Dear Love


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This is a dream ~ looking forward for a life of happines and yearning for true love

” I’m such a good person, why should I become an episode in someone’s life ? “

Gu Bao Bei was abandoned by her boyfriend in her previous life. She tried to break away from the past and looking forward for the future. There’s no supernatural power or Mary Sue, only to live a life steadfastly and learning how to love and be loved.

After rebirth, she saved a two years old child from a car accident. After rebirth, she met him — Fu Jun Yan. And then, this warm-hearted man slowly walked into her life. Warmed her heart, calmed her sorrow down, indulged her and gave her love. In this “true love hard to find” world, together they built a gentle and touching love story.

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03/09/19 Novellovers c5 part3
05/14/18 Novellovers c5 part2
05/02/18 Novellovers c5 part1
04/23/18 Novellovers c4
04/18/18 Novellovers c3
04/09/18 Novellovers c2
04/02/18 Novellovers c1
04/01/18 Novellovers prologue
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shouahang58 rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: --
First, I would like to say that while reading this I got really frustrated and annoyed.

Second, I am really really confuse with what the f*ck is going on in the novel. Everything and the characters are confusing. I have no idea what the heck I was reading in the prologue. Translator should had at least put down a character list to tell us the MC's name.

Third, the story just doesn't seem to connect to me. Probably cause I can't keep up with what the heck is going on.

Fourth, how did... more>> hell did she go back into the past? And end up being in a car accident? And how did she not know she went back into the past til the accident happened?

Fifth, I hate how the novel is in first person. It just makes the novel even more confusing when it's already hard enough to understand.

Sixth, where did this kid come from? Where is his dad? What is his role even about? Also, cause it said she save the kid so I thought she was gonna adopt him but no. Turns out she ain't even of age and had to ask her "dad" to adopt him. Way to spoil the mood for me.

Seventh, just based on the description there doesn't seem to be much of a plot or anything interesting.

Eighth, what the f*ck is she talking about when she keep saying that her and slag BF acted roles together, fell in love, had kids when they were acting?? Is she trying to say that she is delusional?

Last, I don't think novels should start off with the main character's parent's past. Cause that's just gonna confuse everyone. And I don't really see the point of telling us the parents history. <<less
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Asha7 rated it
April 23, 2018
Status: Completed
A wonderful and sweet story I wish I had my own Fu Jun Yan and I just love little An An. FL is also believable and likable. ML's love is like a warm blanket and very dependable. I just love his gentleman nature. A sweet love story to feel fluffy and it has some unexpected turns of events and not so fluffy happenings around them.
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emmyazzy rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is my absolute favourite. After reading this novel, I just couldn’t get out of it. It made me cry, laugh and melt in happiness and envy. It is the most romantic novel that I have read.

Our main character is Gu Bao Bei where her nickname is Xiao Ai. She had a lonely and sad past life where her ex boyfriend, Jay, left her for another woman. ... more>>

In her past life, she dated Jay after meeting him from a drama. The nickname Xiao Ai is given by Jay. From that drama, she joined Jay’s management company and was under the same manager. The manager was in love with Jay. After knowing about the relationship, she continuously to try to separate them by cutting resources of Xiao Ai. After a while, she was criticised as being the third party in the relationship where in reality it was the manager who continuously to seek for Jay’s attention and love by threatening suicide etc. Before meeting the accident, she received a call from Jay where he told her that the manager has given birth to a child. Xiao Ai was really sad. Then, she suddenly met a car accident and died and was reborn.

When she was first reborn, she thought she was still in her past life so she used her phone to call Jay for help. However, Jay wasn’t the one who answered the phone but it was Bao Jun Yan. Bao Jun Yan then approach and help Xiao Ai immediately.

Xiao Ai is very sheltered and showered with love by our Male lead Bao Jun Yan.

Bao Jun Yan who is our Male lead is someone who is also reborn. Even though it is not very obvious from the start, but it was slowly revealed in the extras. His story is really sad and touching. He is rather mysterious throughout the novel but it is slowly revealed. He is smart, cautious and someone who cares and treats the female lead like a treasure. Throughout the novel, you can really see how much he cares for the female lead.

One example, where I won’t reveal too much details, is when they were stuck in the desert, he gave all his water to the female lead without letting the female lead know by adding sand to his bottle instead. The female lead only knew about it after he was unconscious in the hospital.

That few chapters made me cry buckets.


Xiao An is Xiao Ai’s neighbour’s son. The neighbour was a single mother. After the accident, Xiao Ai was persistent in adopting Xiao An. Xiao An is a really cute and filial boy. He is very attached to our female lead and male lead (later on). Honestly, even though the female lead takes on the role by name as the elder sister but I feel that she takes on the role of a mother. This can be seen where in her gigs, she cares about Xiao An first right before finishing work or taking a break. Later on, Xiao An became a good elder brother which is really cute. Though the sad part for me was the extras in the novel... (but don’t worry it ended on a happy note! It is just that I felt pained for him.)

Jay, who is Xiao Ai’s Ex, well I find him a rather idiotic person. He is greedy for love. He confesses that he likes Xiao Ai but don’t consider about the consequences for his action. That is, letting the public know and causing problems for her when in reality she doesn’t agree to be with him. Even though, he may knew that the manager of his is very attached to him, but just because she helped him when he was down and saved him from situations he didn’t know how to cut her off completely. Which then cause him to be together with the manager. If he truly loves the female lead, he would have cut her off completely and be grateful in a different way. I believe this was stated in the novel. He fell in love with the female lead at first sight. The nickname, Xiao Ai, was a nickname she wanted her lover to have. (In the present life of our female lead and male lead, it was used commonly to call Gu Bao Bei after Bao Jun Yan continuously uses that nickname.) Also, after it was known to the public about possible affairs of the manager and him, he continues to confess that he loves Xiao Ai even though Xiao Ai rejected him. It was rather annoying with his selfishness.

The novel is rather sweet. Though, it has its ups and downs. Throughout the novel, the female lead and male lead are still together and they overcame the problems together. It is true that Bao Jun Yan did sacrifice a lot for the female lead but it is very touching the actions he showed. In my opinion, his love for the female lead is much stronger than the female lead’s love for him.

In conclusion, I would really recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a very sweet and romantic novel. I would not recommend to someone who is looking for a very smart female lead as Xiao Ai is very sheltered throughout this novel. <<less
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Hassa.G rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: c5.2
The story is good. At first it might bring confusion in the part of FL parents story, but its good. The child is really cute and considerate and ML (Fu Jun Yan- I think he is) is a real gentleman who takes care of them.

I Hope to see more chapters in this story.
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