Imperial Harem[ ]

CN (2.5)
0 Chapters Every 45 Day(s) 48 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
Drugged by her husband at a royal banquet, Yan Jinning wakes up to find herself naked with the elderly emperor on top of her. His... more>>
CN (3)
0 Chapters Every 5 Day(s) 32 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
Chu Jun, a member of the special forces, has volunteered for an experiment being carried out by military scientists. He always knew there was a... more>>
CN (4.1)
0 Chapters Every Day(s) 300 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
She is stubborn and tough. He is cold and indifferent. In difficult times, she and he went through life and death. In his arms, he embraced another woman. In this life, she is his most hated woman; In this lifetime, he toppled her feelings of this whole life. Because of this desperate love, tears are all over the place, enough to unite seven summers and autumns. Old clothes are weak, red lotus has fallen. In the end who for whom covered each other’s younger years? Suddenly realizing in a dream that they are separated by the other end of the world. So it turned out that some love has long ago entered the bones……
... more>>
CN (4.3)
1 Chapters Every 1267 Day(s) 731 Readers 2 Reviews 02-14-2017
He is the emperor who rules the whole of China, except he is unable to control his own heart. Without her, ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains are just like dust.... more>>
CN (1.6)
2 Chapters Every 84.5 Day(s) 151 Readers 0 Reviews 03-27-2020
Now, who can tell me, who is the man in front of me, wearing only a bath towel? He was walking t towards me slowly.... more>>
CN (4.1)
2 Chapters Every 195 Day(s) 1054 Readers 1 Reviews 07-19-2019
System: Want to live? Want to recover from illness? Want to change Da Zhou’s fate? You only need 998 points to redeem a package guaranteed to cure all diseases and strengthen the body! You don’t need 2400 points, also don’t need 1200 points only 998 points. You won’t suffer losses or be fooled! Welcome to the system of the king of the dead…..... more>>
CN (4.3)
3 Chapters Every 271.3 Day(s) 1245 Readers 4 Reviews 07-13-2018
When she first transmigrated into the body of the Empress, she didn’t care about how strong her cultivation was or what the strength of the... more>>
CN (3.1)
3 Chapters Every 37 Day(s) 132 Readers 1 Reviews 06-30-2020
Between a relationship with love but without s*x and a marriage with s*x but without love, which would you choose?... more>>
KR (4.3)
3 Chapters Every 50.3 Day(s) 720 Readers 3 Reviews 05-09-2020
“Why should I only marry one man?” the female emperor declared. ... more>>
CN (4.4)
3 Chapters Every 10.3 Day(s) 301 Readers 5 Reviews 08-01-2020
No matter male or female, the members of the Hua clan had been loyal for generations, placing the utmost importance on protecting their nation. The monarch and his subjects were in harmony, sharing all kinds of emotions, all due to the ties of comradeship in their hearts.... more>>
JP (4)
4 Chapters Every 117.3 Day(s) 631 Readers 0 Reviews 05-31-2019
Matsurika, a female officer in the Inner Palace, had a little special skill, and that was "a better memory" than others. One day, she accepted... more>>
CN (3.8)
7 Chapters Every 35 Day(s) 316 Readers 3 Reviews 07-05-2020
Qin Nuo transmigrated into the Great Zhou dynasty, becoming the dim-witted Ninth Prince. As if it’s not enough to be a female transmigrating into a... more>>
CN (4.5)
10 Chapters Every 33.9 Day(s) 650 Readers 1 Reviews 07-29-2020
Shen Yuqing and the Emperor had a secret arrangement––... more>>
CN (4.1)
11 Chapters Every 2.5 Day(s) 2591 Readers 32 Reviews 09-23-2018
1st book in Yuan Yuan’s series 老梗也是梗系列之(AKA We were supposed to have died in a plane crash, instead we transmigrated). The stories consist of three modern settings and three historical.... more>>
CN (4.3)
11 Chapters Every 37.8 Day(s) 1723 Readers 12 Reviews 05-31-2020
The Prince of Su Wang, Chu Ba Ning is not famous because of his great status and power, but because legend has it that whoever becomes his wife will be cursed to death, with no children to inherit his fortunes.... more>>
CN (3.9)
11 Chapters Every 84.7 Day(s) 1688 Readers 5 Reviews 04-13-2020
Just as she sacrificed everything to get her hands on her refined and dignified master, she f*cking transmigrated!... more>>
CN (4.1)
12 Chapters Every 32.2 Day(s) 1290 Readers 3 Reviews 02-03-2020
Born in the royal family, Yan Shi has too many things that he is helpless toward. ... more>>
CN (3.8)
12 Chapters Every 42 Day(s) 619 Readers 2 Reviews 06-19-2020
Crossed over to ancient times after a betrayal. ... more>>
CN (3.4)
14 Chapters Every 12 Day(s) 792 Readers 2 Reviews 06-15-2020
That night, she shed off the image of a young maiden’s immaturity, forming a ripple in the deepest parts of the Cold Palace…... more>>
CN (3.6)
14 Chapters Every 4 Day(s) 533 Readers 5 Reviews 03-01-2020
He, Murong Fang Qing, a romantic, natural, unrestrained, and an absolute beauty. His greatest interest is to appreciate and flirt with beauties. His biggest regret is that he came from a Wulin* family but did not know martial arts.... more>>
CN (3.5)
16 Chapters Every 34.2 Day(s) 685 Readers 4 Reviews 03-30-2019
An ordinary youth who just wants to eat and drink.... more>>
CN (4.3)
17 Chapters Every 46.1 Day(s) 1746 Readers 6 Reviews 11-19-2018
She is an elder miss from a modern secret society family. She is very cold and heartless, but her appearance is very enchanting. She thinks of men as playthings. She was schemed against and her body was thrown into the sea. ... more>>
JP (4.2)
19 Chapters Every 8.9 Day(s) 3362 Readers 34 Reviews 08-19-2018
Imperial prince of the Ka country Li Sekka is a beautiful, unassuming youth, but he holds an important secret. He possesses both genders. And as... more>>
CN (3.7)
21 Chapters Every 84.7 Day(s) 1783 Readers 3 Reviews 04-21-2017
Ming Luo is a wasted daughter of the Duke Yi’s household. Her father forced her to study medicine but it was not a wise choice since she was of no use. Her sister from a different mother uses underhanded schemes to get rid of her. Out of guilt and frustration, she tries to commit suicide. Everyone thought she was going to die but she miraculously woke up.... more>>
CN (3.2)
22 Chapters Every 27.9 Day(s) 359 Readers 0 Reviews 03-09-2020
Before the age of 16, she is the pearl in the palm of her rich and powerful father, the beloved daughter. After the age... more>>
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