You’re My Belated Happiness


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— All the reunions with the person you had a crush on in the past are long-cherished schemes.

Ruan Yu’s web novel on Jinjiang, “Really Want to Nibble on Your Ear”, has been accused of plagiarism.

She posted on Weibo: God knows, this story about a crush is from my own personal experience back when I was still a student.

The other author called someone on the phone after seeing it: “Brother, I seem…… to have found the person you have a crush on.”

A few days later, Ruan Yu, who had been “exposed,” looked at the prototype of the male lead in her novel and kept shaking her hand: “I don’t know him, don’t know him……”

Xu Huaisong smiled with gritted teeth: You’ve already nibbled my ear. It’s too late to play dumb.

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Ni Shi Chi Lai De Huanxi
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Date Group Release
05/06/21 DHH Translations c6 part2
05/04/21 DHH Translations c6 part1
04/29/21 DHH Translations c5 part3
04/27/21 DHH Translations c5 part2
04/22/21 DHH Translations c5 part1
04/20/21 DHH Translations c4 part3
04/15/21 DHH Translations c4 part2
04/13/21 DHH Translations c4 part1
04/08/21 DHH Translations c3 part3
04/06/21 DHH Translations c3 part2
04/01/21 DHH Translations c3 part1
03/30/21 DHH Translations c2 part2
03/25/21 DHH Translations c2 part1
03/23/21 DHH Translations c1 part2
03/19/21 DHH Translations c1 part1
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New solivagantsoul rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: Completed
for a slice of life there was a bit more drama than expected. Tbh I feel the romance was plain and even the part about their secret crushes during high school was not written about well. Has more potential but it wasn't a bad read but don't expect too much fluffiness or intense emotions.
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CKJnovelFANatic rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: c2 part1
This translator team picks good stories and this one has a promising start. Please ignore the unexplained poor reviews and continue sharing the story you believe in. I look forward to reading it.

FYI the next buttons on the story pages don’t link correctly😉
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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