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A bald uncle just happens to fall into a foreign world, and this is the story of him climbing from the bottom to the top.

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헌터클럽(Hunter club) - 안티히어로
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May 1, 2016
Status: --
Review at Chapter 6.

Despite the Harem tag, currently there is no indication of the MC (Nogoduk, this is a Korean name?) being leaned into that direction.

The story itself so far is a ‘You have been scouted for monster-hunting by another world’, with one of the characters likening the process to a soccer’s club, sponsor, and the players relationship. The characters could get alot of rewards from these sponsors, and live like rich people after, though it is still not clear about the specific terms.

There is very little information about... more>> the scouting themselves, or about these sponsors, since the MC is not actually part of that particular process and was along the rest of the massive cast by what he thinks as a fatal accident (Car-sama strikes again!).

While the others get ‘Empowered’ through the process (extra strength, better senses, fast reflexes, magic, etc., each got different things), Nogoduk didn’t receive anything, and fearing about their sponsorship in the Draft (the scouting process), most of the other Draftees didn’t care much for him and relegate him to the lowest status.

The story so far is kind of serious? We’ll see how it goes later.


Thoughts at Chapter 7: Please don't turn this into an Arifureta look-alike, please don't turn this into an Arifureta look-alike, please don't... <<less
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RedKaiser rated it
June 15, 2016
Status: c10
As on the latest chapter that I read, Harem, Mature, R-18 tag leave me dissapointed.. no scene what so ever... the fact that slow release stress me. Until now, I still don't know who the MC is. I just look forwrd a couple months later
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