Netori[ ]

JP (3.8)
35 Chapters Every 2.7 Day(s) 362 Readers 1 Reviews 08-31-2023
In the Western-style mansion inherited from his deceased uncle, a mysterious object appears!?... more>>
JP (4.1)
626 Chapters Every 25.3 Day(s) 16991 Readers 86 Reviews 03-13-2023
This is the story of a young s*ave gladiator in an underground arena. He doesn’t know about his past or how he got to where he is, only that his name is Aegir, and that he is strong.... more>>
JP (3.5)
6 Chapters Every 43.5 Day(s) 302 Readers 1 Reviews 01-17-2023
Takumi Inukai had fallen from heaven to hell. ... more>>
JP (3.2)
265 Chapters Every 18.4 Day(s) 3010 Readers 29 Reviews 01-08-2023
Why did this happen? \(^o^)/... more>>
JP (3.3)
34 Chapters Every 23.7 Day(s) 1182 Readers 3 Reviews 12-01-2022
A young man named Shikii Tomoya is sexually aroused by married women, loli, and his immediate family, all of whom he is morally and ethically forbidden to touch.... more>>
JP (4.2)
91 Chapters Every 22.1 Day(s) 1843 Readers 22 Reviews 11-14-2022
“Sorry, I’m going out with my friends today.”... more>>
JP (4.1)
1484 Chapters Every 25.1 Day(s) 10990 Readers 137 Reviews 10-18-2022
I fell in love. Her name was Shirasaka Yukino. I could only look at her from a distance. However one day I heard that she... more>>
JP (2.5)
18 Chapters Every 3 Day(s) 521 Readers 1 Reviews 09-06-2022
I, Yonezura Keita, have just reunited with an old friend, Noboru Sasaki, for the first time in several years. Noboru has a cute and attractive girlfriend, and her name is Sana Otonashi. I fell in love with Sana, and decided to take advantage of the opportunity and start cuckolding.... more>>
JP (3)
60 Chapters Every 28.3 Day(s) 1210 Readers 3 Reviews 09-06-2022
Yuri is just a prelude to the catharsis of giving in to a pen*s.... more>>
JP (3.9)
122 Chapters Every 74.9 Day(s) 5242 Readers 13 Reviews 08-08-2022
This is a story where the protagonist who obtained hypnosis does whatever he pleases and assaults girls at school.... more>>
JP (2.9)
8 Chapters Every 87.6 Day(s) 553 Readers 1 Reviews 01-23-2022
The ability to alter common sense that belonged to the mysterious man that suddenly appeared in another world. Helpless in the face of such a cheat ability, every single woman was suddenly changed to become erotic.... more>>
JP (3.7)
1 Chapters Every 700 Day(s) 347 Readers 1 Reviews 11-03-2021
In the springtime, when a child reaches adulthood at age of 15, they undergo a ceremony at a temple to receive their skills.... more>>
CN (4.1)
781 Chapters Every 56 Day(s) 6348 Readers 44 Reviews 07-19-2021
“Your servant is Majestic Star ‘Panther Head’ Lin Chong, from this day forward I am your woman!”... more>>
JP (4.1)
159 Chapters Every 62.9 Day(s) 8789 Readers 33 Reviews 03-17-2021
Suzuhara was a man who was born with a unique ability. That ability was x-ray vision, but it had evolved in a bad sense as... more>>
JP (2.6)
48 Chapters Every 135.6 Day(s) 3724 Readers 10 Reviews 04-05-2020
On the last day of his high school 2nd year summer holiday, the protagonist, Hashima Koji, was run over by a car and died.... more>>
CN (3.5)
60 Chapters Every 174.5 Day(s) 2193 Readers 31 Reviews 01-25-2019
During this chaotic era, the darkness engulfs all.
In a struggle of fire and death, despair shrouds the continent.
The line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred as a speckle of starlight penetrates the night sky.
But is it enough to reverse the downfall and fate? To regain the lost glory?... more>>
JP (2.2)
0 Chapters Every 137.9 Day(s) 1398 Readers 3 Reviews 03-08-2018
Sayuri, who was spending elegant days as the wife of the president is one day surprised to hear from Matsuda of the Daihoko Bank the news of her husband Masashi, who is in danger of bankrupting his business, Garooka Shoji.... more>>
JP (2.9)
9 Chapters Every 243.6 Day(s) 2530 Readers 1 Reviews 10-12-2017
A very ordinary second-year high school student wakes up one morning finding himself with “the ability to freely manipulate a woman’s body, turn them into... more>>
CN (3)
73 Chapters Every 157.1 Day(s) 2110 Readers 19 Reviews 05-03-2017
In a world where magic and sorcery flourish came a tale of a nobody who grew into a legend. Partake in the conquests and tribulations of a great army where warriors live day-to-day, seeking the thrill of combat. ... more>>
CN (4.3)
9 Chapters Every 288.8 Day(s) 4025 Readers 10 Reviews 09-10-2016
One day Xiao Jian discovers his neighbor Uncle Zhang Qian’s wife Xiao Yunyun inside a bus….... more>>
JP (4.4)
82 Chapters Every 175 Day(s) 9611 Readers 55 Reviews 08-10-2016
The Orc Queen O’Luna is furious. She just received a report that one more Orc Fortress has fallen by the hands of the hateful reincarnaters.... more>>
CN (3.2)
117 Chapters Every 586 Day(s) 10580 Readers 147 Reviews 05-26-2016
A human warrior cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique has transcended dimensions and arrived on Kyushu. Together with twelve ravishing beauties with looks that were unmatched in their generation, will he be able to stand on the summit of this world?... more>>
JP (3.4)
34 Chapters Every 192.1 Day(s) 5082 Readers 27 Reviews 11-29-2015
Hit by a truck as a young man, after winning God’s ultimate lottery prize, I got to create a HOLY SHIT-like cheat ability of my... more>>