Ranobe no Pro!


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“YOU IDIOT! I told you I don’t want to buy famous works like this on the release date. I don’t want to contribute to the initial sales of authors who sell more books than me!”

The annual income of Yota Jin—a self-conscious light novel author whose work’s anime adaptation flopped—is 25 million yen. While he still managed to earn that much money despite the anime’s failure, it wasn’t anything special in this industry. There is always someone better. In such a rough industry, Yota has steeled himself for a daily life of a pro, however—his childhood friend that he hired as an assistant for the sake of tax measure, Yuma Kizuki, knows nothing about light novels.

As he gets impatient seeing the talent of his middle school and high school girl junior authors, his editor keeps scrutinizing his work… Even so, in order to fulfill his ambition, he keeps on earning money by writing today!

A high-end slice of life story, presented by Kota Nozomi!

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One entry per line
Light Novel Professional!
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Date Group Release
03/28/18 MagnAvaloN v1c1 part3
02/05/18 MagnAvaloN v1c1 part2
01/29/18 MagnAvaloN v1c1 part1
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