You’re Right, They’ll Expel Me if I Run into the Store with a Weapon!!


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Hiroki Ogino is a typical high school student. Or rather, it’s already 『Hiroki Ogino was a typical high school student』 in the past tense.

Due to a slight mis-understanding, he was yanked away from the typical route and got transferred to a branch of the『Combat College』established by the Japanese Government.

This school has an unusual curriculum and is established in each country individually.

To gain admission into the school, the prerequisite is to have 『Combat Strength』. As a condition for admission, it is absolutely necessary to have 『Combat Strength』.

To Hiroki, what’s going to happen next is a series of convenient misunderstandings

Unbeknown to him, the people around him are accelerating the misunderstandings, leading to him being misunderstood as the strongest in 『Combat Studies Japan Branch』.


「Dropouts are not accepted! I had to double check the school guide to see whether it was possible! Eh? Aren’t I an exceptional case? Is it really unacceptable? Ahh, I understand. If that’s the case, I will point a gun at my teammates or the general public in the midst of a mission and drop out! ! Because I don’t want to die yet! 」

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