Dragon’s Raja


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When Lu Mingfei was applying for a foreign university, he received an invitation letter from Cassel College, a private university in the outer suburbs of Chicago. Under the call of mystery, under the choice of love and dream, he resolutely chose the unknown future. Black helicopters flew across the sky, the gate of a strange country was slowly opened to him: The door of becoming a dragon slayer.

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Dragon Clan Ⅰ: Dawn of Fire
Dragon Raja
The Dragons
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Date Group Release
06/27/20 Phoebe Translation v1c6 part5
06/23/20 Phoebe Translation v1c6 part4
06/22/20 Phoebe Translation v1c6 part3
06/20/20 Phoebe Translation v1c6 part2
06/04/20 Phoebe Translation v1c6 part1
06/03/20 Phoebe Translation v1c5 part4
06/03/20 Phoebe Translation v1c5 part3
06/03/20 Phoebe Translation v1c5 part2
06/02/20 Phoebe Translation v1c5 part1
06/01/20 Phoebe Translation v1c4 part5
06/01/20 Phoebe Translation v1c4 part4
05/25/20 Phoebe Translation v1c4 part3
04/26/20 Phoebe Translation v1c4 part2
04/16/20 Phoebe Translation v1c4 part1
11/22/19 Phoebe Translation v1c3 part4
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Raikarai rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: v1c6 part5
This story is so good and interesting. Honestly it's hard to find translation of this novel. So I really happy when I found this. Actually I start reading this novel because I'm playing dragon raja sea. And the story line is very good, then have information if the story is from a novel and I start to search it. And this is it, thank you for tranlator. Keep it up and good luck! I'll wait for next chapter. Ganbatte!!

(๑´ㅂ`๑) ♡*.+゜
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