Zisui Zhi Chen


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Everyone is afraid of Bai Jiu’s mercurial temperament.

And it was only Xin Yi who could hold him down.

A story of an unfortunate young prince who is pampered by a cruel and sinisterly ruthless minister.

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Tứ Tuy Chi Thần
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PurpleHyacinth rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: --
Came because of Qiang Jin jiu....

The plot/ feel is not the same as QJJ. Not that tense or politically-influenced, instead cute and fluffy (?)

Though my knowledge is limited to the first five translated chapters, I am of the opinion that the story has a easy-to-read-flow. The relationship between the main couples is intriguing, while being tender and soft.


The MC pretends to be dumb for some while... but the ML catches on it quiet quick.


I am looking forward to read the remaining of the story.

Thank you Translator.
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LeniSnow rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: --
Well apparently that cruel and sinisterly ruthless minister is his reputation to other people but with MC he is just a pampering lover from the start. Its pretty well written despite its concept. There is also another couple that is unecessary for me because I am personally not a fan of couples outside the main in such a short story, takes too much screen time.
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