101st Confession


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“Herwin, I like you, you should go out with me!”

“I decline.”

Without a second’s hesitation, Herwin rejected Lucia’s confession.

This is how Lucia’s 98th confession came to an epic end.

Lucia has had a crush on Herwin for 13 years, from when she was 8 years old to when she was 21.

Throughout her 98 confessions, Lucia’s feelings for Herwin have always been the same, but so have Herwin’s.

Despite the deep sense of loss she felt, Lucia still couldn’t let go of him.

Her parents offer her a partner.

Unable to resist, Lucia decides to confess to Herwin one last time.

“I’m sorry, Lucia.”

For the 99th and final time, Herwin does not accept her.

Realizing that it’s all over, Lucia decides to fulfill her parents’ promise and go to the front row.


“Lucia, who’s next to you?”

Lucia’s friends are confused when they see her partnered with a man they don’t recognize.

Herwin’s red eyes widened in surprise as well.

Lucia tried her best to avoid his gaze.

“This is the man who will be my fiancé.”

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101번째 고백
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dawna_aiko rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: c47
The summary where Herwin sees Lucia with her fiance is chapter 47 :") so if y'all wanna skip you can. The chapters before that is describing how Lucia fell for him, what happened during their school years, and the last confession of Lucia. The last 2, making it 101, is Herwin's confession. You can get the rest of the spoilers from the forum (that's where I got the ending etc)

I can't give it 5 stars sadly, because personally I don't like Herwin and Lucia ending up together (Bern and... more>> Lucia were better together, even if there was no romantic attraction). Lucia spent 13 years waiting for him, confessed and got rejected 99 times, and the author decided Herwin deserved her by only confessing and suffering within those 2 confessions. He should have suffered more and tried harder given the pain he made her feel. For your information, he always loved her. But because of her trauma (which you will read, idw spoil), he lied to himself into believing he didn't love her, and only realised but too late. He gets to confess to her 2 times, and get her as his gf etc, but Lucia confesses 99 times and suffers?? The dynamic isn't equal, the suffering they both have isn't equal.

You can't tell me Herwin suffered throughout the 13 years Lucia loved him. He didn't. He had her companionship, all her attention and affection. The only one suffering through out this was Lucia. Lucia continued to suffer cause she had to move on, get engaged, and then suffer more cause Herwin confessed to her, leading to her always thinking about him and hence suffering cause now she is confused and hurt. Herwin only suffered after cause it was too late for him. But they ended up together because Herwin saved her again like young times and she got reminded of the reason why she loves him, If the author wanted them to be together, I wouldn't mind, but for god's sake let the ML suffer more. Let him try harder. Don't make it so convenient for him to get the MC.

And the forum stated a very good point, it looks cute here, how ML tries to win her back. But you have to understand, she is getting married. Even if her heart isn't in the marriage (since the marriage is platonic), you shouldn't be even wanting to break up an engaged couple. They have said no, the only thing you should be doing is respecting that and moving on. Try to do anything further than that and you look like a homewrecker and someone who doesn't understand boundaries. What's too late is too late. And ML's actions after confessing was almost stalkerish and creepy (cause ML wouldn't leave her alone even though she was getting MARRIED). Like I said, ML looks cute here in the novel, but if this was real life, y'all would be bashing him for not knowing what "no" means.


The reason why Lucia didn't get married to Bern was because Bern's ex came back and still loves him, and she wanted to get together with him, so she told Lucia to break up with Bern (since Bern would respect Lucia's wishes). Since Lucia knew Bern still loves his ex, she was okay with it and they broke up. Through out all this, Bern's ex was also creepy and stalkerish, not taking no for an answer. Bern and Lucia deserved better srsly.


Giving 3 stars cause angst was nice and what I said is equivalent to getting 2 stars deducted. I cried my eyes out, but I don't like the ending nor the couple. It's nice that the ML regretted, but it's just not enough. Lucia deserves better (was hoping for a GL at some point honestly) <<less
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Lemur rated it
April 1, 2023
Status: --
This novel gives off major angsty teen drama vibes. Everything is so overly dramatic and unnecessary. The main characters are incredibly emotionally immature, and FL comes across like a 6 year old. I don't dislike cute FL's by any means, but there's being cute and then there's being childish. FL falls into the latter category.

As for the ML, he's not a bad guy per se, but it's kind of unsatisfying how he got everything he wanted with relatively minimal effort compared to how much work FL put in. Characters who... more>> only realize the value of what they had once they lose it, and then immediately gain it back after a few seconds of regret really frustrate me.

On top of that, the pacing is really bad. It was such a slog to read through, and none of it even felt like it mattered. You could read the first chapter, skip to the 40th chapter, and your understanding of the story would be perfectly fine. <<less
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stephhiny rated it
April 14, 2023
Status: c96
I found this novel by chance. Reading through the synopsis, And as someone who had a crush for 7 years, I find this story intriguing so I decided to read it despite the not so high rating.

I love the FL. People might saw her as a fool because she kept on confessing despite the rejections, but I think she has a really big heart.

I think the ML is a fool. Personally he’s not one of my favs ML out there and I’m mad at him sometimes, but reading through the... more>> story somehow I still hope they’ll end up together in the end. It was a cliche, and full of misunderstandings. But for me it was a heart clenching love story, honestly I cried lol.

I think it was a well-written story. And even tho i’m mad at the characters sometimes but I still found myself can’t stop reading about this so I’d say this is a good read. And if you like this kind of one sided love story, I’d say this one is recommended, but if you don’t, well you might get frustrated reading this. <<less
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FreyjaVanadis rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: Completed
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✩ There was a lot I REALLY loved about this one - the characters are written surprisingly realistically for the genera, especially the relationships and how they end up going. I ADORE that the exes are all genuine people who are not Evil Villains Out For Revenge TM but act like actual people with hurt feelings and in circumstances they don't necessarily control. This one feels more REAL in how it handles relationships and trying to get over the person you once loved more than anything in the world,... more>> and that's HARD.

Gotta admit though, the ML is my least favorite character in this one. I ADORE Lucia - she's got guts, and shows a lot of character growth. She knows what she wants and goes for it, and is persistent. Eventually, after years, she accepts that what she wants is not going to happen and puts away her childhood dreams and decides to grow up She confessed to Herwin 99 times, got rejected every time, and finally accepts it as fate. She gives herself time to mourn her loss, and moves on. Herwin - now that Lucia has finally moved on with her life and accepted that it's just not meant to be, finally gets hit with the cluestick (THANKS ARISTA! YOU'RE THE MVP!) enough times to realize that he is a complete and utter idiot - he never accepted her feelings, but he always revolved around Lucia as if she were the unseen center of his world. Cue Herwin now desperately trying to get Lucia back, STILL NOT NOTICING THAT HIS REJECTION HAS tr*shED HER REPUTATION FOR THE LAST 13 YEARS YOU MORON, even though she has decided to marry Bern and is now moving forward into adulthood. Herwin's rejection - and Lucia's persistence - has made their society convinced that there's something wrong with Lucia, so her trying to find a new partner is a terrible experience for her. Luckily she finds Bern, who was in a very similar situation and is sympathetic to Lucia's plight. Bern is a WONDERFUL human being, and quite frankly the only adult other than Lucia in this whole mess. Bern is understanding, patient, and in the modern world would make an amazing therapist or other mental health professional. This does have a happy ending for all involved, and Lucia does make Herwin work to get her back - her not forgiving him and making him actually put in the time to win her trust again is beautiful, although I still think she should have made him work more for it. All in all, this was a much more realistic story than I was expecting, and I loved the character growth that Especially Lucia had - Herwin, Bern, and Celine all had huge growth too, but Lucia's was a great example of realistic growth from a kid to an adult, and I truly loved it. Special shout out to Arista - she's possibly my favorite side character EVER, and thank you Thank You THANK YOU for not making this a bullsh*t Mean Girls example of a female side character. Much appreciated! <<less
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Simpforvillains rated it
March 7, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm loving it so far! Both the male lead and female lead have flaws that makes them look humane and their growth influenced by the people surrounding them (i.e friends). I can't help but look forward on the development of their relationship and how much Herwin will regret all his actions (lol). Thank you so much translator-nim for giving us high-quality translations ^^

[Edit]: So I have finished the novel and I kind of agree with the previous review. Every character can actually make you mad and frustrated, and once... more>> you pity this character (e.g Lucia), you'll hate them the next chapter. Although the pairings are bit frustrating, the emotions of everyone in their immature love was clearly delivered out. It was a messy love story, but will really make you curious how it ended. <<less
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shinnace rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: --
This novel is cute. The rejection at first truly hurts, but somehow, I understand the ml. Men usually don't like to be chased by women, they're the one who want to chase.

Lucia (FL) chased Herwin (ml) for over a decade and was rejected for 99th times, until she came to her senses and went for a blind date with Bern (sml). I thought for a moment, as a woman, I am not confident to confess my feeling to a man, let alone 99 times. I also have a pride to... more>> protect. Lucia is also partly at fault of her sorrow, when Herwin rejected him. She should know when to stop. Herwin told her that he liked Arista, that alone is the main reason to stop.

Herwin, is insensitive. He and Lucia were childhood friends, but why it needs to come to the point where she have to be with another man to learn his true feelings for her (?). He is slow, that is why I cannot blame him at all.

Bern, (sml) I like this man. He willingly sacrifice his own happiness for Lucia. He is not annoying to the bones, unlike other sml. Bern is truly civilized person. He always support and understand Lucia. I am happy he ended with the woman he truly loves. Celine is not perfect. She's a victim of circumstances. It's not her fault why she's in that kind of situation where she needs to let go of the only man she truly loves. The world is unfair to her and the only color is so bright that she needs to run into the shadow to protect that light.

It's not common that sML ended with a happy ending as mcs. I am glad that Bern ended with Celine, because he truly deserves to be happy. I am sad because I want to read Lucas and Arista's love story. I hope there are side stories for them. <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
November 26, 2023
Status: c110
Unbelievably s*upid plot.
I've read 2 chapters and then skipped to 45 because of multiple reviewer's suggestions. In chapter 45 she meets her new fiancee so I think it's a good point to skip. Then dropped it after chapter 110 since the story made its point and I didn't have enough care to finish this.

This novel doesn't make sense. ML is definitely in the spectrum. How else he can think for 13 years that he doesn't love her while feeling the opposite? He focuses on those false facts so much that it comes off as unnatural, even the dullest person would be aware of their feelings after a couple of months. How can you mix friendship with love SO MUCH and tell your beloved that you are in love with HER BEST FRIEND? Doesn't make the slightest sense!!!!

That wasn't even the only problem: There was too much coupling. Normally I don't like even seconds but in this boom has like 4-5? Stop! Just stop! You clearly couldn't find something to write and birthed a billion more side couples. UGH.

Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed it when FL friend zoned ML. Ah, it was so satisfying. However, after that ML understood his love because of jealousy in chapter 71 with the help of the person he claimed to be a crush on. And if Arista wouldn't warn him he wouldn't have the courage to confess his feelings ever.

After that everything concluded VERY easily, FL didn't even try to make it harder for him. I would at least make him confess 100 times. She could wait 99 days to be engaged again... Welp, then this book's name would be the 199th confession....

Anyway, I shouldn't waste more time. That's it. BYE
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Amberlynnn rated it
May 11, 2023
Status: c60
I really tried. I mean I read 60 chapters before dropping, then skipped over and it was always the FL hovering over ml. I wished she would show him the cold shoulder just once, but sadly there was always lingering feelings. Don't get me wrong I get that it's normal to not immediately lose feelings but at least pretend or just let him suffer. That was not enough for my taste. She had feeli gs for 13 years for him, the least he could do is go down on his knees imo. But maybe that's too much.

Long story short, I wanted more grovel but welp what did I expect 😅

Not bad but not the best either I still couldn't finish because I just couldn't like ML and I knew they... more>> would end up together <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: Completed
The plot is cliche and I think they tried their best to make it a happier version where no one hates another but failed (they did it successfully but the story isn't that likable anymore.)

For starters, ML here doesn't deserve getting the girl. I mean- 99 confessions and still 0 realization of his actual feelings until girl is "taken away"? The girl deserve a man that is not so dense to toy with her feelings.

Speaking of the "2ML" or her ex fiance.

... more>>

I also couldn't find it in me to root for him. I feel like it would have been better if he moved on.


Maybe if it was fast paced, I wouldn't mind this but my gosh 129 chapters just to about this- <<less
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solarstorms rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: c129
I really wanted to like this story but couldn't help but be disappointed.

It's basically what another reviewer said, Herwin only realized his feelings for Lucia after seeing her with another man, and even then, his pursuit doesn't really compare to Lucia's 99 (or was it more??) confessions throughout the 13 years.

... more>>

Even her father, John, was very adamant about not accepting their marriage due to how much Lucia suffered from her unrequited love for Herwin all those years. I don't even think he knows the exact number of times Lucia had confessed and was rejected, just the few times that Lucia told him. Some part of me believes he was also a little disappointed to see Lucia immediately go to Herwin as soon as he shows interest in her after suffering for so long, but I could just be projecting. Her father was honestly my favorite character in the story besides Arista's brother.


I was kind of hoping Lucia would end up with Bern since I really liked their dynamic but...


I was thrown off by the appearance of Celine (Bern's ex-lover) constantly hovering around him despite being married. There were hints that Bern was also suffering like Lucia, but his situation was honestly worse since (if I recall correctly) his father didn't approve of Celine and Celine ended up marrying some other guy despite Bern willing to fight for their relationship. I feel like the author only added Celine in to justify Lucia and Bern breaking their engagement so Lucia can end up with Herwin. I honestly would rather read about how both Lucia and Bern made their engagement work while completely moving on from their past loves (Lucia's unrequited love and Bern's rather tragic love). It just felt unnecessary to add another party in, making it even more complicated than it should be.


Although, I am comforted by the fact that there has been hints of Herwin liking Lucia first when they were kids. Can't remember what caused Herwin to backtrack on it and end up crushing (or was it said that he mistakenly thought to be romantic interest later in the story??) on Arista.

Overall, it's a very cliché story. It was still a good read but it could have been better. <<less
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Iuningning rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm sorry but the ML annoyed me so much like he was so naive and s*upid when it comes to his feelings. His 'trauma' wasn't as impactful enough, or at least written well for me to sympathize with him. It made me actually root for the second ML Bern and Lucia to end up being together.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I love heart-wrenching plots but not sad endings. First-half of the novel was full of heartaches, making me wish Lucia would find her own true love or realize she should be a girl-boss and move on. Honestly, the ML had 13 years to realize his feelings. It still is not clear to me as to how he took his best friend's feelings for granted. Lucia is a freaking sweetheart, she is not the oh so perfect female protagonist but her character is really likeable. Herwin is also not the perfect... more>> male lead. All of them had their own flaws.

There were mentions about monsters and auroa or some sort but it would always be briefly mentioned. The plot centered around Lucia and Herwin, and other characters' love story.


The parts where they got together and where he cried on their wedding days... THEY MADE ME CRY, LUCIA DESERVED THAT HAPPY ENDING ALBEIT LATE.



Bern and Lucia were so cute together and I was rooting for them to end up together. Bern was understanding, he helped Lucia when she needed him, and knew how to calm her down. Both of them promised each other to be loyal and they tried their best to keep it but it seems their love from their past tied them down. They knew about their past and communicated. THEY WERE THE HEALTHY COUPLE WE WANTED. All things said, they each got their happy endings and I am glad.


I just wished that instead of dragging the plot about Lucia and Bern's engagement talk, there had been more focus on ML's redemption arc. The process of the ML and FL getting together felt like a blurred plotline. All the characters really do seem to be more aware of their friends' feelings yet clueless about their own. The fluff was worth it though. I really hope we will get side stories about their married lives and more about Lucas-Arista. I WANT TO SEE HENRY'S HAPPY ENDING TOO.

P.S. I am surprised I even remember their names. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
May 9, 2023
Status: Completed
I don't usually like this kind of theme/plot with FLs dumbly chasing men... but I'm suprised that I enjoyed this novel alot.

Honestly, I didn't find FL (Lucia Agnes) annoying bc she knew her limitations & got boundaries in expressing her feelings to ML (Herwin Phoenaues). She was no Mary Sue and might be physically weak but she's mentally/ emotionally strong, hence, I want her to pursue happiness even if not ending with any man.

Plus points in this novel is that no one was deemed as evil... there some obstacles or... more>> bad bypassers but most of characters were good and leads' bond with their friends and families were strong. Almost all got their own happy endings.


  • There were times that I became frustrated bc there were many couples who got misunderstandings (total of 4 pairs: Herwin-Lucia, Bern-Celine, Lucas-Aristia & Brian-Christine)... they were good characters but many lacked EQ including ML who needed to be spoon-fed with feelings.
  • I liked ML but he really did FL bad for rejecting 99 confessions. I agree w/ FL's father about doubting his feelings. I'm happy with ending and fluffiness after... but felt that ML's redemption arc was so short and lacking.
  • Characters (like ML) can be observant to other relationship... but dense on their own feelings.
  • Aristia and Lucas story was left open ended. I hope they got their own story or author wrote side story for them
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Xantheosse rated it
August 14, 2023
Status: c77
Overly dramatic and cliched. The premise was good but as a wife-chasing crematorium fan, this is the one I didn’t like. I was onboard with the idea of finding solace with someone who’s basically has the same circumstances as you and build the relationship along the way. But yeah, I expected too much. It felt juvenile as the story progressed to getting back to that same old cliched track.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eschaton rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c129
What I hope to feel going into an angsty teen novel like this: What tragic victims of fate! I just want them to be happy!

What I felt the entire time: Idiots deserve each other.

Everyone was scummy in a s*upid way and I really didn't root for anyone. Maybe I've just aged out of the target demographic of this novel. I did finish it (albeit reluctantly) so there you go.
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