Zombie University


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Song Fei’s university life was nothing special. He took his compulsory courses, skipped his elective courses, and took the CET-4 and CET-6.

If he had to point out one thing that was bothering him, it’d be his “bad penny”, academic tyrant ex-boyfriend— Qi Yan. As the saying goes, exes, like villains, are hard to raise: too close and they’re impertinent; too far, then there’s resentment.

He thought his university life would pass by uneventfully just like this, until that day, when an infected classmate rushed into the examination hall…

The zombie virus spread like wildfire. All communication was cut. Campus turned into hell.

No one knew what the outside world was like. And no one knew if they should “persevere and wait for rescue” or “break through the heavy encirclement”.

Song Fei chose the latter. Qi Yan actually became a comrade-in-arms.

Without the power to exterminate everything in sight, without a martial arts expert’s physique, on this once familiar campus, they can only rely on their own knowledge and tenacity to fight for survival!

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Sang Bing Da Xue
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9 Reviews

May 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Just like what the author wrote on the last page, the characters are saving themselves not the world.

So, if you are expecting an omnipotent MC who contributes greatly to humanity, then this book is not for you. This is a more realistic take on the zombie apocalypse. The characters are only university students, there are no special powers or super genius brain. But, there are teamwork and a sense of comradery between them. I find that beautiful.

The relationship between MC and ML is also realistic. They both have... more>> flaws, and during this tough situation they learned more about each other's sides they have never seen before. I like the fact that at the beginning, the MC doesn't want to get back together with ML.

The story is quite simple, they basically just trying to survive. It can be quite boring. But this is still a good story to read.


It turns out from the beginning till the end, time only passed by for A MONTH. Yep you got that right, hundreds of chapters for a month. The ending is not satisfactory, yet it is full of hope. Kinda reminds me of a game Last Day on Earth

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May 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Omg this novel. It's so so good. Solid plot. Pretty popular in China. Absolutely adore the characters. Was gonna pick it up but somebody got to it first LOL. I recommend it!
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 31, 2021
Status: Completed
School apocalypse! Cool! I pick up this book with zero expectation, I thought the apocalypse setting will not be that intense and the story will be more focused on the romance, turns out I was wrong! This book is so exciting! If you like apocalypse, school life, exes to lovers trope, fearless cp who work together to survive the apocalypse, you must read this book!

Oh I recommend to listen to the audio drama or watch the PV! The song and the PV is so cool!
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Apr 17, 2022
Status: c42
It's a more realistic approach to apocalypse, there is no one who can just off the zombie in one swipe of a knife and all you can do is strategize and make the best of your situations.

Finding more about the zombies, what tool can help you and human's reactions in a life and death situations, there are some who are good and there are some who are scums.

I think this was a really good novel, you should try to read it!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 06, 2021
Status: Completed
It focuses on university students facing an apocalypse suddenly on their exams. They are not your usual heroes who saved the world like 2013, number one zombie wife, etc.

I feel like I'm together with them, experiencing the apocalypse. You are scared of dying, becomes one of those monsters, the world is changing. Waiting for the teachers broadcast, yet nothing, no signals, people eating one another. Then, you think army. The army will save you, but the army is limited. They will save the regions/states that are important to the country.... more>> Do your place belongs to one of the last? An unimportant area?
But, the resources u had can only last you for few days, what's about the future? Even though you know there's a high chance of dying, you should take the risks instead of waiting in a corner to die. Together, you feel brave, daring to take risks. We find new friends, people who join the team, fight and protect one another. An action to understand the current situation, to seek for hope, & what should be done for survival. (Maybe it's because we are at the same age that it affects me more)

This is a different appeal to the usual apocalypse novel, a realistic feeling without weapons, MC's golden finger, superpowers.
This is a novel I love to recommend! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I think it's pretty obvious that this is a very good book. First, there are really good translations and this is a book with very good writing. Even without the translations, it is very obvious this author is a very good author. I'm going to break it down in two parts. But in short, you should read this because this is a more hopeful take on the zombie apocalypse with a great cast of characters that also include females (!!).

A. The romance: It is very age-appropriate as they are all... more>> college students. The conflicts and relationship issues they have between the two are really realistic. I think the fact that they do go through character growth is good, but I still don't really think they're compatible so I didn't really like the romance. In fact I still think a lot of you guys could like this romance. It is by no means bad. They are also a power couple because both of them have really strong strengths as leaders.

B. Plot: I enjoyed this one because it was a really specific viewpoint into a global zombie apocalypse; We're looking at the zombie apocalypse through the lens of these Chinese college students who are more peaceful than not and don't have guns. So, although there are incidents naturally of terrible human behavior, I really enjoyed the focus on the hope of people, trying to work together, and convincing people in ways to not work against each other. It's hopeful because you need hope and because our great cast of characters work together to support each other and support anyone they meet that is innocent. Overall, I found this book incredibly refreshing in this genre and the plot is just exciting to read. The action is non-stop even with just knives and just as gripping. You should read this if you want something different and you want something hopeful and easy to read, but extremely well written and compelling.

Sidenote: (I think it is interesting to see that this book was written in 2017, so who's to say how the author would feel about the Chinese government response in this day lol.) I think the only con really is that it comes off nationalistic, but it's not really negative towards other countries and it is pretty comical the way they do it. I think they have to come off nationalistic only because Chinese people, especially young people, are forced to recite propaganda and therefore place their trust in the government when they have really hard times like a zombie apocalypse I guess. <<less
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Dec 29, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a fresh sight to read a zombie novel without superpowers in it. It's just a simple virus outbreak where people hope that this will all be overcome.

The camaraderie in the novel is actually nice, it adds flavor to the story. How students from different departments quickly became close buddies/friends due to the emergency situation.

I just have a bit of issue about it. As the characters in their group grew and more characters are introduced, it tends to overshadow the earlier introduced characters (excluding the two main characters).

For example is... more>> Song Fei's roommate, Wang something (I forgot the rest of his name).


At first he have an impressive presence in the novel but after he was known as the smart classmate and reprimanded Qin Yan about his issue in his and Song Fei's relationship, Wang quickly faded out of the novel. As if after he was done with his part he can shut the fudge up in the corner.


He still appears at the latter half but it's just briefly and most of the time he doesn't even have a line.

Moving on, I'm actually surprised that they didn't mention anything about cannibalism in the novel. It briefly about mentioned r*pe and moral depraved.

I also like the comedic undertone of the novel. It matches the protagonists of the novel, youth.

For the romance part, it's okay I guess, considering that they're in that situation. But it's nice actually, it showed how both of them grow from their initial self. They realize their faults and fixed it.

Overall, I'll rate Zombie University 5 stars. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 25, 2023
Status: Completed
The most plot armor large group of survivors I ever witness. I don't know how thick their plot armor needed to be that almost everybody got bitten and still coming out unscathed. They are more op than people with superpowers or golden fingers to me.

There's alot of songs and Chinese poems going around, alot of banter. Funny moments and there's tense moments but I got fake out so many times I didn't take them seriously any more. Basically this novel is more comedic than any Zombie novel out there.

MC is... more>> both funny and annoying type, he's very optimistic, while ML I don't know how he puts with MC when he's way better than MC is everything and seems to be a mismatch since the beginning. But what you know love just come naturally they know themselves the best. MC is the facecon while ML like the naughty type because he's a good student of the sort

Alot less drama between students than I though, only on one or two occasions where it got bad.

The plot focus their escapes, food finding, finding news, doing all sorts of not recommended things. Throwing your phones away to attract zombies, sitting on trees to sing to Zombies. Climbing on railings, I can't even figure out how they got so far coming so close to dying every time.

I am sad that MC's best friend became so numb in the end, like he wants to be in solitude, I think maybe something happened to his family for him to end up that way other wise it was just weird.

It's a good read to the past the time, this is more focus on one group of people trying to survive. Not trying to save world, mainly the focus is inside the University 90% of the time. <<less
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Dec 14, 2021
Status: c1
This novel surprisingly has such a small number of reviews. I haven't completed it yet but boy do I like what has been translated till now.

It's funny, engaging and the characters are cool.

Eagerly awaiting future updates!
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