Yuusha Dakedo, Maou Kara Sekai Wo Hanbun Moratte Uragiru Koto ni Shita


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As a hero, I have been doing my best up until now. Even with little reward, unreliable comrade, citizens that only keep complaining and princess that only treats me like a tool, I still do my best without a word of complain.

I finally gave up after being rejected by the girl I like, being betrayed by my comrade and not receiving any recognition despite my best efforts.

[I will give you half of this world. Hence, join forces with me!] However, the demon king received me with both hands and this made me delighted. I felt she is more charming that anyone in this world after receiving her recognition.

Thus… even though I’m the hero, I decided to betray after receiving half of the world — This is a story of the hero that is always trying his best being showered with love by a small demon king girl.

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I'm the Hero, but I Defected After the Demon King Offered Me Half of the World
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May 18, 2018
Status: prologue
It's early. I know but hear me out.

The prologue is interesting because its pretty simple and it quickly hints that it's a comedy with a tiny bit of darkness on the side.

I won't give stars yet but I hold expectations for this story.
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BiawaKeren rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: --
its good, somehow. The logic behind his action is reasonable.

With romance, our MC become a symbol of lolicon. Just like allmight.

Maybe we can see the darkness of the world will be cleansing because of this new symbol, the lolicon hero.

I looking forward to the future of this series. Hopefully this not gonna be boring slice of life with slow pace.
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mllhild rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c6
These Characters actually know what they want! And go to get it.

I expected to read some "re****ed spineless guy takes care of bratty adopted daughter" setting, but my expectations were pleasantly betrayed. Also please get at least until chapter six before judging the story.

Another fun thing is the comment section of the first few chapters. Because the readers seem to quite heavily disagree on how they see the hero and his actions/choices. As well as of the ones around the hero.

So I suggest to give it a try!
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May 20, 2018
Status: c3
In another timeline, or another novel, this could've been a legitimately dark story. The hero, feeling betrayed by humanity, joins the demon king. Clashes between old comrades would exemplify the ugly emotions and desires humans have, the hero included. Perhaps, the hero would be tempted to rejoin his comrades, but be reminded of the cruel reality that he is nothing but a war tool, to even them. By the end of the story, he would come to accept who he is. The good, and the ugly.

That's not what this is... more>> like as the "world conquer" process is finished in the second chapter. From the way the summary ends, "This is a story of the hero that is always trying his best being showered with love by a little girl demon king." So I suspect that it'll gear itself towards a more "slice-of-life" appeal, but from the backstory and chapter 3s reveal of a "deeper" reason for the hero to betray humanity, there might be more to the story then a simple romcom. The humans may find a proper "counterattack" method for the hero. Perhaps the demons disagree with the demon kings acceptance of the hero, stirring a rebellion. It could also still just be a romcom. Only chapter releases will tell.

Personally, I'm hoping for the darker approach, but I'd probably still read this if it was a romcom anyways. <<less
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The Douche
The Douche rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c2
I'm not gonna lie, the story is interesting and I'm expecting great things from how it progresses.

The MCs motivation is kind of dumb and saddening but if I were to put myself in his shoes then I might have done the same.

He's entire lack of pride is what makes his character interesting and I hope he gets some much deserved pampering from the loli demon king.

I'll rate this 3 stars for now, since it's still fairly new
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shelwyn rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: Completed
"Being the demon lord’s gigolo is the best." -Former Hero

Anyway the story is originally Japanese, then someone translated it into Chinese Mandarin, then the translator machine translated the Chinese Mandarin translation into English. So the story reads like sh!t haha.
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mukkaar rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: --

Oh man, the hero is complete scum. I mean there wasn't even real betrayal here and still, he went and sold out entire humanity -.- Though I came just for R-18 tag so I didn't really expect anything of the story :D


Still reading it though :P
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Seregosa rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: c8
It's a decent enough novel. It's pretty much just about the demon king and the hero being together and discussing sweet nothings as they do slice of life stuff, which seems to, for the first 8 chapters, pretty much only include talking and drinking.

I feel like it's readable but it's not really funny nor immersive. Only one chapter was a little bit funny. It's not really what I was expecting, I don't really want to read more of this either. I mean, they're ONLY being lovey-dovey and nothing's happening, it's... more>> not really interesting. It actually started to get a bit boring. Kinda sad about that because it could've been so much better if the author made an effort and didn't just go with this half-arsed 4-koma like slice-of-life novel.


I'll just put this in a spoiler bubble because we're often not supposed to comment about the translation, but I feel like it's very necessary here as it's a big deal. There are issues with the translation, the novel would probably be a fair bit better with a decent translator. He's translating a translated version (japanese->chinese->english) and while it flows decently (but things are undoubtedly lost in translation if you do something like that as just translating it once will screw things up, so every time you do it, errors increase), the grammar is truly bad with errors almost every single sentence and bad choices of words everywhere. I do appreciate the work, but sometimes a translaor should perhaps not translate things if they can't make a decent job out of it because it ruins novels all too often which results in them being, often, permanently unpopular. The saving grace is that these errors are usually not that big of a deal, it's things that are easily mentally fixable while reading, but this also leaves even more doubts about the translation because of the lacking grammar.

Ah, since I have a spoiler bubble up anyway, I'll just mention something since some people post misleading reviews. The MC isn't a scum at all (well, he kinda seems a bit scummy as he seems to become lazy), the whole "there wasn't even any betrayal" isn't really true, they did betray his feelings in quite a few ways and looked down on him. It's also explained that humans here are total trash and the part of the MC accepting the world and siding with the demon king was that he sold half of the human world back to the humans and left so that they, as extreme trash that relies on other people and indulges in stuff, can learn to stand on their own legs. Even if he gave it his all, they wouldn't even have survived because the demon king could easily invade all of them if she wanted to while holding the hero down, her forces are immeasurably much stronger than the humans' forces. The demon king is also a decent and kind one and genocide or even killing a lot of people was never part of the plan.


Do I recommend this? Maybe... It depends. It's just a novel about a hero and demon king acting lovey dovey in episodic chapters. I also believe you should be a lolicon or at least like lolis before even glancing at this, but if you read the genre and still go ahead without feeling that way, you're going to dislike this, probably. <<less
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