Api di Bukit Menoreh


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Because the Pajang kingdom is approaching its end, There are a lot of rebellion to snatch the throne.

Agung Sedayu, because his big brother is a figure in the pajang troops who fighting against the remnants follower of Arya penangsang who were conducting guerrilla. He was forced to change its nature from coward and weak to strong and brave.

Follow his struggle to help panembahan senopati to establish Mataram Kingdom

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Fire in The Menoreh Hill
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falloutexile3 rated it
March 1, 2018
Status: c5
If you like abysmal, convoluted sentences and plentiful typos giving you a headache, then this is the "novel" for you!

Is your life busy and rushed? Never fear! These "chapters" come in a quick, 1-minute rush fragment format so you can move on with your life making you wonder why you bothered reading to begin with!

/sarcasm off

Give this "story" a pass.
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