Yuusha Gojo Kumiai Kouryuugata Keijiban


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The hero union’s BBS, where heroes gather, crossing many dimensions. A bulletin board made by heroes for heroes. Unfair settings, complaints about comrades, tales of failure, and discussions of secret agendas, they are all found here! Even now, new threads are being made!

A comedic chronicles about the travails of heroes.

Associated Names
One entry per line
Hero Cooperation Union Exchange Bulletin Board
Hero Union BBS
勇者互助組合 交流型掲示板
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
04/23/21 Aoitenshi v1c5
04/13/21 Aoitenshi v1c4
04/07/21 Aoitenshi v1c3
07/15/19 Aoitenshi v1c2
06/24/19 Aoitenshi v1c1
06/24/19 Aoitenshi intro
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LunethL rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: v1c2
I've read the translated chapters of the manga and the few chapters from the novel that have been translated.

Both are incredibly original and fun to read!

It's centered around a bulletin board to which all heroes and former heroes have access, and the conversations are written in forum format. You're following heroes and former heroes as they try to solve the problems they encounter, and in between learn about the pasts of the former heroes.

They include every hero plot imaginable, with a huge variety of hero companions and demon lords. Some... more>> heroes are summoned, often from some earth-like or 'Terran' world, of which way too many exist and all happen to be easy targets for hero summonings. Others are born in that world, either chosen ones or self-made heroes.

So here you have it, a story where princes, sages, priests, normal employees and students chat with each other.

I'd love to see this translated further. <<less
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July 28, 2021
Status: --
This is a fun novel where heroes of other worlds embrace some good internet culture like us. This makes me remember the good days of using 4 chan as a college student
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a greedy seed
a greedy seed
February 28, 2021
Status: v1c2
I was hoping for something like Cultivation Chat group but this is very different. The formatting (not the site, but the story) is awkward. There was an influx of names right out the gate, and it may be my own personal prejudice, but the characters don't speak heroic. Their speech is very casual modern, which is odd considering they are heroes from all walks and times. I expected their speech and manners would vary, not be duplicates of one another.
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