Yoiyama Kaleidoscope


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During an excursion with an eccentric acquaintance, I am accused of breaking the Gion Festival Ordinance by a burly posse. Seized and taken on a whirlwind tour through Yoiyama, I come face-to-face with a gallery of exotic, grotesque characters. But who’s this “Lord Yoiyama” that they all seem to revere? (Yoiyama Goldfish)

I wake up, only to find that today is Yoiyama… just like yesterday was, and the day before that. How in the world am I going to find a way to escape this loop? (Yoiyama Maze)

A collection of strange and wonderful short stories, weaving in and out through the backdrop of the Gion Festival’s Yoiyama. Morimi takes you into a fantastical world where the colors of fantasy and reality blur into each other like a kaleidoscope.

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