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Friday, February 15, 2019
Title Release Group
Mahoutsukai no Konyakusha (LN)v1 extra 5Light Novels Translations
Ultraman – Only Want To Protect Youc120BarelyTranslation
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizonv7-a c20Baka-Tsuki
Transmigrating into a Demon Spirit to Blow up the...c30Darkness7913
Tranxending Visionc411Wuxiaworld
Sovereign of the Three Realmsc1524Wuxiaworld
Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait...c57 part2Misty Cloud Translations
Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait...c57 part1Misty Cloud Translations
Necromancer Girl’s Strongest Second...c6 part1Aya Translation
Evolution Theory of the Hunterc149The Deck Translations
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriagec435Zenith Novels
The Hunter Under the Tree of Originc90Zenith Novels
The Hunter Under the Tree of Originc89Zenith Novels
The Hunter Under the Tree of Originc87Zenith Novels
Master Seriesc5.2Sparklingdawnlights
Heroine of the Broken Engagementc31Shinsori Translations
The Hunter Under the Tree of Originc88Zenith Novels
Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriagec87Zenith Novels
The Hunter Under the Tree of Originc86Zenith Novels
Virtual World: Close Combat Magec432Gravity Tales
The Charm of Soul Petsc495Wuxiaworld
Crazy Detectivec480Webnovel
Sinister Ex-Girlfriendc70Isohungry Translations
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptorv52c7 part1LMSnovel
Lord of All Realmsc760Wuxiaworld
Game Loadingc52-53Rainbow Turtle Translations
Another World Transfer in Game Characterc43Rei Translation
Slow Prison Lifec3Experimental Translations
God Level Summonerc276-277Rainbow Turtle Translations
I Reincarnated For Nothingc161Wuxiaworld
City of Sinv5c26Wuxiaworld
I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy!c42Dew And Frost
Split Zone No.13c270volarenovels
I Woke Up Pregnant With An Undead’s Childc43Bookworm
The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight...c56Akai-Berii
Is He A Hero? 「Yup」c5Starlit Translations
Godly Studentc267Creative Novels
Godly Studentc268Creative Novels
Godly Studentc266Creative Novels

Friday, February 15, 2019
Title Release Group
Godly Studentc265Creative Novels
My Nightclub Landladyc227MeeJee
Return of the Soldier Kingc251MeeJee
A Guest in a Ghost Housec184MeeJee
Transmigration: Of Mysteries and Songsc148volarenovels
Blooming Romancec17shokotranslates
Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demonc3Yumemiru Sekai
Pampered Consort of the Fragrant Orchardc29Rebirth Online World
Hokage: Ryo’s Pathc161translatin_Otaku
Hokage: Ryo’s Pathc160translatin_Otaku
Overlord in Cultivationc97Flying-Lines
Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglanv2c37Flying-Lines
Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglanv1c36Flying-Lines
Reincarnation – Lord is Extremely Hardcorec18The Novelst
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc1380Rebirth Online World
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc1379Rebirth Online World
Mr. Rong’s Lovelorn Diaryc4hhknovels
Divine Throne of Primordial Bloodv4c33volarenovels
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bearc233Xant & Minions
Rebirth of a CV Starc35 part2Chocolate Milk Translations
Modern Weapons Cheat in Another Worldv3c29Hiscension
Talisman Emperorc973Wuxiaworld
Against the Godsc1294Wuxiaworld
Harassing Thief Girlc112Experimental Translations
I Said Make My Abilities Average!c263Estelion’s Secret Imouto
Immemorial Sword Venerablec2Gudeg Translation
Immemorial Sword Venerablec1Gudeg Translation
Dragon Ball Z: Attack of Raditzc25The Novel Temple
Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine...c190Alyschu
Summoning the Holy Swordc78Webnovel
A Wizard’s Secretc69Webnovel
Miracle Thronec499Radiant Translations
Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil...c59A Dose Of Love For Me
A Wild Last Boss Appearedc51twomorefreethoughts
Poison Genius Consortc700volarenovels
Emperor’s Dominationc2002Wuxiaworld
Emperor’s Dominationc2001Wuxiaworld
Trash of the Count’s Familyc144Wuxiaworld
Empress Running Away with the Ball!c858Alyschu
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