Yuri War of the Demon King’s Daughter – the Brave Hero Who Incarnates as the TS Wants to Protect a Peaceful Life Surrounded by Cute Demons and Monster Girls


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The man with all the talents was alone because he was the strongest. He made friends with his own ability to share his talent, “Transfer”, but he was in place to defeat the Demon Lord but was executed . There was no jealousy after the event. On the verge of death he used the “Transfer” of his soul and was incarnated as Erina’s daughter, Erina, who he had defeated!

As he decided to live as Erina, combining the inexhaustible magical power as the Devil’s daughter and the experience gained by being a hero, while holding in his heart the revenge for those who betrayed him.

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05/13/19 Profper Translations c4
04/14/19 Profper Translations c3
04/11/19 Profper Translations c2
04/09/19 Profper Translations c1
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New SovietWeeb rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: c4
The biggest issue is probably just the sentence structuring, It comes across as a bit hard to read. There are some minor grammatical issues admittedly.

I do think the story is an interesting one that could be very interesting. I don't know why, but something about a Hero reincarnating as a small demon girl child that holds a teddy bear or whatever is in the picture everywhere they go is weirdly interesting to me. I think it has something to do with the MC being top of the world and then... more>> being treated like a little child.

Other then the weird sentence structuring, I think this might be a fun story once more chapters are out. <<less
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Lucilius rated it
April 30, 2019
Status: c3
I gave this a three. It had a decent start but then it started to divulge into a hot bed of mess. The translations aren't that bad. Some grammatical errors here and there but it's not so bad that you can't understand what's being said. From what I can see it's really just from the writing style of the author that makes some sentences really confusing.

... more>>

Typical Genderbender OP MC basically suffering from loneliness and later betrayed. Cause he decided to transfer his powers and got used for it thinking he was doing good. With the typical cliche of enacting revenge cause of said betrayal and ends up transferring into another body as a last resort AKA Demon King's kid that he accidentaly killed in the collapse. Then immediately finds a legendary sword and jumps to the gun of fighting the evil dragon who was apparently sealed by the Demon King.. This hero party did more damage than good honestly because apparently killing said King releases said seal.. (Though I do wonder why he couldn't just.. transfer those powers back to himself if he was so powerful, then again not much is known of the powers since it's pretty early for the story.)


It was a good idea but jumped to the gun in pacing way too damn fast. Could've been good. 1 point for the nice idea but really pale execution. 1 point for pretty good translation but a pretty mediocre writing style. 1 point cause it's yuri, I mean why not but it's also genderbend so that might not be something others might like especially on a yuri story. That's 3 points in total.

While it is just 3 chapters so far, it's... already pretty predictable for the storyline and it's pretty boring overall for me. If you want to try it go ahead. But as said on the spoilers, it's pretty cliched. It's just one of those kind of stories with great art and a very obnoxious title but a pretty meh story filled with common overused tropes and horrid pacing. <<less
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