Durarara!! SH


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Durarara!! SH is a sequel series of light novels following Durarara!!. Set one and a half years after the end of the original series, SH features the same setting as Durarara!! and much of the previous series’ cast returns alongside several new main characters.

The first volume was published in April 2014 under the Dengeki Bunko imprint, and three volumes have been released in total as of January 2015.

As with its predecessor, SH is written by Ryohgo Narita and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.

One and a half years after the end of the Dollars, Ikebukuro now welcomes a new wind.

Yahiro Mizuchi, a cowardly boy with a knack for fighting, moves to Ikebukuro after a childhood of ostracization in his hometown in Akita. Come to the city in hopes of meeting the famed Headless Rider and validating his existence as a “monster,” he enrolls in Raira Academy as a freshman where he quickly befriends fellow classmates Kuon Kotonami and Himeka Tatsugami, both of whom possess their own reasons for seeking out the urban legend. Meanwhile, the rider in black has yet to be seen in the city for the past half year, and anyone who has since attempted to seek out Ikebukuro’s resident Dullahan has vanished without a trace.

With a new start on life, Yahiro wants nothing more than to live out a quiet, ordinary existence, but the city of Ikebukuro has other plans…

Associated Names
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Durarara!! Snake Hands
デュラララ!! SH
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01/10/20 kaedesan721 v1c1a
11/25/19 kaedesan721 v1 prologue b
11/12/19 kaedesan721 v1 prologue a
02/12/19 kaedesan721 v4 epilogue
10/01/18 kaedesan721 v4 intermission 3
10/01/18 kaedesan721 v4c3
08/26/18 kaedesan721 v4 intermission 2
08/26/18 kaedesan721 v4c2
08/18/18 kaedesan721 v4 intermission 1
08/11/18 kaedesan721 v4c1
08/03/18 kaedesan721 v4 prologue
03/19/17 popsiclete v4c2 + intermission
04/05/16 popsiclete v4c1 + intermission
04/05/16 popsiclete v4 prologue
02/14/16 popsiclete v4 afterword
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