Parallel Worlds[ ]

CN (3.1)
597 Chapters Every 7.9 Day(s) 547 Readers 3 Reviews 04-03-2024
She was an empress who had been immersed in the inner palace for thirty years, yet she died silently in the cold palace.... more>>
KR (3.5)
164 Chapters Every 12.5 Day(s) 2375 Readers 16 Reviews 04-01-2024
I never thought I could become a hunter.... more>>
CN (3.7)
61 Chapters Every 27.3 Day(s) 1284 Readers 8 Reviews 03-26-2024
Ye Tian transmigrated as the villain in the novel.... more>>
CN (3.7)
105 Chapters Every 9.2 Day(s) 363 Readers 1 Reviews 03-17-2024
There is a parallel world to this world.... more>>
JP (3.6)
13 Chapters Every 15.5 Day(s) 154 Readers 0 Reviews 03-17-2024
The story revolves around Aoi Souma, a beautiful young boy who voraciously gathered knowledge and has now regained memories of his past life. It's a near-future world, undoubtedly set in Japan, but not a world that exists on an extension of his previous life.... more>>
CN (3.9)
82 Chapters Every 11.3 Day(s) 869 Readers 8 Reviews 03-07-2024
Song Xingcheng found out that he was the cannon fodder for a novel…
The horror is, this is actually a post-apocalyptic novel?!
He relied on the rent of the two buildings to live a happy and free life, and his favorite grilled chicken…... more>>
CN (4.5)
94 Chapters Every 84.3 Day(s) 9739 Readers 120 Reviews 03-01-2024
The red meteor shower rained across the sky, a black fog engulfed the world.... more>>
JP (3.9)
157 Chapters Every 45.2 Day(s) 2084 Readers 30 Reviews 02-11-2024
One day, Japan was transferred to another world.... more>>
KR (3.3)
10 Chapters Every 16.8 Day(s) 36 Readers 0 Reviews 02-09-2024
Ethan Ardan definitely remembers dying, so when he wakes up in a dreary room with his sister who'd died, he can only presume it's the... more>>
JP (4.2)
7 Chapters Every 32.4 Day(s) 299 Readers 0 Reviews 02-02-2024
In this world, there are heroes and magical girls who make contracts with spirits to defeat creatures called Phantoms, which feed off negative human energy.... more>>
CN (4.1)
123 Chapters Every 9.5 Day(s) 2838 Readers 18 Reviews 01-27-2024
The business bigshot who covered the sky with one hand, Zhao Yao, died of an illness. Once he opened his eyes, he returned to the age of 23 when he was discharged from the hospital after a car accident. He was pushed in a wheelchair into a meeting where the family was fighting for power. Facing the Zhao family’s fighting, Zhao Yao moved to a comfortable position and watched the farce. “You are free to do as you please.”... more>>
CN (4.4)
100 Chapters Every 56.8 Day(s) 2830 Readers 17 Reviews 01-21-2024
Criminal psychologist and ‘leftover’ woman Su Xiaopei was informed by the God Of Marital Fates, Yue Lao, that her destined lover had been in a car accident, which caused his soul to be sent to another world. But because the red strings of fate between them were bound so tightly, both would suffer three reincarnations of loveless lives if the strings were ever broken. And so, Su Xiaopei was ordered to bring back this mysterious man.... more>>
CN (4)
20 Chapters Every 12.3 Day(s) 94 Readers 0 Reviews 01-18-2024
『——《Dimensional Magic Cube's Instructions》——』... more>>
CN (4)
149 Chapters Every 59.5 Day(s) 4820 Readers 28 Reviews 01-07-2024
One system connects two worlds. Wu Ye, a timid and unambitious rich second-generation, was suddenly thrown into an apocalyptic world of zombies, equipped with a strong golden finger. To flee, or not to flee?... more>>
JP (3.5)
92 Chapters Every 15.8 Day(s) 443 Readers 1 Reviews 11-26-2023
Yoshifumi Matsuda, who has been bedridden for over five years due to illness, reflects on his life with regret from his sickbed. He believes that... more>>
KR (4.1)
50 Chapters Every 75.9 Day(s) 4088 Readers 69 Reviews 11-13-2023
“It’s finally here,” the man with the sword said in an echoing whisper.... more>>
CN (3.1)
60 Chapters Every 17.1 Day(s) 123 Readers 3 Reviews 11-06-2023
That Year, The Seven-Year-Old Boy Took His Sister into The Cultivation World, and Then, All The Cultivators Went Crazy!... more>>
JP (2.6)
27 Chapters Every 20.3 Day(s) 130 Readers 2 Reviews 11-06-2023
At first glance, he may seem like a player, but at heart, he's a serious high school boy named Natsuki Hoshii. One day, he swaps... more>>
CN (3.4)
349 Chapters Every 40.5 Day(s) 477 Readers 4 Reviews 10-27-2023
That night, when a Kryptonian ship with a baby crashed on Mike Kent’s family farm, and when he decided to adopt that child the golden finger of crossover was thus activated, he understood that his life was about to change.... more>>
JP (4.2)
70 Chapters Every 18.7 Day(s) 376 Readers 2 Reviews 10-26-2023
“What on earth is that Bomber!?”... more>>
CN (3.7)
17 Chapters Every 39.6 Day(s) 583 Readers 4 Reviews 10-16-2023
One day, Fang Ziming suddenly entered the world of mirrors. He could shuttle between all the mirrors, and could observe every corner of the world through the mirrors, but he couldn't walk out of the world of mirrors. He was trapped in a cage-like mirror world. Until one day, Fang Ziming stepped into a room full of steam and saw Tang Yu who was taking a shower sideways towards him. Fang Ziming covered his face: "Wow, what a big bird." As soon as he finished speaking, the mirror in the bathroom was shaken.... more>>
CN (4)
29 Chapters Every 19.7 Day(s) 210 Readers 0 Reviews 10-11-2023
Liu Ruosong had known Fu Yan for twenty-seven years, and he had never associated the words "savior of the world" with him—until one day he woke up from a dream, turned his head, and saw his lover, separated by the boundary between life and death, standing right beside him.... more>>
CN (4)
157 Chapters Every 41.9 Day(s) 3471 Readers 28 Reviews 09-16-2023
Yan Chu, the protagonist, transmigrated into myriad of worlds, completing one mission after another.
CN (3.5)
10 Chapters Every 35.7 Day(s) 441 Readers 1 Reviews 08-18-2023
Su Mu returned to his hometown during Qingming Festival to pay respects to his ancestors. In front of his grandfather’s memorial tablet, he lamented about his loneliness and said that he lacked a wife. However, when he woke up the next day, he discovered that he had transmigrated and became the rich and handsome young master of the Su family. To make matters more complicated, he was supposedly betrothed since childhood.... more>>
CN (3.2)
12 Chapters Every 29.8 Day(s) 286 Readers 2 Reviews 08-09-2023
Lin Beifan crossed parallel time and space and obtained the Actor System. As long as he acted well, he could acquire the abilities of the characters.... more>>
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