Yuri Maid Cafe


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「I-I-I-I…! It’s my first time working in this kind of industry!?」

Yuri had steam come out of her head just before the kiss.

Cough, the senpai maid, Liz cleared her throat, and she got a bit reddened.

「It’s not that. This is the maidens sacred grounds!」

Yes, this place. Men are prohibited, this place is a place where only girls who loves girls are allowed to enter, the lovely maiden’s paradise -Arcadia-. Yuri Maid Cafe 「Little Garden」. It’s not an indecent shop!!

This place…it’s a really chaste and pure shop ,「Little Garden」. that 4 lovely girls had gathered at. A story of love, friendship, kiss, kiss and kiss..!!

「No matter how you look at it, it’s that kind of shop, isn’t it!?」

Yuri’s scream resounded inside the store

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Yuri Maid Kissa e Youkoso ♪
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