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Created: Jun 11th, 2020, Updated: Jun 11th, 2020
Created Jun 11th, 2020
Updated Jun 11th, 2020
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  1. Ecirteab
    Ecirteab· Author · Jun 11, 2020 12:34 PM


    A modern day "Green-tea Princess" dies and swears to become a better person in her next life. However, she's reborn as an unfavoured princess. Surrounded by harem intrigue, MC decides to show everyone the true power of a "Green tea" Princess.

    ♤: more lighthearted than it sounds. MTL is decent but understandable. I didnt expect to enjoy it this much but I really like how the MC doesn't hesitate to use her " green tea" powers for survival. 

    My favourite part is definitely her siblings and her. It's lighthearted at first as MC sells Meng and wins over everyone but as the years pass and the inevitable fight for the throne reaches its head, the tension between siblings begins to ramp up. Seeing brothers who love her and pampered her being turned against each other because of their roles is really sad. Everyone gets a happy ending though esp my baby Lin Ting. 

    ML doesn't have that much presence but when they do get together he's a really good husband and father. Although he's possessive and has Yandere tendencies, he fully respects MC and loves her. (Although he technically held her country hostage to marry her)

    The epilogues were cute and I'm thrilled theres no gross "jealous of his son stealing away the mom" that epilogues like to pull. He wants his son to grow up to become a good ruler and raises him well.

    Overall a relatively relaxing but enjoyable read

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  2. Ecirteab
    Ecirteab· Author · Jun 11, 2020 04:31 AM


    An unassuming third daughter of the Zheng family becomes the infamous Prime Minister's beloved cat every night when she falls asleep. Their paths eventually cross when she's human and he takes interests in her.

    ♧: relatively easy to MTL despite being an ancient novel. A short, sweet novel to cleanse the palate. I wasn't the biggest fan of the romance and wanted more scenes of them as a couple but considering theres only 58 chapters... 

    Refreshing points given for her family not being evil despite her being Shu. She gets along well with the Di son and daughter who also worry about her (my fav is her sister). Its really nice to see no family conflict.

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