Zhao Ge


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Upon the vast land of the twelve dynasties, eight immortal sects stood, lofty and firm.

Under the guidance of the eldest apprentice Bai Li Shu, the young disciples of Jiu Xuan Sect step onto the Black-plumed Light Vessel, and from there, the era’s repeating secrets began to unfold.

The Savage Era’s passing, the era of Chaos’ ancient kings, and the Ten Thousand Immortals Era’s lapse……

The archaic war once again repeated itself in a new era, and the people holding blades and swords walk onto history’s battlefield behind the scenes.

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kahka rated it
June 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Is it considered cheating to be writing a review for something you translate?

What is Zhao Ge?

tl;dr- a literary work of art set in the world of xianxia that at the same time it makes you wonder who our main character is, challenges your comprehension ability and makes you question if you're really just that illiterate, both in the original and translation, true to the fashion of Chinese literature and poems. Read it for yourself.

Depending on how you look at it, it can be about many things- be it... more>> the world of the novel, with its times of intricate world-building and shaping of its background and history, or perhaps the genre of xianxia and cultivation as a whole, and its often unspoken effects in a world shared by not just the immortals, or oftentimes, a giant poetic literature of sorts, with ambiguous, subtle language, and constant reference to natural phenomenon and nature and idioms. It is about the inevitability, yet also about the variable nature of fate itself. It is also about the clash of two conflicting parties and their beliefs and convictions, mixed in a world of cruel conditions and idealistic relationships.

But when you remove all the fancy ornamentation and strip it all down to its barest bones, Zhao Ge is ultimately a story about our main character, what past he has, what kind of relationships he holds, and what does the world, for someone who seems so detached from it, have to do with him.

In a genre that often establishes conflict between those with supernatural powers, be it between the immortals themselves, immortals vs demons, evil, etc., Zhao Ge is a refreshing novel that, aside from obviously being a story about our main character, explores conflict between two groups seldom seen to clash. Though not all ordinary people seek immortality, for the most part, they revere the immortals, and ask for help from them for their supernatural powers. Immortal cultivators, on the other hand, largely ignore them or feel disdain, and instead mostly concentrate on cultivation and ways to gain even more power and get closer to immortality- it is a mindset commonly found in these novels. When have immortal cultivators gone out of their way to provide aid to mortals after overturning an entire region? ‘Tis their fate, they would often say, then return to their own cultivation. But in this novel, the mortals don’t resign to that reasoning, and instead point their fingers to the immortal cultivators, giving rise to the plot. I haven't read all the xianxia novels, so I can’t say it’s unique, but it’s most definitely seldom seen.


At the beginning, it gets rather deceptive, in that it lures readers into a sense of security and familiarity one has with usual cultivation novels- mentions of places and certain objects (like the flowers that might cure our sick MC) are considered a foretelling of what's to come, while destinations are taken for granted that our characters would reach it, but alas, it's all a misconception. We're not taking on missions, we're not doing leisure travel, nor are we collecting flowers, or curing sicknesses. Instead, it is the most insignificant-seeming, most overlooked parts that end up forming our story- the concept of death and dying, and the idea that mortals have no interest in immortality. This is how our author likes to present things. What seems to be ordinary information instead foreshadows upcoming events, where concepts mentioned in passing become the foundations of later occurrences. There isn't one part of the novel that doesn't imply something later. Everything and every character brought up serves some purpose, even the smallest of characters.


When you set aside the plot, and focus on the writing style, it’s becomes easy to see that this is more of an embodiment of old Chinese literature. That in which rises, has something going down. In contrast to one idea, is its opposite. With the comparisons to nature, consistent rhythm in each line (in the original work, not the translation), constant reference to other literature, and parallels and contrasting lines, it all really adds to the feeling that what you’re reading is a literary work of art more than anything else, and it really adds to the beauty of it all.

Granted, this style of delivery is not without its flaws. This novel is not necessarily the easiest to read, not because of my grammatical errors, no, but more so due to the amount of things hidden between the text and the prior knowledge required from understanding the whole world of cultivation or xianxia. In fact, I would say that first-time xianxia readers should not be attempting to read this before having read a few others to grasp the common concepts of the world. And at the same time there is joy in finding hidden references and understanding things beyond the text, for those who are unable to understand, it can be a source of confusion, as the author does not necessarily make everything bare for readers to see.

If there was something that this novel lacks, I'd probably say the romance? Remember, this isn't a romance novel. It never was, but there are probably certain expectations people have when a novel is labelled as BL or GL or whatnot, anything implying there is a relationship developing. I'll repeat this again, but this is a novel about our MC. Yes, a relationship slowly forms between our MC and "ML", but it's not like something you expect out of a typical romance. Our MC may follow the trope of an ice-cold beauty, but by no means, is there any love as passionate as the sun to melt down our MC's heart and have him break character in front of the ML because he is a vulnerable person beyond those icy walls, no. Our characters are who they are, and characteristic with their natures, the rare moments of the relationship and its development, like one of the reviews mention, are instead subtle and on the delicate side. By no means do I think I'm the thirsty type, but after reading this novel, I really hoped for more to happen between them. But after some thought, I've come to accept the fact that the way their relationship develops is not out of character, and is perfectly suitable for who our MC is. Reiterating the author's words, this is their relationship, not others, and this is going to be how their relationship is.

All in all, I do believe this a pretty solid novel. It's been absolute eyecandy for me whenever I read this, and I'd say it's easily re-readable (more so when you miss that atmosphere depicted in the beginning in comparison to all that dark and heaviness later), if not for the fluidity of how the author writes and all the foreshadowing you might have missed earlier. But if you're the type that enjoys action-packed novels where motives are made clear through constant flashback or long dialogues or reflections, this probably isn't going to be for you. <<less
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chrysanthenum rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: c30
This is very intriguing so far! I like how the writing is poetic and detailed. From what I've read, this seems to be the story of the MC transmigrating into a highly regarded and lofty disciple in the ancient times. The MC is very intelligent, adaptative, and powerful, but is secretly ill. Aside from the MC, there are many other interesting and amusing supporting characters, which makes the story engaging. The novel is written in third person, which I feel enriches this mysterious and beautiful historical tale. I still have... more>> no idea who the ML will turn out to be, but I'm hooked! At last, I want to add that the translations are of highest quality, and the translator's pace is quite fast, which I greatly appreciate. I am convinced that this is a promising novel! <<less
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Ilover rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: the first-ishcs
Okay so I decided to read this because I thought that it had some similarities to Sha Po Lang which is a good read btw. Poetic writing, and those rich descriptions and world building. For me, I think this a type of novel I would read with a cup of tea on a rainy day or if I want some historical shounen-ai with really complex plot and because written in third person POV, really makes it more beautiful and enriching.

This type of novels should really get more attention from readers... more>> as I saw less readers here compared to other fluff, and system novels which some of them doesn't even have a good enough plot to keep me engaged *rolls eyes*.

Anyway as also said by the reviewer before me I am convinced that this is a promising novel with really lots of potential. If basing by Sha Po Lang, the fight for the throne, schemery, manipulations, and plot development and hope this novel would bring something more promising as this is a novel with 236 chapters. The translations are also high-quality by the way and really made the authors beautiful writing come through, thanks to the translators for translating this beautiful piece of art. I read some novels with historical themes (Golden Stage, Sha Po Lang, Peerless) and know it's kind of hard to get some words through because some Chinese words and phrases cannot simply be translated to English, cuz it sounds different. So thank you for your efforts *bows* <<less
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November 20, 2021
Status: --
Am all for a good read and with the good reviews here, I went in with high expectations but! A good literacy masterpiece is good and all but what of it, if I can't get drawn into the story because I have to not only burn more braincells on the plot itself but also idioms and metaphors I can't seem to grasp and must browse for the translator's version of it or go to Google cause I ain't Chinese.

Too much work so I shelved it for a rainy... more>> day, I guess? <<less
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Licht Heiter
Licht Heiter rated it
December 26, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel! I binge read it and it was super worth it. I find the MC to be a very mysterious individual. The way it is written made everything beautiful and elegant. The plot is also quite interesting and I am very excited for the future updates XD

Edit: Ok, so, there's a lot of mystery revolving around the MC, and from what the author said, it will unravel slowly. The shounen ai is light, but there are some scenes between the MC and ML that are just... more>> so soft and gentle. This novel can be said as relaxing but at the same time there's actually quite a lot going around. Up till now, it's still very interesting and the writing is also still breathtaking and soft. As the two reviews above mentioned, this novel has a lot of potential. This novel is pretty underrated and I really hope that more people will come to enjoy it.

Edit: I have finished reading this novel. I am not ashamed to say that I cried. I seriously think that this novel kinda should have a tragedy tag.... The ending was bittersweet to me. It was a happy end, kind of. But I seriously hope that the MC would be able to finally live life as a 'person'. I just want to say, Baili Shu is Baili Shu. By the way, the author said that the world isn't perfect. <<less
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Oxan rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: c1
My review might change but im gonna give my first impressions

Ive been dying to find a danmei novel with xianxia in it and based on the reviews I have read there are many mysteries revolving around the characters so iam really hoping that it will pass my standards LOL

imma edit this review maybe when I finish reading the first 50 chaps? Idk

(Boii, I didnt see the fckin tragedy tagggg huhu hope it will not be tragedy laoiskw)
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July 13, 2021
Status: c183
This novel is really very heartbreaking and each and every character has its own misery and the qay it has depicted and potrayed every charcter is simply unbeleivable and the growth of person from immature to maturity and taking heavy responsibilities and actually its really sad to see the inner disciple and c0re dosciple changing from lively to surrending under burden and turning gloomy and ya bai li shu I mean thia character is like legendry ther is no words no express him his character his aloofness and his burden... more>> and his indiffernce its all really heartbreaking. The way heakes people feel sad and sorrowful for him without even himself being sad or showing an expression he makes perople feel tired on behalf of him and also I am really intrigued to findout who is the male lead it shen chang ge or ye qin shu I mean I really hope its shen chan ge so if anyone know who is the male lead please do tell me <<less
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This person is dying
I felt like a middle class person walking to an expensive restaurant.

Although the food were super delicious, it took a lot of effort to get a small piece of it. And half of it were decorations *checking the chapter number* yeah.

If you are used to this, then it's perfect for you.

My rating are five stars of course, but I won't read this type again for another year.

PS: It's still worth it if it's only once a year
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