Absolutely hilarious (BL)

Absolutely hilarious (BL)
More actively reading raws lately though, I put them in the comment. Things that made me laugh, although just some parts. Going down the list will get more mixed in with books that might only be funny at a glance.
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Created: Mar 9th, 2021, Updated: May 30th, 2021
Created Mar 9th, 2021
Updated May 30th, 2021
CN (4.4)
30 Chapters Every 109.4 Day(s) 7080 Readers 124 Reviews 12-25-2018
What better way to diffuse rumors than to turn it real? XD A lot of misunderstanding but the comedy gold kind
CN (4.7)
44 Chapters Every 69 Day(s) 7454 Readers 82 Reviews 05-11-2023
MC shipping himself with a rival actor, never knew I'd enjoy it this much. He is overly cute and pampered by everyone. His thought process... more>>
CN (4.3)
19 Chapters Every 103.8 Day(s) 4510 Readers 80 Reviews 08-15-2019
Well, the script is indeed not like that. Pure crack, comedic plot twists
CN (4.4)
15 Chapters Every 116 Day(s) 2943 Readers 39 Reviews 10-29-2018
MC's soul somehow got stuffed into his neighbor's poodle. Laughed all the way through, full of comical surprises
CN (4.4)
81 Chapters Every 88 Day(s) 3063 Readers 28 Reviews 12-23-2019
First person pov, MC and his wild thoughts thinking how to help his boyfriend deal with his unspeakable sickness
CN (4.4)
6 Chapters Every 262.5 Day(s) 2178 Readers 21 Reviews 03-22-2019
Shameless sunflower demon seducing xiao daoshi everyday, featuring an equally cute side pairing
CN (3.7)
0 Chapters Every 2000 Day(s) 477 Readers 9 Reviews N/A
Bar the life and death situation, MC's approach is too entertaining to read, trying to trick someone into saying the three words?
CN (4.3)
5 Chapters Every 319.8 Day(s) 2752 Readers 29 Reviews 07-12-2019
This river god is too peculiar... 
CN (3.8)
4 Chapters Every 249.8 Day(s) 623 Readers 3 Reviews 03-07-2021
A gambling house owner faked his death and the man he had a crush on visited his grave to measure the length of the grass... more>>
CN (4.3)
123 Chapters Every 102.6 Day(s) 5711 Readers 80 Reviews 05-30-2019
CN (4.3)
12 Chapters Every 8.2 Day(s) 4293 Readers 59 Reviews 05-04-2019
CN (4.6)
175 Chapters Every 58.2 Day(s) 12677 Readers 307 Reviews 02-11-2021
CN (4.4)
0 Chapters Every 900 Day(s) 2432 Readers 13 Reviews 12-21-2020
CN (3.9)
9 Chapters Every 113.9 Day(s) 2194 Readers 27 Reviews 08-22-2020
Smutty~ I personally don't like the noncon theme but their interaction is pretty funny. From the description: "He would escape from jail, be caught, escape... more>>
CN (4.4)
97 Chapters Every 42.6 Day(s) 11063 Readers 92 Reviews 01-23-2022
"A tale about the former leader of a special organization served under royalty, now leaving his past life behind and unintentionally getting involved with the martial world.”... more>>
CN (4.6)
82 Chapters Every 59.6 Day(s) 4919 Readers 21 Reviews 05-18-2021
My first thought was, these are the reading materials of a tech company's president? That's too cute XD... more>>
CN (4.5)
111 Chapters Every 35.4 Day(s) 4443 Readers 84 Reviews 03-04-2022
Five parts laughing at the comedy and five parts at the messiness of everything in it... more>>
CN (4.3)
77 Chapters Every 44.1 Day(s) 2773 Readers 16 Reviews 06-09-2023
Enemies to lovers. Tender slow burn. They are mean to each other at the start but their bickering can be very funny. The main plot... more>>
CN (4)
32 Chapters Every 73.5 Day(s) 1471 Readers 9 Reviews 07-14-2020
It's more the obscene kind of comedy.."A second generation shou who pretended to be a pancake seller to chase his gong.... more>>
CN (4)
0 Chapters Every 2000 Day(s) 4512 Readers 46 Reviews 12-03-2018
CN (4.6)
86 Chapters Every 2.7 Day(s) 4231 Readers 31 Reviews 06-07-2023
CN (4.4)
110 Chapters Every 50 Day(s) 5009 Readers 64 Reviews 06-13-2021
"The number one swordsman Zhao Jiangui is the martial world’s best hope for peace: All he has to do is seduce the Demon Sect Leader."... more>>
CN (4.1)
172 Chapters Every 2.1 Day(s) 3546 Readers 18 Reviews 05-23-2023
An award winning actor transmigrated into a young master in wuxia world, suddenly thrusted into a betrothal with a sect leader, MC pretended to lost... more>>
CN (4)
34 Chapters Every 44.3 Day(s) 758 Readers 4 Reviews 08-28-2021
The #1 swordsman from a dork to shameless pervert x distant + cold + maiden heart the #2 swordsman, based on a misunderstanding on who... more>>
CN (4.7)
48 Chapters Every 76.6 Day(s) 5605 Readers 109 Reviews 04-30-2020
Bathe in the brilliance of materialism and feel the power of education.... more>>
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  1. Blubeagle
    Blubeagle· Mar 18, 2021 04:01 AM
    Have you read Mr. Dior? It is hilarious. It fits beautifully with your lovely list!
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    • albeldayuia
      albeldayuia· Author · Mar 18, 2021 07:47 PM
      I'm reading it now, oh my the story is too unique clear.pngthanks for the recclear.png
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  2. reinesse
    reinesse· Aug 5, 2022 01:03 PM
    Have you read Guide on How to Fail at Online Dating and You Boys Play Games Very Well? They're really funny as well. 
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  3. albeldayuia
    albeldayuia· Author · Apr 5, 2021 07:05 AM

    1. 延迟就诊, Author:反舌鸟 - MC meets his ex one day, this shameless and brash since birth ex is still infatuated and keep bothering him. MC's thought process is frank and funny. Ex is a very special guy, has a hobby of using his high-end brain to cause ruckus and instability. Also something that I noted I like is that they're too smart to have petty misunderstandings

    2. 还债, Author:奶口卡 - two scum gongs meet in a bar after their shared ex-shou, in a fit of vengeance, uses scum gong 1's info and picture on a social app to catfish scum gong 2, one accident follows after another. Gong 1 is just a normal guy while gong 2 seriously needs to have his brain checked one of these days

    3. 不会对你手下留情, author:芥菜糊糊 - MC and ML transmigrate from a wuxia universe to modern ABO, initially rivals/martial brothers now classmates. It's mindless fluff with the usual cute tropes. Particularly like how people keep indulging MC's denial while being accommodating to the relationship at the same time

    4. 九思见闻录, Author:silentcarol - MC is the appointed next leader of Wulin but he ran away, wandering and adventuring. ML is a yamen, he's super cute and pure but has a bad memory which is the source of a lot of MC's tears and reader's cackling. The side pairing is a bandit leader x convicted murderer, loves to flirt intentionally or unintentionally no matter where

    5. 前男友, Author:犬升 - ML the ex chasing MC, similar to novel no. 1, but this ex is horribly full of tricks and this MC is so fun to frazzle up like a grumpy cat. They mutually like to mock each other and call each other fool. Well ML is a fool only for MC but MC makes a fool out of himself every single day. MC is a live streamer and so was ML but he retired to inherit family business. (Ongoing and reason for breakup hadn't been revealed yet clear.png)

    6. 渣攻他怎么还不虐我, Author:耍花枪 - QT, this interstellar world is MC's punishment for killing the protagonist in his last world. ML is the scum gong who's supposed to carry out the punishment but deviates from script. MC has a dry and evil sense of humor, his thoughts very random, chaotic, often unpredictable. He can be said to have a strong golden finger but it's balanced with his faults and failures and him making an embarrassment out of himself from time to time. It's quite funny although you can't help feel an inexplicable sadness for MC

    7. 前夫他坟头绿油油, Author: 寒梅墨香 - "His ex-husband's grave is very green". A year after divorce MC got news that his ex-husband died and left a huge amount of money for him. He splurged on that money to 'find a new husband' to green the dead ex-husband. But it's all resolved at about chapter 40-50, while there are 250 chapters in total. The way it's written is funny but once you overthink everything, it's too sad. 

    8. 前任复活指南 by 二蛋 - "Guide to resurrect your ex" the story of repairing a relationship between 2 messy people, they're on and off every other month or so. And after breakups, silly shou always say that his ex is dead, hence the title. They're absurd together, although at its core they're each other's true love, it shows the reality of couples fighting over the smallest thing. Quarrelsome pairings are entertaining to read

    9. 6/5/21 尴尬的一B by 爱吃肉 - AB pairing. They're police academy students with uncouth mouth. A is very teasing and B is just very confused about their relationship. The smut is good to read too clear.png

    10. 6/5/21 皮鸭系统[快穿] by 佐川川 - "Crispy Duck System" it's as what the title statesclear.png seriously silly, author's ideas are totally absurd, I love it. System is entertainingly sarcastic, it pays MC to complete the world's mission. MC is Gong but weak as hell, his power is beauty and sweet mouth from being a pro duck for years, but also his total simp OP blackened Shou who pampers him so much. I like this dynamic, pretty fresh for me, how do I find more similar to it?

    11. 6/16/21 形婚 by the same author as No. 5, in the same world too. Marriage for convenience, very very slow burn. Gong is a straight man "iron rooster" aka penny pincher although he is super rich. Shou hides the fact that he is a top streamer in the crossdresser section as "Momo-chan". Shou hates Gong for his attitude, who knows that one day Gong watched Momo-chan by chance and fell in love mistaking him as a girl...

    12. 6/17/21 师兄,吃的被妖怪抓走啦 by 优夕夕 - a son of an inn owner is a great cook, one day a cultivator took him up as his shidi so he can learn martial arts. But turns out shixiong is a foodie as much as he's a great swordsman. His intention was so he can eat the food he cooks... And guess what else shixiong wants to eat? clear.png cooking + a bit of adventuring

    13. 6/23/21 今日忌出行,宜嫁娶abo by 十三弦声 - Interstellar. MC is an A actor but undisclosed so the public opinion split between A or O. His character setting is made to be polite cute joyful but the real him is actually a grumpy tiger. While ML is a retired general, actually O but thought to be A. There are many such contradictions of ABO genders stereotypes. The style is humorous and very refreshing but can be deep too. This pairing is a match made in heaven, and I love MC's best friend! (≧▽≦)

    14. 7/1/21 营养过良 by 芥菜糊糊  - "Nutritious", entertainment, both are actors. Shou's original form is a black cat only recently able to be human but still not used to the customs leading to hilarious moments. He is really cute clear.pnggong is very caring, though it's all based on his misunderstanding shou being a duck clear.png it's too funny how so sudden they moved to cohabitation stage without knowing it

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