A Defeated Heroine Who Couldn’t Become My Wife in the Future Time-Leaps


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As a servant of Izumi Hisako, a ruthless and merciless devilish young lady, I spent my daily life enduring abusive language and violence.

“I love you,” “I love you,” “Marry me,” “Look only at me,” “Don’t be anything but me”

One day, she was transformed into a monster who loves me, calling out whispers of love.
She is Izumi Hisako, a woman who time leaped from the future to the past, and was ruined in the future because she couldn’t have a relationship with me.
This time, she wants to go out with me, become my lover, and get married… I am confused every day by her fierce attacks of love as she reveals all of her true nature.

This is a coming-of-age love story of a young man, Hozuki Akane, who is confused by the approach of Izumi Hisako, who has become a losing heroine in such a future, and whose first priority is to live his school life in peace.


Unable to be engaged to my childhood friend whom I loved so much for a long time, I died in the middle of my ambition. I should have exposed my fondness for him, I should have honestly told him of my love, such regrets ran through my mind like a running light.

—-When I came to my senses, I was transported back to my high school days.

This time, in order to marry my beloved Akane, I kicked the crap out of all the people around and crawled my way up the ladder.
I am the only heroine for Akane. I am the only one who will be his girlfriend. I am the only one who will be his fiancée. This is the pure love story of Izumi Hisako, a.k.a. me, and Hozuki Akane. That’s the real synopsis.
For some reason, there are many women around him. Is it the fate of a popular guy? As my boyfriend, I have a nose for them myself, but I can’t tolerate it too much. Otherwise – I’d go crazy with jealousy and envy. Look only at me? Love only me? Love only me, love only me, love only me, love only me, love only me—-

“I’ll be the one who laughs in the end”

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