
07/22/19 Manic Josei c7 part2
06/19/19 Manic Josei c7 part1
03/29/19 Manic Josei c6 part2
03/09/19 Manic Josei c6 part1
02/03/19 Manic Josei c5
01/10/19 Manic Josei c4
12/26/18 Manic Josei c3
12/08/18 Manic Josei c2
12/01/18 Manic Josei c1
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Risiris rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c1
The plot is shaping up like the trope of 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made Watashi ni Koi Shita Obosan. Let us see how this story will unfold. I hope we'll have equally strong, discerning and interesting main characters in this novel. I am now quite curious about what the future is going to hold for both of them. :)
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