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JP (3.8)
8 Chapters Every 79.9 Day(s) 316 Readers 0 Reviews 08-14-2022
Tohru Shibakusa, 26 years old. The drummer for his rock band, Strange Chameleon, is kicked off the band as a condition for signing with a major record label. ... more>>
JP (3.3)
0 Chapters Every 8658 Day(s) 112 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
The light novel is the official prequel to the anime series.... more>>
JP (3.6)
51 Chapters Every 10.9 Day(s) 419 Readers 0 Reviews 11-10-2023
Youth--A time that ignites wishes, and sometimes offers entry for the evil. And that night, my youth raised its first cries, together with the flames illuminating the night. ... more>>
CN (4.1)
17 Chapters Every 20.1 Day(s) 303 Readers 0 Reviews 11-07-2023
Whenever Xie Lan played the violin, Dou Sheng felt it sending out a signal called love. Unfortunately, separated by distance, the signal cut off one day without warning. That was until the other person crossed the oceans and landed by his side, becoming a part of his world, even holding his hand and interlocking their fingers.... more>>
CN (3.4)
10 Chapters Every 8.7 Day(s) 148 Readers 0 Reviews 01-25-2024
Zhao Guan firmly believes he is the legendary winner in life. Despite bidding farewell to the public eye due to a disability, he still manages to navigate effortlessly with talent and charm, captivating countless beauties with just a glance. However, as his eyes open and close, he transforms into a shy and reserved individual, proving that even a life winner remains the same, no matter how many times he rises from the ashes they will still come out on top.... more>>
CN (5)
16 Chapters Every 0.1 Day(s) 26 Readers 0 Reviews 04-19-2024
Ever since Chen Lang got the system, the whole entertainment industry felt like the wolf had arrived.... more>>
CN (3)
10 Chapters Every 8.7 Day(s) 60 Readers 0 Reviews 01-24-2024
Lucia and Fu He's first encounter was in the garden that winter. She saw him smoking from behind the window, hurriedly put on her coat, and went downstairs to remind him.... more>>
KR (3.7)
3 Chapters Every 59.3 Day(s) 109 Readers 0 Reviews 11-02-2023
A boy who acts with a demonic talent.
A man who lived obsessed with the violin.... more>>
JP (3.4)
26 Chapters Every 199.6 Day(s) 228 Readers 0 Reviews 01-15-2017
Haruta and Chika are members of their high school wind instrument club that is on the verge of being shutdown because there are only four members. The two are childhood friends that got split up, but reunited nine years later and they spend their days studying and also trying to recruit new members. When a mysterious event occurs within their school, they band together in order to solve the mystery.... more>>
JP (3.4)
0 Chapters Every 1610 Day(s) 152 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
The Kitauji high school concert band club had at one time participated in national tournaments and was a champion school, but after the club's adviser... more>>
JP (3.7)
54 Chapters Every 18.4 Day(s) 322 Readers 0 Reviews 08-15-2023
“Could you give me one of your songs, Onuma-kun?” ... more>>
CN (3)
0 Chapters Every 1294 Day(s) 78 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
Eyes opened, crossing the thousand-year gate. When my eyes are closed, reality is still poorer than that. Chen Feng, a porter who travels through time... more>>
JP (4.1)
51 Chapters Every 5.1 Day(s) 326 Readers 0 Reviews 04-15-2024
On the day of the entrance ceremony at Misono Girls' Academy, Shimizu Mirai was warned by Reika, the chairwoman of the Disciplinary Committee with long black hair, to remove her wristband.... more>>
JP (3.8)
17 Chapters Every 41.1 Day(s) 132 Readers 0 Reviews 07-01-2023
At first glance, Haruka seems to be enjoying her everyday life without any worries. But in fact, love, friendship, and her relationship with her parents are all going wrong. While struggling to breathe, she meets a mysterious boy named Amane. For some reason, Haruka finds solace in talking with Amane, who is unable to speak, after school. Haruka takes a certain action for Amane, but she ends up hurting him deeply… ... more>>
CN (3)
0 Chapters Every 23.7 Day(s) 77 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
Fella was a talented cello player. But she stopped her career after an accident during a performance. She met with Nathan, a son who was... more>>
JP (3.5)
0 Chapters Every 8777 Day(s) 94 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
In an alternate history of the aftermath of World War II, Japan has been cleaved in half, with the south—Honshu and the other islands—allied with... more>>
KR (3.7)
0 Chapters Every 46 Day(s) 54 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
“Listen to my song!”... more>>
CN (3)
3 Chapters Every 195 Day(s) 142 Readers 0 Reviews 09-05-2022
Everyone only has one "lifetime" in each life. ... more>>
KR (3.4)
14 Chapters Every 3.7 Day(s) 321 Readers 0 Reviews 04-19-2024
I am tired of being judged solely by appearance.
I wore the mask that they had made for me, showing only what those people wished to see.
Whenever I attempted to remove this forced mask, I was invariably met with such disappointment in their gazes.
As it was becoming increasingly burdensome, that’s when I met her.... more>>
KR (3)
2 Chapters Every 8 Day(s) 75 Readers 0 Reviews 04-13-2024
Alpheril, the serf singer of Grand Duke Heron.
Her excessive beauty becomes a poison and strangles her thin throat.
Her unwanted talent weighed down her limbs like a sharp trap.... more>>
JP (4)
11 Chapters Every 54.1 Day(s) 33 Readers 0 Reviews 09-21-2022
Metal statues which resemble living human girls.
They understand the mind and have an inner voice.
CN (2.5)
7 Chapters Every 116.4 Day(s) 100 Readers 0 Reviews 02-04-2022
Ye Jiegeng was an ordinary girl living in a single-parent household. After the death of her mother, she followed her father to W City to open a flower shop and studied at C University. She was smart, kind, and a little clumsy. Despite all her hard work, she always ranked second in the entire department.... more>>
JP (4.4)
2 Chapters Every 1919 Day(s) 240 Readers 0 Reviews 10-25-2013
Since then, time has moved forward.
All of us have matured a little.
But despite the fact that we are all flying in different directions in order to fully stretch our wings,
we are still soaring beneath the same sky.
That is easily understood after carefully listening to each of our singing voices.... more>>
CN (3)
101 Chapters Every 0.2 Day(s) 107 Readers 0 Reviews 04-19-2024
[Urban + System + Goddess + Skills + Upgrade + Single Woman Single Woman Single Woman] Grandfather arranged a marriage contract, the other party is a wealthy heiress. Lin Tian thought the other party would tear up the marriage contract.... more>>
KR (4.2)
28 Chapters Every 6.9 Day(s) 169 Readers 0 Reviews 04-08-2024
I must now put in all my effort. I must shine brightly, burning my whole life, so that when day comes I will not look... more>>
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