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A man was transported to Ancient China and eventually became a servant of a declining household without a male heir. He utilized his wits and modern knowledge to help the household and eventually become trapped in the sea of political turmoils of the period.

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Cực Phẩm Gia Đinh
Legend of Ace
Top-Grade Retainer
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Senethari rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c5
I tried. I really tried. I'm a big sucker for historical fiction, and I don't mind the "magically transported into the past" trope that shows up in every third story. I like antiheroes for the most part.

But pretty early on, after we read about how successful the MC was with all sorts of modern women, he goes on to gripe about the one woman who didn't fall all over him, the daughter of his boss. ... more>>

"If not for her father’s sake, Lin Wanrong would have long rape and kill her, and then rape her again and kill her again."

She didn't destroy his career, ruin his reputation, or kill his dog... She just didn't seem to like him.

And while his reaction to her is the most shocking, he just gets more unpleasant from there. He looks down on other guys who aren't as good at playing the ladies. He looks down on the ladies for not falling all over him because they want pretty boy scholars. He finds the prettiest boy scholar and decides he's got to be a Thai lady-boy, and gets super homophobic, then... well... it's just bad. Bad predictable plot writing with a bad MC as a travel companion to go along with it. Dropped. <<less
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dionkyo rated it
September 11, 2016
Status: c128
Updated: reading the raws when I'm free and same statement still stands, it's a really good read. Mibuokami's review is spot on with some spoils.

What happens when you get an arrogant, shameless, perverted, and "supposingly" educated (think Zhang Ye from IRASS) with all the racist humor
... more>>

He meets one beautiful "guy" then his inner thoughts references thailand for having ladyboys that are attractive enough to make him change s*xual preferences lol. This just improves his character to more 3D and he's just pointing out characteristics we all make fun of but are too "civilized" to admit


There is funny racism, cursing, mature content


not even past 10 chapters and he already undressing a girl and oogling at their D cup even tho she just tried to kill him


Hence the adult tag, so please don't attempt to read it if you can't handle adult humor and then post to complain about it.

P.S to Senethari:


It's his inner thoughts your nitpicking... ALL guys would like to think they are hot with the women, look down on other guys especially if your from thousands of year in the future, and belief he is more skilled at picking up women since he knows more cheesy pick up lines (he's arrogant, self conceited, and delusional like most guys, okay?). He has a right to look down on the ladies cause he's from the future. He know the guys are hiding their lecherous intentions to look gentlemanly in wooing women, while the women try to act reserved while checking out the men... it's like an adult watching kid's flirt while doing a really bad job at hiding their intent.

I honestly think he looks down on the women because he's bitter that he can't score anyone even tho he's from the future XD and SHE DID KILL HIM!!! She made his work life hell, then forced him to hike up a mountain carrying 4 people's baggage and ultimately falling to his death cause of it. If you ever got such abusive co workers then you'd want to kill them too in your mind, but at least he never acted on it (I do agree, MC thinking of rape as a form of revenge will turn readers away). Sorry the novel didn't suit your taste but... at least get the facts straight and try to place yourself in their position with all the humanly flaws (yes those 7 deadly sins) to enjoy novels more.


Please don't let that post deter people from attempting to read this novel. <<less
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Mibuokami rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: c150
Anyone who has read or watched a TV adaption of Jin Yong's The Deer and the Cauldron will be in very familiar territory with this book.

The MC is essentially an educated time-travelling Wei Xiaobao. He is sly, womanizing hooligan with a sharp tongue and sharper wits, in essence, very much an anti-hero that is redeemed by a strong sense of loyalty to those that he holds affection for. The main plot of what I've read involve the MC reluctantly becoming a servant to a wealthy merchant family that is struggling... more>> due to the death of the family patriarch with no male heir. From there, he slowly built a name for himself as someone not to mess with by resolving a series of crisis with miraculous talent and luck. So far in the story, the MC has started an organised crime syndicate, started a chain restaurant, 'invented' perfume, soap and various modern clothing, 'created' some amazing poetry and limerick and all the while making a whole lot of pretty young women fall in love with him on the way (including the daughters of said merchant family). The MC is a very divisive character that can be the basis for the majority of readers either liking or hating this story; it is very much a one man show with the MC taking up the majority of the spotlight.

As a fan of The Deer and the Cauldron, I recommend this as a good read. For those that hate The Deer and the Cauldron, avoid this at all cost. <<less
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Kaiser rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: --
MC is modern ladies man transported to the past since he was pushed off the cliff accidently by his boss's daughter who I think is a tsundere and couldn't express her love for him in any way and that she didn't like seeing him with other girls.

Like most CN MC he is arrogant and he thinks of himself above those in the past. Translation in its infancy will write a more detailed review later.

P.S. Is that an iPad on the cover he's holding?
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Callista Soo
Callista Soo rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c5
Although this novel is still in its infancy, it has great potential to be one of the top novels to read. The MC is handsome, witty, arrogant (normal) and cunning. When he speaks against his foes, his words are like sharp swords. When he praises, heavenly music plays. Anyways, this novel doesn't have a set or any expected outcome or direction, but definitely a must read! Kudos to subudai11 for picking up this novel and to the author for this potentially amazing novel!
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September 1, 2016
Status: c5
While the storyline is my very much loved type of plot, it kinda irritating to read a lots of "s*xist" type of comparison be in the past or the future. Read till chap 5 and once get into the swimming comparison I kind of lose interest. Its like the author want the MC to be as great and manly as possible and stronger, smarter, wittier and more skilled than the women in the story.
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rusticsoldier rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: c20
Okay I tried to read this.. It's pretty bad. Senethari's review is pretty accurate. He only went to chapter 5 it actually gets worse after that.. How this is humorous I don't know.. It's just a spiteful petty man. Basically he is a prototypical crappy villain, the type you just want dead fast.. I didn't was him actually killing anyone. But the way the story going I wouldn't at all be surprised. And for a stupid reason I bet such as he looked at me funny.
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