Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De (WN)


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An entire high school class is summoned to a different world. Everyone except for one boy, Sora, becomes a Hero. Unable to become a Hero, he is forsaken by the queen and banished into the void in a half dead state. Then, just before his life can run, the Demon King rescues him. The young man, having had his life saved by the Demon King, dedicates the rest of his life for revenge.

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I Couldn’t Become the Hero of the Other World
The Me that Couldn’t Become a Hero in the Other World
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09/07/19 American Faux v4c1 part2
08/31/19 American Faux v4c1 part1
04/06/19 American Faux v3c3
11/02/18 American Faux v3c2
08/17/18 American Faux v3c1
02/22/18 American Faux v2c8
01/18/18 American Faux v2c7
01/04/18 American Faux v2c6
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12/07/17 American Faux v2c3
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11/22/17 American Faux v1c9
11/17/17 American Faux v1c8
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Darxen rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c127
I will give an average vote, since I read this a long time ago and I do not remember much. Also because in the first chapters, if I'm not wrong, has a poor development of events, although this improves. Since apparently this is the author's first novel (I think), which still continues with a better writing in general.

On the other hand, I can not write much of the web novel without spoilers, the interaction between the main characters is good and it develops better much later, and the plot that... more>> connects the first arc with the second was though nothing out of this world, unexpectedly good.

Overall I like it. And more than anything in the how it ends and initiates the first 2 arcs, and the situation of the protagonist in the second arc.

P.S.: I write based on the original novel. <<less
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thorlong rated it
October 27, 2017
Status: c1
Seven releases, still chapter one. Subdividing a story so much makes it hard to read. The foundation for world building can normally go into a prologue and it is a common mistake to stuff to much of it into the early chapters.
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Airlogia rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: c7
Well, as of chapter 7, this is a resoundingly sub-par novel. There are several points to why, so i'll just list what I remember:

Pointless exposition, and half baked world building. The author is rather bad at describing the world, and yet wastes time telling about events where nothing happens, the MC interacts with noone, and the timeframe is just white noice. For instance something like this: "After three days, I reached the next town, where I found an inn, bathed, slept, and left the next morning." Just streched over a... more>> lot more boring lines.

Rushed story right from the start: "I did a goblin killing quest, now lets travel to meet the demon lord again, interacting practically nothing with any locals anywhere"

Plot induced performance anxiety: The MC early on gets a supposedly really powerful immortal magic entity servant. Who immediately becomes useless a few chapters later, because the MC needs to be in trouble. Even though the magic entity is right nearby, watching.

There is a lot more in just these first seven chapters, but I don't care enough about this novel anymore to bother writing it down. There are some interesting points, but they don't offset nearly all the bad parts, so two stars.

There are some some pet peeves too:

MC is a painfully annoying Chuunibyo. A total beta. He gives off the impression of being rather dim, and a complete trusting fool. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: v2c7
In less than 24 hours with no persuasion needed: "s*avery is bad" -> "I want to see what the s*aves are like" -> "I'll buy a s*ave!" -> "This is my s*ave!" " (other people) Oh, you're so kind to buy a s*ave, what a great person!"

There's a some fun parts so I gave it a 2/5, but don't expect a revenge story and don't expect characters, world setting, or story to be consistent.
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aetonazniel rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: v3c2
MC feels shallow, we rarely know what he is thinking because the author glosses over reactions and forgets them often. Example, MC does something amazing>>shifts no next happening as if MC didnt do shit. MC does things and author does not explain what he thinks or feels most of the time. Another example, something important happens but author glosses over it and does not write what MC feels, thinks or where he stands regarding the issue.

Could have been better if written properly
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Ugfluffyturtle rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: c1.1
Aight look I tried oh-so-hard to read this, I did, but it was boring and tedious. It was so bland that it made me mad. The descriptions are nonexistent and it feels like everything is simplified to the point of it being nothing but a summary or outline of an actual novel. It give the feeling of "this is how the events go, this is how I want my story to be". It feels like there's nothing here. Its an empty story with characters acting in such an awkward or... more>> weird way that its hard to care about what happens next.

Also the whole "Birds are chirping piyo piyo" and "A composed voice, bikuu, comes out of nowhere." Is super annoying. The sound effects are unneeded and out of place. Idk if its just because I try to distance myself from Japanese novels, but my god does this destroy every form of immersion in the story. Especially when there are "sound effects" for silent actions. Like "The woman gives Sora a sweet smile, Nikkori." HOW DOES A SMILE GO NIKKORI?? <<less
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