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I have reincarnated in the world of a romance manga, A little spice in love. Wait a minute… aren’t I that antagonist with an extremely poor personality who bullies the cross-dressing heroine, gets resented, then murdered!? The criminal is… that’s right! I died before reading that last volume!

Etto, let’s live a life always keeping in mind to avoid resentment and train with a dumbbell while I’m at it… but is this really the same world as that shoujo manga? A-re-re… there’re a lot of disappointing ladies here and there…

Associated Names
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Disappointing Lady's Daily Life
It Seems the Disappointing Villainous Lady will be Ruined in 3 Years
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AC253 rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c27
My reviews may contain minor spoilers based on what I read (as nearly any review will), so as usual, please skim or skip this if you wish to go in blind. It's also possible that my rating and review will be changed/updated along with any future chapters.

Impressions so far: very good. The translation quality is lovely (though some dialogue were missing periods and occasionally some chapters have awkward sentences) which makes for a good reading experience, and the way the main character adapts is, as common to the reincarnation trope,... more>> very fast, but at the same time somewhat believable. There's no girl-hate or body shaming either yet, and I hope it continues to stay that way. I have high hopes for the side characters, and the way the story is introduced makes me believe the author has plans for the future.

It's somewhat like Kenkyo Kenjitsu which is a personal favorite of mine, but not without it's own twists and style. All in all, do try it. It's not spectacularly different and the idea isn't the most original around with all the villainess-reincarnation which therefore brought my initial 4 star down into a 3 star, but's it makes an enjoyable read. <<less
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CanadianAnon rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c27
So far I find this lovely. It's very interesting. An enjoyable read.

This novel very much resembles Kenkyou Kenjitsu (a personal favourite) though it differs slightly. In Kenkyou Kenjitsu, a lot of time is spent leading up to the highschool arc where the MC meets people and characters. However, in this novel she regains her memories in middle school, and after that a few chapters are spent to give her friends and show her relationship with her brother - and boom, we're in high school. Other than that, the novels tell... more>> the story of an ojou-sama who's personality on the inside is that of a commoner, and her daily life.

I can very much see this headed towards the harem-route (and possibly a yuri-route?).

If I were to have any concerns it would be:

The main conflict of her avoiding being stabbed and trying to figure out who stabbed her in the manga, is predictable. My bets are on the brother honestly... We'll have to see though :)


The translation quality is pretty good, they run on donations for chapters btw. Otherwise it's pretty typical, but still refreshing considering it's at Modern-Day Villainess instead of a fantasy-type one. So for now what I can say is that I have h o p e s <<less
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Snowman256 rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c28
It's a pretty fun novel! The MC isn't a pushover, and the guys aren't too overbearing since the MC is pretty good at putting them in their place. That said, there are also weird deux ex machina moment and character swaps to force the plot along, which feel oddly misplaced and can be rather annoying when they occur.

  1. Normally athletic people tripping only in the exact moments when they'll face plant in another person's cake or so they'll spill soup on the MC.
  2. The MC decides she wants to avoid the heroine, who'll likely spill soup on her according to the game's event. What does she do? Deliberately wait at the spot it happens at in the game and stand in the heroine's way imposingly. No, blocking the heroine's path would not stop the event from occurring?
  3. Normally calm people suddenly become common haters whenever the heroine is around, and then revert back to normal the next moment. They were never established as a commoner hater any other time, they just say extremely caustic things whenever it moves the plot along (i.e. So the MC can speak against it and look cool).

The description is also misleading, and fixed on the authors homepage. It's not that the other ladies are disappointing, it's that the MC is a disappointing lady.
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