Bocchi no Kanojo


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Unusual in this day and age, second year high school student Seiji Shinomiya spends his school life not belonging to any one group.

Or, as more commonly said, he’s a loner.

However, he does have a girlfriend— though she is the complete opposite of Seiji, being the center of the top caste.

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Class de Ichiban no Kanojo, Jitsu wa Bocchi no Ore no Kanojo desu
I’m a Loner, but the Most Popular Girl in My Class is Actually My Girlfriend.
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Date Group Release
05/18/20 pretty bad TLs c2 part2
05/07/20 pretty bad TLs c2 part1
04/27/20 pretty bad TLs c1 part3
04/11/20 pretty bad TLs c1 part2
03/29/20 pretty bad TLs c1 part1
03/28/20 pretty bad TLs v1 prologue
03/28/20 pretty bad TLs v1 illustrations
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