Secret Relationship[ ]

CN (4.5)
34 Chapters Every 110.9 Day(s) 8849 Readers 90 Reviews 06-01-2020
The traitorous general Gu Mang was returning to his homeland. Everyone wanted to see him dead, and it was said that the one who hated him most was his former best friend—the cold and ascetic Young Master Mo. ... more>>
CN (3.7)
50 Chapters Every 7.6 Day(s) 102 Readers 0 Reviews 03-29-2024
In an imposing mortal world where the Divine Nine and Terrestrial Ten immortal sects exist…... more>>
CN (4.1)
225 Chapters Every 14.4 Day(s) 1728 Readers 19 Reviews 12-23-2023
Sheng MuMu was transmigrated into a novel.... more>>
CN (4.1)
132 Chapters Every 4.7 Day(s) 266 Readers 5 Reviews 07-19-2024
"I hesitated before, I turned back to face my shred of hope, yet still no one cared."... more>>
CN (4.4)
55 Chapters Every 3 Day(s) 674 Readers 7 Reviews 07-07-2024
The first time Jiang Chuyi met Zong Ye, she coincidentally saw him being confessed to.... more>>
JP (3.5)
64 Chapters Every 33.6 Day(s) 877 Readers 5 Reviews 03-17-2023
Ichiro Moriyama, a boy who has been thrust into the shadows due to past trauma... more>>
JP (4.8)
5 Chapters Every 1.6 Day(s) 83 Readers 0 Reviews 07-12-2024
Yota Sasagaki is an outcast who avoids interacting with his classmates. He skips the class social gathering and takes the train home alone, where he meets Hinako Ishikawa, the class idol. Hinako says she didn't want to attend the gathering either and is heading home. The next day, Hinako tells her classmates that she couldn't attend because of family matters. Did she lie?... more>>
JP (3.3)
34 Chapters Every 30.1 Day(s) 389 Readers 1 Reviews 06-05-2023
A shady boy has taken advantage of a junior girl’s weakness. He, who has never had a girlfriend his whole life, asks the junior girl to be his girlfriend. Although the lovers’ relationship was born out of blackmail, she is a very wholesome girl.... more>>
CN (3.5)
1 Chapters Every 35 Day(s) 85 Readers 0 Reviews 06-14-2024
In an era when everyone awakens to their special abilities at the age of thirteen or fourteen, Ran Ci didn't awaken her abilities until she was eighteen years old. ... more>>
KR (4.3)
73 Chapters Every 62.6 Day(s) 3872 Readers 12 Reviews 03-24-2022
I am inside a common RPG game.... more>>
KR (3.7)
7 Chapters Every 4 Day(s) 146 Readers 0 Reviews 07-13-2024
I was reincarnated in a romance fantasy where the war-crazy tyrant emperor falls in love with the saintly heroine.... more>>
CN (3.1)
137 Chapters Every 6.8 Day(s) 352 Readers 3 Reviews 04-18-2024
[Note: Male lead - Yu Luobai]... more>>
CN (3.6)
186 Chapters Every 10.3 Day(s) 792 Readers 10 Reviews 02-27-2024
Nan Gong Xi was a top national secret agent who found herself transmigrated as a female prison guard who inherited her mother's business.... more>>
CN (3.6)
166 Chapters Every 8.5 Day(s) 807 Readers 3 Reviews 03-29-2024
After being transmigrated into the world of the novel, Gu Chen'an obtained the Villain Acting System.... more>>
CN (3.6)
142 Chapters Every 8.2 Day(s) 262 Readers 3 Reviews 07-09-2024
Reborn in Neon, diligently studying, securing a spot at the prestigious University of Tokyo,  Kurosawa Hikaru embarks on an online romance with the campus belle from the neighboring school for half a month, only to be unilaterally dumped and even offered at a bargain price to someone else.... more>>
JP (2.3)
23 Chapters Every 17.7 Day(s) 181 Readers 1 Reviews 12-30-2023
20 years ago…I was manipulated by my girlfriend…... more>>
KR (3.9)
19 Chapters Every 27.5 Day(s) 248 Readers 2 Reviews 08-14-2023
Chloe, a playwright suffering from a long slump, applies for a job at a medical base in a war zone out of desperation.... more>>
CN (3.3)
194 Chapters Every 5.1 Day(s) 686 Readers 4 Reviews 07-19-2024
In the book "The Sweet Wife of the Campus Heartthrob", Chu Yang was an extremely capable female supporting character. She came from a poor family and had a weak and delicate appearance. She followed the main couple around pretending to be pitiable while secretly trying to sabotage their relationship so she could take the female lead's place.... more>>
CN (3.1)
0 Chapters Every 74.2 Day(s) 353 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
The Movie Star Chen Yi got hit by a billboard and passed out.... more>>
CN (3.7)
14 Chapters Every 4.4 Day(s) 102 Readers 0 Reviews 06-10-2024
The story of an online novelist and six exceptional men...
Mostly sweet with occasional angst, ending in a polyamorous relationship~
Some male leads are virg*ns,... more>>
CN (3.6)
182 Chapters Every 6.3 Day(s) 629 Readers 7 Reviews 04-26-2024
The impoverished worker Yu Shu suddenly wins three hundred million dollars, and she thinks her life has reached its peak. However, reality tells her that three hundred million is just the beginning... ... more>>
CN (4.2)
118 Chapters Every 166.1 Day(s) 6265 Readers 32 Reviews 10-14-2017
That day, my head was struck by an unknown object, and after I woke up, I realized that I’m able to, through titles, understand a person’s truest side.... more>>
KR (4.2)
20 Chapters Every 18.9 Day(s) 387 Readers 1 Reviews 05-06-2024
“Wouldn’t it be nice if I were the main character?! Why am I just Priest 1?”... more>>
CN (4.7)
35 Chapters Every 201.1 Day(s) 2778 Readers 45 Reviews 04-21-2020
Is there a possibility, that love doesn’t exist in the world?... more>>
KR (4)
109 Chapters Every 6.8 Day(s) 5520 Readers 14 Reviews 07-09-2024
I accidentally took possession of someone in a 19+ reverse harem novel.... more>>
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