Zhao Qin Mu Chu


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Question: What is it like being married to a scumbag?

Chu Yu: Every year I spend over three hundred days thinking about getting a divorce, every month I spend thirty days thinking about how to kill him, and every day I spend twenty-four hours thinking about boxing his ears.

CP: Just-and-honorable-as*hole gong x burnt-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside-Mary-Sue shou

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Qin By Morning, Chu By Night
Zhao Qin Mu Chu
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New coldsoba12 rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: c71
words can’t describe how angsty this sh*t is like the tag are there so be warned :)

Like I initially thought oh maybe this gonna be like an enemies to lovers but boy it was a whole unrequited love to disappointment and tragedies for the MC. Don’t get me wrong the ML is tr*sh for the first half of the novel but his character growth made it worth me still reading it.

... more>>

yo I couldn’t stop crying when he went to divorce the ML and the lines “they were just the wrong person at the wrong time 😃😭 but I understood perfectly that the MC needed to close their relationship off because he deserved more 😪


the way the novel is written and translated as well is done so well just like how other comments mentioned. The prose in the novel just made it highlight the hurt and anguish that progressed in plot. <<less
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rebelontherocks rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c1-10
First of all, the translation for this is amazing, there are no words to describe how smooth and fluid it feels to read this, and the translator deserves full credit for that.

The author deserves full credit for writing beautifully, and with such gut-wrenching vividness that I sometimes need to stop reading to process it. It's like everything unfolds in front of your eyes like a watercolor painting as you read, that's the best way I can describe it.

Danmei reviews don't often comment on the quality of the writing and it's... more>> a shame, because some danmei is beautifully written, and Zhao Qin Mu Chu is stunning.

I've never read mpreg before, to me that was something that existed only in the realm of kinky fanfic. Well suffice it to say this novel changed my mind. If like me you're a little hesitant about the mpreg, don't be. The author made the wise decision of not trying to explain it with convoluted world-building, it's a thing that happens and everyone accepts it and the story moves on.

I love Chu Yu so much, he's such a strong character, and at the same time he has this wounded fragility to him that just makes you want to bundle him up and give him a warm cup of tea.

I love forward to seeing Qin Zheng grovel a lot at his feet *-*

The angst is delicious, I can't get enough of it.

Please give this novel a try, you won't regret it <<less
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Purple Rain
Purple Rain rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: --
One of the better books in the angsty danmei genre. According to my personal taste, I'm a huge angst lover, and I don't mind it when the plot is full of dogblood, but what I can't stand are weakling mc's whose lives are easily toyed & destroyed by the rich & powerful ml's. I hate those kinds of plot, and find them to be more frustrating than emotional. That's why I gave this novel 5 stars, bcuz while the plot may be a bit typical, MC is an absolute delight.... more>> He's the type of character who could be a villainous second female lead in those court drama shows lol. He's beautiful, smart, rich, powerful, proud, & noble. His self esteem is as high as his social status. He's also at a higher position of power compared to ml. Although he's in love, like crazily in love, with the ml, he doesn't let himself be trampled upon by the ML at all, facing him with a cold arrogant expression all day long. I think the contrast between his proud & noble self, & his unrequited love hidden deep inside is quite interesting, as well as a little heart breaking, to read.

In that sense, some might compare him to Chu Wanning from erha, but compared to CWN, this MC is more complex, & a bit more human. (Don't kill me. I'm a diehard Erha fan too.😂). I like that although he's so in love with ML that he's ready to throw away his own life for ml's sake, he's proud enough to pull out that sincere heart of him & throw it to the face of ML & his family who didn't treat him well enough to deserve his sincerity.

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Raizel_Pendragon rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: c67
The story is short but well written. In fact a bit too well written. With the verbose praises about MC's& ML's beauty almost every other chapter and the detailed description of furniture, home decor and interior design, it should fall under the difficulty rating of "translator's nightmare". It nearly made me despair over my lack of knowledge of prose poems and literature on reading a translated version. Kudos to the translator.

About the story I loved the MC and their daughter. The MC was an upright, tough and unyielding poison tongued... more>> beauty. But his strengths gradually turned into his weaknesses. He stubbornly loved the ML and he did make mistakes pursuing his obsession. He ruined almost everything- his status, dignity, future and health protecting a bunch of ingrates all cause of a single promise. I also liked

how decent and mature he was in dealing with his daughter's relationship with ML while they were still divorced.

But given the number of times he got into trouble for his calamitous beauty I'd assume he'd have learnt to get a good bodyguard... he never did. And considering how intelligent he supposedly is I found this a bit ridiculous. I guess becoming the hero saving the beauty was the only way to help the ML 'redeem' himself cause MC is far superior to the ML in everything except his physical strength & stamina 😗

And the ML? He doesn't deserve MC or the daughter.

Personally I would've preferred it if MC was allowed to move on and find a good spouse who truly and thoroughly cared for him and his daughter. Cause ML failed at being both a good husband and a father. I can't even stomach the years of debauchery and abuse but what became the final nail in coffin was

how he stood by and watched his family and lover bully MC into preterm labor. Not only did that lover of his bribe the servants and doctors to try and kill both MC and the child during childbirth, the ML on realising that it might've been the lover's doing responded with a-"I know what you did. So go buy a mansion to live peacefully, I'll even pay for it..." 🙂 TF????? He. Killed. Your. Child!! Goddamnit I can happily read abuse/yandere stories but when it comes to killing children to get to your goals....I just CAN'T- (ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡┻━┻ and I don't even like kids much... so I really can't understand how ML could treat the murderer of his own child so well.

Oh Wait. Did I mention that this child was conceived through r*pe? While their first child was conceived by a dub-con where the ML kept calling out his lover's name...🤢

Ahh it's not over yet- ML then further acquiesced that feticidal scum following him to a royal hunting contest... what status were you lending him by taking him to an important official gathering?? After you just lost your child and nearly your spouse too to this guy's machinations!! AND while the said spouse was still in bed with questionable chances of recovery.... It was so infuriating that I was happy when this brain-dead scum and his tr*sh family got stripped of their status and exiled cause that SOB lover tried to assassinate the Emporer. It was a pretty lackluster wrap up to an era of MC's sufferings.

Even to the end the MC has to drag his ailing body to go kneel before the Emporer's palace for hours ruining his legs permanantly to beg for mercy for this tr*sh all cause of his pointless love and a single promise to ML's dying father. I really felt that he'd already sacrificed more than enough for these ingrates over the years and shouldn't have saved those who condoned the murder of his child. But then again this is an ancient China-ish setting and the customs of those times did give tragically unnecessary importance to filial piety and promises. It's understandable but still infuriating.

And what redemption??? what if he gained military merits? He's still a failure as a husband and father. He was never around during the first pregnancy or childbirth and after what happened during 2nd pregnancy he became completely irredeemable to me.

Into the tr*sh you go~

(ノ`⌒´) ノ~ (o°o) 🗑️

TLDR: ML doesn't deserve MC. ML didn't suffer enough. Author seems to hate MC. As even during the wife chasing the one who got abused was smh still the MC😢. MC deserved better. I really don't wanna say it's a HE considering how MC ended up with the ex-abuser+rapist+adulterer ML. I'm disappointed but it's not my life or my story. So whatever makes them happy🤷🏻

I read it for the angst so I'm satisfied. It's well written and well translated. I'd recommend this novel but not the relationship. Read the tags before you proceed. <<less
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h1kar1 rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Binged-read the whole chapters in 2 days, what a fascinating story! Please bear in mind that this is not for the light-hearted as the tags have warned, a lot of angst, suffering, mpreg, difficult childbirth. If not for the knowledge that this is a HE, I might've dropped it since there are so many angst. But this is a perfect story for angst-lover just like me.

I fell in love with the MC, he is such a fascinating character. He's pretty much flawless, breathtakingly beautiful, smart, proud and extremely resilient. His... more>> words are venom-like but inside he's soft and kind. He's like your typical tsundere, but he takes it to the extreme. His only flaw is his deep love for the ML, to the point he sacrificed everything for the sake of ML. His silent love and devotion are truly moving.

As for the ML, a lot of times I just wanted to smack his head hard, he is a kind person but with weak resolve. Fortunately, his character grows significantly in the later part of the novel, otherwise I'd have dropped this in the middle.

A big appreciation to the translator (leihuos), their translation plays a big part in my enjoyment of reading this novel. It's smooth and easy to read with explanations to the cultural references. I mtl'ed the rest of the chapters, while waiting for the translation to come out. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Weebn234 rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: --
This is a great book. I cried a lot, I particularly liked it because the MC is not like the other soft MC's. The ML loved the wrong person and he figured it out when there was nothing he could do about it. The MC does not like to look weak so he hides his emotions, suffers alone, and act cold. But in reality he had love the ML for more than 10 years but the ML loved someone else. MC has a daughter. During the chapters ML started getting... more>> along with MC until he met his old love. Sh*t went down hill from there.[MC has a miscarriage][/spoiler] <<less
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Sonata123 rated it
September 20, 2021
Status: c61
First of all, my great respect to the translator for smoothly translating this incredibly flowery prose. Like really, the author likes to use at least two adjectives with every noun, three or four metaphors in a sentence. Not to mention an obligatory description of the MC's incomparable beauty in every second chapter (and the ML's manly beauty in every third one).

As for the story... it is short. I've read it in half a day, the translated chapters, and I don't think I'll read the rest. The truth is I... more>> did feel invested into it, in the first half. That's why the second half was all the more disappointing. For me, it started like whoa and ended like flop. In the first part, the MC was fantastic, strong and tragic, and my heart was going out for him. And the ML was - well, he was scum but it seemed, not beyond redemption. So, I was particularly looking forward to the second half - the redemption itself.

But... redemption? What redemption? The ML saying: "I made mistakes, I want to make amends." Amends for what?

Your lover killed your and the MC's child, in the process putting the MC through unimagjnable suffering. Your actions completely ruined the MC's health. What amends can be for that? And let's not forget: already knowing that his lover killed their child, what the ML says to him is "Buy yourself a house, live your own life". And then proceeds to go hunting with him, while the MC is on the verge of death and their baby is dead.

Oh, he earned military merits? So what? One can be a good soldier but a despicable being - and that's the case with the ML.

In the end the whole redemption arc is mostly: someone tries to r*pe the MC, the ML rescues him, rinse and repeat. In the end the author has to make the MC blind (and mute for a while) to let the ML the opportunity to take care of him. Oh, and don't get me started on how the ML is always kissing the MC while he's unconscious, even though the MC constantly rejects him in his conscious (and even unconscious) state. Ah wait, their second child, the one that died, was also conceived during non-con/rape, so what's new.

In the last translated chapter the ML is jerking off on the unconscious body of very sick MC but they are in the relationship again, so I guess it's okay... or not?

But the MC was cool, truly cool in the first half of the book. So it's even more sad he becomes so ridiculous in the second half. Throwing things from the carriage at the ML every day for the whole city to laugh and applaud. Hmm, yes, exactly the Chu Yu we know from the first half of the book.


Sorry, I just feel disappointed; the first half of the novel was real. The second half is so meh.

P.S. I slept on it, and now I think I was wrong. The story is even creepier than I thought at first. I recalled some more disgusting details of what the ML did in the first and in the second half of it, and now I want to bleach my brain to forget them. Eww. <<less
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August 19, 2021
Status: c34
ML is a piece of sh*t through and through. Personally I like reading angst about the main cp but this was way too one sided (at least so far up till the halfway mark of the novel). MC kept being wronged repeatedly by various parties, all of which were pretty much caused / enabled by ML.

ML seriously lacks the resolve to commit to anything and doesn't think with his brain. His indecisiveness led to

... more>>

mc's miscarriage. Felt that his thought was also not executed well - he seemed very whimsical? I knew what I was getting into when I started this novel (affair/having a lover) but the execution and over-simplification of the whole love triangle made me want to spit blood at him


Personally I don't understand why MC is willing to go through so much for him, just leave him and let him rot! I couldn't read past


chapter 34 because here they finally divorce. And I know whatever redemption arc ML goes through after this chapter will not be enough to make up for his past deeds.


Might pick this up again but for now I think I've had enough of this spineless ML. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
takame rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: Completed
The prose is pretty good! well-written and the translator is awesome as well for translating it all nicely. Alright, so the I am fine with scumbag MLs+dog blood combos. Heads up! this is one of them. HOWEVER, it's a different thing if ML himself is involved with another lover. I can't cry much or throw out some sympathy bcos I'm too annoyed lol. Good news is, the (cardboard) white moonlight died halfway the story w/c made me felt better. Aside from that I enjoyed reading the rest. The bun is... more>> a girl and she appears a lot.

Though I don't approve Mc's self sacrificing actions no matter how noble it may be at the expense of his health. But I guess it's necessary to drive forward the drama. As I have read about plenty of scum gongs with different ways to make up to their shous, this one is refreshing...


when the decision of remarriage came, ML volunteered himself to be the wife and enter his ger's family registry LMAO.


As for the elder bro, Idk, I don't get elder Chu's relationship problem. Perhaps it got lost in translation somewhere but as I understand, he and the crowned prince (turned emperor) had a spat before the time jump and they were already reconciled at mc's remarriage.

Unlike others I've recently read, I appreciate that the Gers in this story are treated somewhat like full-males... even if they could get pregnant, they can still have career advancement w/o any criticisms/prejudice and could compete with actual men to get key positions in the government <<less
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enaillig rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: c40
This is just beautifully written. The pain, the angst, everything is vividly portrayed. I cried so much.

At first I was losing interest, because the ML doesn't appeal to me too much. In contrast to the 'domineering', 'obsessive' scum gongs that I'm familiar with, Qin Zheng is different. He's passionate, not obsessive, and most of all, HE UNDERSTAND REASON. But he has weak resolve... and that's his fatal weakness that caused him to lost everything.

Chu Yu is a strong and resilient fighter, not in a physical sense but both in emotional... more>> and mental sense. Despite the hardships, he endured and endured... but alas, there's always a limit to how much a person can endure.

The main couple both have reasons for doing what they did and they paid heavily for it so you really can't blame them. Moreover, their actions are justifiable. Their relationship isn't that toxic, they forgive when it's needed, they part when it's time to let go. And that's what I really liked since it's rare for grovelling novels to be non-toxic.

I suggest you give it a try, it's definitely worth it. The political machinations, romance and whatnots are all balance. Definitely not slow-paced. Kudos to the translators as well, they did a very good job for translating this well-crafted novel...5/5 <<less
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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I really like this novel, bc there're so much angst but definitely HE.

... more>>

all the problem rely on the husband.. huff it's hard to say bc he has a lover before married with Chu Yu... so the problem is QZ in the begining doesn't love CY, BUT! later on he realize that he actually already falling in love with CY, CY is cold and seemingly doesn't care about his husband BUT! (his heart is just broken (read the novel to know his real feeling :D)). then after some happy fluffy relationship... then the third party who pretend to be white lotus appear again in front of them... QZ that already had CY in his heart is waver and can't distinguish his feelings... hmmm which is lead CY trust and relationship with him to fall apart...


but... later on pain upon pain fall between them and give birth to happiness and trust toward each other (then CY admiration toward his husband is just so cute :D)

the daughter is so smart and cute.. she doesn't want to make CY sad, and even hold her feeling toward her big daddy (there is also angst there :'''')) <<less
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May 2, 2021
Status: c5
Hehe, I’m not giving any rate. I tried mtl and skipping through some chapters but oh man, this is not for a good heart. I’m having a hard time continuing and I think I will at least read five day worth sweetness before continue with this story. May god bless you whoever suffer this type of thing or maybe similar to it. The suffering is much longer than I though : (
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monochromatics rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: Completed
This is for those who want to read a decent '追妻 (chasing [after] wife) /repenting scum gong' novel. Antagonists got what they deserved. It's HE for the main couple. Their daughter is really cute and sensible; I cried a decent amount for her scenes with her dads. Skimmed the first chapter by the translator and it looks really well done!

... more>>

I thought Chu Yu's student and Qin Zheng's self-appointed little brother would've made a cute couple because of the way they met, but alas, it didn't happen : (



I also really liked the audio drama (卡修's version). The few episodes that came out were really well done and I'm looking forward to more. Even though there isn't a regular upload schedule, I still highly recommend it.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Evesneon rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: Completed
The daggers.
Initially I wasn't impressed with the ML. What made the MC fall in love with this man? Childhood fascination? A promise given and sworn?

Then we went to the middle of the novel.
The hurt, the despair, the letting go... snagged my heart and it kept me going through.
But I'm glad it ended the way they did.

Worthy of being the top few novels in my list.
Thank you translator-sama for your quality translations. So much of a pleasure to read!!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
psychofreak rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Been reading a bunch of wife chasing novels lately, and I think I got spoiled with having long retributions, and I felt the ML didn't suffer enough, so one star got docked.

Anyways, overall, it's a nice read.

I like how MC is tough as nails. He can pretty much murder by words. But deep inside he's actually a soft and kind soul. If he loves a person dearly, he will protect said person til the end. Which is also his flaw. He was willing to sacrifice everything, regardless of even his... more>> own well being. Like seriously, the ML was so damn lucky. He's also so strong both emotionally and mentally, and it's amazing, considering that he's a ger, since in some stories if not most, they are portrayed to be more like damsels. If the MC can fight (like a martial artist), then he won't even need anybody else. Though the author seemed to make the MC suffer. A lot.

The ML on the other hand, is just... again, I think I got spoiled with other elaborate retribution with scum MLs so I felt that the ML didn't suffer enough (have I mentioned how he didn't suffer enough? No? Yeah, he didn't suffer enough). What he went through doesn't even compare to what the MC suffered all those years, especially that bullsh*t his ingrate of a mother and sister did. The MC shouldered their sorry asses for years, only to suffer in return, and even

lost a child because of these filthy ingrates. It's really amazing how Chu Yu stood by his words to protect the Qin house, and all these b*tches did was insult him. Especially the mother who even dragged the poor Zhen'er in one of her tirades, and even goes as far as to use self harm because she has nothing better to do. Yeah, f*ck these guys, I hate them.


As for cannon fodders, same with the ML, the mother and daughter duo, and that first love didn't suffer enough (how many times have I mentioned this now?).

Although the annoying white moonlight died, beheading was a mercy. With the sh*t he pulled, he should have suffered maaaaybe just a hundred cuts instead of a thousand so he won't die easily, then gets drawn and quartered. Alive. Imo, what these three did to Chu Yu was unforgivable.


I was originally going to wait for the translation, but couldn't help it and had the rest mtl'd, which was kinda readable but I'd still wait for the translation because it's quite good.

Tl;dr: everybody else didn't suffer enough. <<less
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matilda jati
matilda jati rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: Completed
F*ck, I did not read the tragedy tag.

The plot filled with angst, but I was hooked with the story until the end. ML=he was a typical shou who repented and tried to find redemption, MC= a cold badass who was soft in the inside, poor for him he was swirled in a love triangle
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Severe rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: Completed

This book is a smooth reading one. You can tell right from the start that it will be a nice journey, both due to translation and the plot.

Huge advantage - the story takes place in an ancient dynasty, but is totally unaffected by it. What I mean is that it is burdensome to read ancient settings, because almost all of them drown themselves in political struggles of some sort. Here, on the contrary, the whole story is concentrated on the relationship between main characters. I wasn't bored in... more>> the slightest as something was happening all the time.

Second advantage - A LOT OF DOG BLOOD. Mostly through MC sufferings. (Don't give a damn about scum ML struggles, deserves much more) And I just looove angst.

The main minus for me is mpreg tag. I cannot understand this concept. Why would you seek for yaoi tag in a first place?.... Furthermore, the way of man getting pregnant in this novel is absurdly incomprehencible. So does the attitude of people.

Still, this is a fantastic gem that is worth reading. <<less
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Caramellatte rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: --
This book is a beautifully written masterpiece, and the translation is a top notch work too! I've read up to c.42 and this is what I could comment;

The focus of the story is the MC and ML, their struggling relationship and their growth. This is not a revenge novel, even though those who wronged the couples will get their ends, but author didn't indulge too much about those things so please don't expect too much.

Just as stated in the tags, it contains mpreg so it may not be everyone's cup... more>> of tea but hey, I'm a sucker for this genre. I do hope it'll get more loves and rating though. Can't wait for the next translated chapters! <<less
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karwasama rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
f*ck me. I looked at the novel summary and was like "oh, I'm going to like this, I should wait until it's completely translated" and then read it anyway. Now I'm in waiting-for-updates purgatory. (Edit: Okay, I gave in and MTLed it. Overall my opinion hasn't changed much, so feel free to read on.) Ha.... Well, anyway, to get on with the actual review-

- this novel is SCRUMPTIOUS. We all knew walking into this that we came for the dog blood drama, the angst, the suffering of the MC and... more>> the repentance of the ML, and this delivers on all accounts. As always, be prepared to be sympathetically frustrated with the MC and his situation while seething with anger at literally anybody else. I honestly loved the MC, he's gorgeous and witty, making sure those unworthy of him know their place. His arrogance doesn't make him a bully, however, and his harsh behavior always has some underlying kindness to it that only an idiot (*cough* so a lot of f*cking people around him*cough*) wouldn't be able to see. I also approve of how it seems he actually loves his daughter, because I know in a lot of these types of novels children are just kind of used as an excuse/tool, but here his affection is palpable. Overall, I thought his character was very well written and likeable.


Listen. I know he had a redemption arc, where we had him regretting his actions. Regardless, let me just say this - I doubt there is enough liquid in my mouth for how much I want to spit at him (and not in the kinky way either). While he's not any worse than other scum MLs in theory, I think it's the sense of betrayal we get that makes him seem so despicable. Early on, there is an inkling that the MC and the ML may reconcile peacefully, that the ML is about to recognize what's he done wrong, but all that is dashed away because of his weak, sniveling character. I kind of see this as both a good and bad thing:


Good because I think it's realistic. I've always felt that in other novels, the ML always gets over their supposed former "true love" way too easily. The genuine conflict in the ML's feelings between his former childhood love with whom he has fond memories and his present spouse is very human. The author wrote this aspect of a love triangle very well, and I commend her for that.

On the other hand, it makes me hate the ML, but it's more of a personal thing rather than a critique of the novel. Like, he's a scummy person but I can understand the conflict in feelings. I don't understand how that conflict in feelings can lead to whatever that mess was in the ML's mother's banquet. Seriously? He acknowledges that his household could only stand its own because of the MC, that the MC actually cares for the ML's family (pieces of information that literally had to be spoon fed to him, by the way), that the MC loves him, and he just f*cking allows his former love and family to humiliate the MC and force him to miscarry? And how f*cking much does he think of himself to block the MC's call for help from his brother while the MC is have a troubled birth? The fact that he still had the gall to go to an official event with his former lover while his wife was recuperating a still-birth... Ah, seriously, this is making my blood pressure rise. Former promise or not... f*ck this guy.


His development? Well...


It was decent, but I wish we could have seen into his thoughts more. Like, I wanted something more than just seeing his inner dialogue about being in love with the MC and being regretful. I'm sorry, you muttering his name after getting beat up isn't peak romance to me.


I have to say, the face-slapping of the ML dished out by the MC was *mwah*. I was so so happy seeing the MC be like "f*ck off", but of course in a much more subtle and elegant way.

I would also like to take a quick second to thank the translator! They're doing an amazing job, the translation is smooth and flawless and easily comprehensible. Massive, massive kudos to you for putting out chapters for us.

Now, the reason I took off star is because the pacing in the novel can get... weird at times. I thought that the shift in attitude from the ML at the beginning of the novel was way too abrupt and it left me confused.


It feels as if his animosity was cheap, you know? Like seriously? It just took a couple words from the steward and the writing of the MC for you to realize you might want a future with the MC and to stop acting like an a**hole? Regardless of the fact that I don't think it's realistic, it makes me upset that the MC suffered unnecessarily for the past six years.

Throughout the novel, I just felt that the change in emotions were just fast in general.


Part of this novel just felt rushed to me, but overall this was still great. Definitely read it (or wait until it's completed so you're not like me LOL). I rate it a 4.0/5.0 stars. <<less
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bambijrg rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: c41
One of the few novels that has made me cry ToT so much angst and that feeling of having your heart squished. So far, very interesting read!!
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