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Horaiji Yuri lives every day while hiding her character of being homosexual. Yuri exposes her propensity only in the MMO-RPG called “Atros Online”. In the game, Yuri presides over a guild called “Yuri Empire”, a guild consisting of 359 very cute NPC girls under her. After finishing her daily work, interacting and healing time with the girls every night in the game was the happiest time for Yuri.

However, one day, Yuri is hit by her car and moves to another world.

(If possible I wanted to stay with my beloved children a little more)

In her fading consciousness, the last wish of Yuri is fulfilled. The next time she woke up, she was beside her beloved “wife” in the game.

Yuri’s heart is naturally pulled by the tendency of the in-game character “Yuri”.

For their beloved master and bring their guild name “Yuri Empire” into reality, the 359 NPC subordinates, the “wife”, implicitly deepen their collusion. Overwhelmingly strong people with max level and pay to win equipment start to move in the different world.

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Yuri Teikoku
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albreo rated it
March 3, 2021
Status: c13

The worst kind of JP novel that's illogical to the extreme couple with non-exist yuri element for a long time despite the life goal of the MC.

Are you saying someone who dreams of yuri every night and kisses all of her NPCs every day for almost 30 years, practically the ultimate yuri girl, woke up to nake waifus to do nothing and immediately going for the random town next door? Also, no confirmation whether they are more Human now or not. How can capture said town have anything to do... more>> with her laid back yuri harem when she doesn't lack anything and nothing in the immediate vicinity can threaten her? Information? just choke them out of someone nearby. The most critical part that will build up the entire novel was just skipped like that.

Are you the one who want to obtain information and resource by capturing a town and suddenly pull out the magic that can obtain information from every soul in the entire town? And once captured, want to build a new town and take on the burden of caring for 20, 000 people for no obvious reason instead of flirting with her yuri harem? You have to be a saint.

Are you the one who murder 1, 000 husbands and trying to give jobs to 900 widows? I know the author "tries" to make the MC villain but don't be this s*upid of a villain.

Who wants a hastily set up permanent base when you can carry everything with you? This is a dumb gamer move. I'm going to find the most beautiful place by the sea to live.

Wants an Empire because there's "empire" in your guild name is Ugh... up to you. A lame excuse like "to unify the world" would be far far better.

And don't let me talk about how a game that lets p2w players summon raid boss as mounts can survive for 30 years. <<less
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enkiros rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: c8
Just saying that this feels like the author watched the first episode of the Overlord anime and wrote this in an afternoon after a lot of google searching.

The protagonist isn't braindead in the sense that she's a timid pushover that doesn't do anything. But being "bad" due to some contrived train of thought doesn't make your protagonist smart, either. This is what Overlord does right and this novel doesn't. In the former, the author knows the protagonist is a regular weeb who's just trying to keep appearances, and ultimately, survive;... more>> we don't expect him to be an evil genius right off the bat, but he's still logical and methodical even when he's one step behind his evil subordinates' plans. Here, the MC is "whatever." She wants to establish a nation "just because." She just goes in, points a gun at someone's head, and says "let's be friends!" believing that nothing would go wrong. Don't think about it! Here's some cute girls! Okay, then.

The translation is a MTL with some editing. Mostly okay; sometimes entire sentences impossible to decipher, but those are the limits of google sensei, it is what it is. Personally, though, I feel like this isn't the ideal novel for it solely because each chapter is 80% useless exposition and 20% plot, so it's very easy to get it wrong.

Okay, after reading chapter 8, I just have to say this is dumb beyond belief. Like another reviewer said, "this is illogical to the extreme." Man, what a bummer. I thought this novel was just right for me, as I was looking for something like Overlord, but with a female protagonist and more straight-forward. But, it'd take a lot of mental effort just to pretend not to see the mind-numbingly awful flaws this has. I've no clue how can you be mentally sane and write a 5-star review for this.

Hard skip. Do not bother with this unless you're high out of your mind. <<less
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V_sA.Bl_.E rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: c74
As of c28:
This is the best Japanese YURI Transmigration novel I've ever read with fantasy/magic elements. There's nothing that will make the reader uncomfortable and the MC isn't a saint, but actually thinks logically with a bit of selfishness. The premise is quite unique and if I'd have to compare, it would be similar to Kyuuketsu Hime, but better. It's refreshing, though of course, not as good as Overlord or Her Majesty's Swarm but I think it'll be as exciting as the latter later on. Additional review (small? Spoilers)... more>> : One reviewer complained that she didn't immediately pounce on her NPC wives. Idk, but for most women, they don't turn into a mindless horny beast after seeing naked women. They would be tempted, but be a bit reserved about the whole situation. I mean, the MC literally woke up in another world after dying and saw her wives in the game in real life. The first thing she thinks would definitely not be to f**k the girls, but to first process whatever the hell happened to her. As for the empire, it's a place where she can build a new base. That's the most important thing, to secure a good place and resources in this unknown world that may be dangerous. Then she can do whatever she wants with her girls. As for taking care of the inhabitants, it's something she can use to gather info on other countries, lure in spies, etc. Helping them is something she can do and a way to dispose of her excess items. Kind of like a tr*sh can to free up her inventory space.

Edit: I'm at c74 right now and all major conflicts seemed to have been solved. It's more about world building and improving the citizens life. I don't know if the quality will drop, but there are a lot (I think) of countries the MC has not made contact with. So, I'm not going to lower my rating and I'm going to hope this is not another extreme Slice of Life isekai novel where nothing seems to be going anywhere. <<less
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mustachemerlin rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: c65
"It's like Overlord but worse"

Except, its REALLY not. They're similar in basic concept, a top tier MMO player gets isekai'd and all their NPCs are now hypercompetent real people and they have to explore this unknown world they're thrown into.

But that's where the similarities end. Same premise, but these stories provide wildly different appeals.

Overlord is a grimdark story about a bumbling villain taking over the world using the unbeatable technique of "Demiurge explain my plan to me!" to pretend he's competent. And also violence, lots of violence. Overlord's appeal is... more>> that it's a story about world domination where they actually dominate the world for once. You watch overlord because it's funny, but also has some really cool action scenes.

Yuri Empire is a story you read for entirely different reasons. It's a Yuri fantasy with city building elements, frankly. Yuri (the protagonist's name not the lesbians), Yuri is not there to destroy all humans and take over the world, Yuri is there to get fawned over by a huge cast of pretty girls and build a really awesome city. You read Yuri Empire because you want a Yuri wish fulfillment fantasy, and maybe you're a civil engineer or something.

Where Ainz is super evil with a single soft spot for his NPCs, Yuri is just kinda neutral, she just wants her NPCs to be happy tbh.


Ainz is a god of death and a blight on the world, Yuri is literally this world's love goddess.

Despite starting at much the same place, these stories could not possibly shoot off in more opposite directions. If anything, I would compare Yuri Empire with Reincarnated as a Slime more than Overlord. Both stories focus a lot more on building their city/country and harem than anything else, and make friends with the neighbors rather than just steam roll the whole planet. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: c61
The concept is almost exactly the same as overlord, but lacking the wit, panache and quality of writing. In essence this is little more than a cheap knockoff. Where Overlord draws the reader in with well written dialog and amusing schemes and counter schemes, this is just blunt, linear and boring.

The character development is almost nonexistent. The MC entire character consists of little more than claiming that she's evil and acting blase with nothing more more. The NPCs have about as much character as NPCs in an 8 bit game.... more>> The same goes for the natives.

The game system manages to be boring over explained and under explained all at the same time. The author loves to go into great detail about points that are irrelevant and once covered never matter again. This leaves you confused, bored and without the sense of growth a litrpg system should bring

Finally the whole YURI aspect to this story might as well not be there. The MC could be changed to a guy, a guy in drag, a humanoid c*cker spaniel, and it wouldn't make a difference, or force the writing to be changed. <<less
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titanpotato rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: c56
Came for yuri harem.

Found a kingdom building yuri harem that is somewhat wholesome?


... more>> -------

If you're looking for an intellectually built logical novel to stimulate your gigantic brain then go somewhere else becuase you'll end up quitting 10 chapters in then leaving an angry review here while simulatneously insulting people who rated it highly.

If you're looking for a casual, easy-going read that doesn't take much effort to read and is interesting to casually keep up with then check this out.

I gave this a high rating based off of my expectations being what I mentioned above and the novel delivering exactly that, not because it's well written or intricate etc. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: c136
A slice of life story that focuses almost entirely on business meetings and explanations on how things work. Even the battles were just expositions (an explanation of the strategy and the abilities that need to be used followed by a summary of how it went afterward). Except they don't have to come up with good ideas or proper strategies to accomplish anything because they're overwhelmingly powerful and have pretty much unlimited materials.

So far the story is basically about 40% explanation to the reader, 40% dialogue (explanations from one character to... more>> another, not really conversational), 10% the main character being horny with various women, and 10% anything happening. The dialogues also typically either reiterate something that was already explained to the reader, or elicit a few chapters of narrator monologue, so it gets monotonous.

It's pretty safe to skip this. The basic concept is okay but it focuses on the least interesting parts of her daily life and buries everything under mountains of exposition. <<less
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Surilexa rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: c65
If you are looking for something that is purely Yuri content, then this is not it. This is not to say I did not enjoy the novel, but the main premise is not built around Yuri relationships. If anyone has ever read Overlord, the premise is very very similar. At the start the novel feels very dragged out with its constant informations dumps in its attempts to quickly build the world and the people around the MC. I felt that most of the information at the start does not need... more>> to be retained in order to understand or follow the plot in any point later on. I did enjoy the novel for what it is, and can say it is not for everyone. I would recommend trying it out and testing the waters, cause if you can get past the initial start, I feel it gets progressively better. <<less
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ghendout rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: c6
so far its its not bad, its similar to overlord in term of premis

i feel the yuri aspect of the story is just a gimmick, but definitely not something that I hate

MC is quite smart and at least based on few chapters able to do basic critical thinking, not like other typical "brain dead" isekai MC trope

the translation is quite good, and consistent, well done
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