Narcissistic Protagonist[ ]

JP (4.1)
28 Chapters Every 16 Day(s) 240 Readers 0 Reviews 02-27-2024
"In a world where dungeons filled with monsters exist, and people with supernatural powers roam, children whose crystals shine in tests to determine their special... more>>
CN (3.5)
33 Chapters Every 17.7 Day(s) 191 Readers 3 Reviews 02-26-2024
On this day, under the circumstances of a punishment game, I was forced to confess to the school goddess. However, unbeknownst to anyone, that school goddess is the other half of myself.... more>>
JP (4)
752 Chapters Every 16.5 Day(s) 3748 Readers 4 Reviews 11-17-2023
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon chronicles the story of a futuristic civilization returned to Earth after constant warfare hindered them from traveling beyond the post-Apocalyptic Earth. At this stage, a small archipelago called the Divine States were the only hospitable land on Earth. In order to regain the space-faring technology they had lost after many years of war, they decided to recreate history with a book called the Testament as a guide.... more>>
CN (4.3)
105 Chapters Every 18.3 Day(s) 1183 Readers 11 Reviews 10-22-2023
Zhao Mian, the Prince of Nanjing, had an encounter with a stranger while he was on a secret incognito visit. Both of them were simultaneously poisoned, and the poison would be released every month on the night of the full moon. ... more>>
CN (4.4)
66 Chapters Every 60.1 Day(s) 6590 Readers 61 Reviews 10-03-2023
Film Emperor Ling Qing transmigrated and found himself on the receiving end of old dog blood scum ab*se and must separate himself from the scum gong Yu Chen before he enters a cycle of pregnancy and miscarriage. ... more>>
JP (3.5)
23 Chapters Every 36.7 Day(s) 512 Readers 0 Reviews 08-15-2023
Popular full-dive online RPG "World of Epilogue", commonly known as WoE.
One man puts his heart and soul into the game and creates a beautiful girl character named Shirayuki.
After that, in order to make her shine more cutely, she played while playing a human named "Shirayuki", but she lost her life due to an incident.... more>>
JP (3.2)
40 Chapters Every 35.5 Day(s) 1402 Readers 1 Reviews 08-14-2023
Having become overwhelming strong, a mage was bored with his life and decided to reincarnate in another era about 1000 years later.... more>>
JP (3.5)
164 Chapters Every 34.4 Day(s) 2335 Readers 21 Reviews 07-16-2023
What happens when you get experience points? You don’t know? You ‘Level Up’.... more>>
JP (3.4)
19 Chapters Every 25.2 Day(s) 107 Readers 0 Reviews 07-12-2023
A low-ranking young wizard who had fallen into despair threw his staff into a hole. From the depths of the hole emerged a goddess, who spoke as follows:... more>>
CN (4)
8 Chapters Every 67.6 Day(s) 190 Readers 2 Reviews 06-11-2023
I feel like a butterfly kissing Bambi’s hairy ass.... more>>
JP (3)
9 Chapters Every 103.2 Day(s) 276 Readers 2 Reviews 05-05-2023
“I annul our engagement!”
“I won’t allow it.”... more>>
CN (4)
296 Chapters Every 32.5 Day(s) 5250 Readers 35 Reviews 04-11-2023
Are you ready for a new obsession? Look no further than "My Beautiful Teacher," the hilarious and action-packed web drama that will have you hooked from the very first chapter!... more>>
KR (3.6)
7 Chapters Every 73.7 Day(s) 406 Readers 1 Reviews 03-24-2023
Theft, assault, and mu*der…... more>>
KR (4.4)
49 Chapters Every 144.5 Day(s) 4704 Readers 32 Reviews 11-29-2022
Right before his college entrance exam, Mr. Park (the self-proclaimed K) suddenly found himself in a deep forest. There, he fell for the temptation of a witch and drank a potion, turning himself into a small black cat.... more>>
CN (4.1)
6 Chapters Every 132.7 Day(s) 613 Readers 7 Reviews 09-18-2022
He is the god of love and desire, he is also the embodiment of the most beautiful in the world.... more>>
CN (3.9)
8 Chapters Every 91.3 Day(s) 524 Readers 5 Reviews 07-20-2022
In his previous life, Mo Junlan was an invalid who could not cultivate. He was killed by someone when he was 18 years old, and then he was reborn in the Immortal Kingdom, obtaining the opportunity to go against the heavens. But when he was ascending to the Divine Realm, he died under the thunder tribulation.... more>>
CN (4)
37 Chapters Every 89.1 Day(s) 551 Readers 4 Reviews 05-21-2022
He is the Demon Lord, who has become unemployed because the Council fired him. She is the Hero, who was laid off because of the... more>>
CN (4.1)
139 Chapters Every 56.6 Day(s) 3016 Readers 26 Reviews 05-16-2022
Lu Bo Ting, as a sentinel, was facing a mental collapse crisis because of his high mental strength, and only one guide’s quantum beast could help him. So he spent money to hire them just to prolong his life.... more>>
CN (4.1)
3 Chapters Every 352.3 Day(s) 391 Readers 3 Reviews 11-30-2021
Tao Youqing has liked Zhou Yirou and been her secret lover for several years.... more>>
KR (4.2)
4 Chapters Every 279.8 Day(s) 362 Readers 4 Reviews 09-05-2021
Lee Young-joon, this narcissistic capable man, was the vice president of Yoo-il Group and was well-known for his good looks.... more>>
JP (4)
15 Chapters Every 89.2 Day(s) 794 Readers 2 Reviews 06-13-2021
In the country of Lan Huang adult members of the imperial family are able to shapeshift into dragons. Shima Setsu is summoned as Crown Prince... more>>
CN (4)
1 Chapters Every 1204 Day(s) 416 Readers 4 Reviews 04-03-2021
When his Weibo alt account had been dug out, Yan Shuo’s image as the “gentle and nice leader” of the currently popular boy group M.E.N crumbled overnight.... more>>
CN (3.8)
20 Chapters Every 88.4 Day(s) 3425 Readers 97 Reviews 12-25-2020
A lightning strike transmigrated Zu An into another world. In that world, he was known as the tr*sh of Brightmoon City, but for some reason, he was married to the gorgeous and highly talented daughter of the Chu clan? ... more>>
CN (2.1)
60 Chapters Every 89 Day(s) 190 Readers 3 Reviews 11-21-2020
The popular and magnificent ‘crown prince’ was reborn into a disfigured little pathetic girl whom everyone loathes. ... more>>
JP (2.9)
55 Chapters Every 98.8 Day(s) 1858 Readers 2 Reviews 10-15-2020
A mage who has become too strong, bored with his first life, reincarnates 1000 years later.... more>>
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