You’re My Belated Happiness


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— All the reunions with the person you had a crush on in the past are long-cherished schemes.

Ruan Yu’s web novel on Jinjiang, “Really Want to Nibble on Your Ear”, has been accused of plagiarism.

She posted on Weibo: God knows, this story about a crush is from my own personal experience back when I was still a student.

The other author called someone on the phone after seeing it: “Brother, I seem…… to have found the person you have a crush on.”

A few days later, Ruan Yu, who had been “exposed,” looked at the prototype of the male lead in her novel and kept shaking her hand: “I don’t know him, don’t know him……”

Xu Huaisong smiled with gritted teeth: You’ve already nibbled my ear. It’s too late to play dumb.

Associated Names
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Ni Shi Chi Lai De Huanxi
You Are My Fateful Happiness
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16 Reviews

Mar 25, 2021
Status: c2 part1
This translator team picks good stories and this one has a promising start. Please ignore the unexplained poor reviews and continue sharing the story you believe in. I look forward to reading it.

FYI the next buttons on the story pages don’t link correctly😉
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Jul 24, 2021
Status: Completed

Completed by mtling; will surely re-read this novel once the translation is finished.

First of all, thank you for the awesome author who wrote this novel and for the awesome translator team who translated this novel.

This novel is very underrated. One question that popped up in my mind while reading this novel was that why the rating is so low whereas I find this novel to be one of the gem I found and in fact suits my preference very well. Let me kindly phrase it again. This novel is very very very good period.

Maybe not everyone has the same thought but for me You're My Belated Happiness suits very well with my cup of tea.

I'm not that good at writing review but since I really like this novel, I want to drop one to share this gem with you.
    • About the story in general: Like the written description above, the FL and ML met each other again after 8 years apart. They had secret crush toward each other when they were eighteen years old and met again after many years. Like a miracle, BAM they found and uncovered their love toward each other throughout the story.
    • What made me really like the story: It was the plot.

      The author described the story very well. Their love story when they were 18 years old, their encounter after many years apart, their way communicating with each other, and the way they solved every problem that arose every once in a while, were written very well.

    • I really like FL's aka Ruan Yu's personality. She is very brave, not a s*upid one and the point is that she could grasp the hidden meaning of every ML actions. She is straight to the point, not the one that use the roundabout way to talk to other people especially to her partner, ML. This remind me again that communication is the key toward a healthy relationship.
    • The ML, lol he is a quite black-bellied person, of course in a good way. He is a very cunning person. He always plans everything in a meticulous steps, including the way to get FL heart.

      the fact that he use his friend and his sister to join the plan to capture FL heart really made my day lmao. This fact alone made the ML very refreshing unlike other cold type, ice berg ML.

    • And another point. Like the other reviewer stated, the novel was not only centered on their love story but also on their life with people around them like their friend and family. This reason alone made this novel very precious. It was not boring at all to read this one. This novel has pretty deep plot and unlike another novel that just centered on romance and has a superficial plot. Another good thing to share is the mtl was pretty easy to read and the plot can be understood. This novel made me wondering whether my crush was liking me back too back then or not lol.
So in conclusion

It was a very good read. I really recommend this novel. I hope that there is someone else out there that can enjoy this novel too like I did.
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Jul 17, 2022
Status: --
I don't know what to comment exactly....

I would better to call it comedy genre rather than romance because action of female lead was totally funny like she is 25 years old but her actions shows that she is even younger than 16 year old who haven't seen the world.

Tbh I don't understand why most Chinese author tend to make female lead with low IQ and low EQ. Most importantly as person studying law I can't relate to fact that senior partner too free to give so much time to... more>> one client and keep taking more and mor time... hooohooo she has so much money to spend on such long lasting law suit and she wasn't even hurrying... may god send me such client more and more in future so I will earn more

Let's back to review, it wasn't great story and nor I understand how female lead was so brainless, so more than focusing on story I focused on how naive, childish and brainless female lead was....

So If you want to read please read on your risk because f*cking nonsense <<less
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Apr 13, 2021
Status: Completed
for a slice of life there was a bit more drama than expected. Tbh I feel the romance was plain and even the part about their secret crushes during high school was not written about well. Has more potential but it wasn't a bad read but don't expect too much fluffiness or intense emotions.
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May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Even when the setup of this novel is quite common (and from the common setup I mean the secret crush concept) however it is not boring or repeated at all... it is very eloquently written with good dialogues and for the twist there are the cases. Highly recommended. The ML and the FL both are very likable not at all immature or extremely mature.. it is just the right amount of fluff and drama.
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May 04, 2022
Status: Completed
Read this, actually I want to laugh and pity the FL. I mean who doesnt if we were the FL???!!! Meet ML when file the court in the matter of novel about crush to him in highschool. That's really crazy.
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Jan 28, 2022
Status: c74
Sweet and slow love story. MC and ML unknowingly fell in love with each other during high school, but did not confess. They just documented their sweet encounters, and then years later, these stuffs resurfaced to be the trigger that brought them together again.

It was actually good, very recommended for romance lovers. More than lovey-dovey moments, the story also narrated the dubious nature of law enforcement, plus some crime and family dynamics.

So, why did I rate it 4 stars only? I subjectively dislike ML-MC wishy-washy attitude with all the so-called... more>> coincidences. It seemed as if both of them got together mainly because of "fate", while "intention" took the back seat. Without those heavenly coincidences, they most likely would end up married with other people. <<less
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Aug 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I wasn't that hooked in the beginning, until I realized I couldn't postpone reading this so in the end, I ended up reading the whole novel in a day lol. I guess, it did grow on me.

I really love novels that delve into the characters' careers! This was really good!

I guess what I just didn't like is...

... more>>

the leads got together just. like. that? I mean, I get that it was inevitable (?), but they haven't really talked or discussed much about it (?). It's like one chapter, they were practically being formal with each other. Then the next, they're already being boyfriend-girlfriend. Lol, not complaining tho. It's just kinda different than what I'm accustomed to, I guess.


Another thing is...


it ended just. like. that? Lol.

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Mar 15, 2023
Status: c43
Pretty much an all rounder romance novel that has everything. Puppy love, attacking and retreating, mind games, and a shitton of sugar.

The essence of the story is both of mutually being attracted to each other but not taking the step forward since each doesn't know the other's intentions. This leaves completing their education having a crush on each other and not seeing each other until our FMC posts a story regarding her love for the MC.

The MC is a smart person capable of cunning tricks to leave very good impressions... more>> on the FMC. Meanwhile our FMC is also very smart making the attacking and retreating part of the novel very fun.

The first part was the getting togather part where they're doing recon and gauging each other's intentions. Boy does the attack and retreating here get frustrating that its possible to end up cursing them both. But just before it crosses the limit we get a nice amount of sugar. Well this was what it was upto C43.

Highly recommend a read since this is a very good novel. <<less
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May 17, 2022
Status: c53
It's cute for the first 1/3 of the plot because we get to see a realistic secret crush story. MC's personality is insightful and good at connecting the dots, although a lil' in denial when it comes to ML's feelings at first. Meanwhile, ML's personality is a normal dude who hides behind his cold guy persona so he can appear cool to MC. At first, both of them are cowardly and the story is so slow-paced that you only get to see them do something about their feelings when we're... more>> 1/3 of a way into the story. After they become a couple though, the mood of the story changes because of the crime and law part. I dropped bc I got bored, I might read this again someday. <<less
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Jan 12, 2024
Status: Completed
It's quite a sweet and fluffy novel. ML is so adorable like he schemes everyday to make the FL fall for him more and more and FL sees through his tricks😂

Though my only gripe from this novel was how passive the FL was in their relationship. It was always the ML who did everything for her. He continued to give and she continued to take without feeling guilty that ML is the only one who is putting effort in their relationship. At one point in the novel I got so... more>> irritated by her behaviour of just taking and giving nothing in return but surprisingly author also mentioned this issue.

She made the FL realise how selfish she was with the help of another character. I was looking forward to see what effort she would be putting in but no there was nothing she did. Even though she thought about moving to US with him she didn't think much about it and after this she continues to being pampered without putting in much. I wanted her to do something put in some effort.

But no nothing of such sort happens. Hell at the starting I never once felt that she liked him. Only when she realised that ML might actually like her does she says in her heart that she has some expectations. ML confessed they got together but even though her actions I could tell she liked him but love.... not really she has never done anything that shows her love. While with the ML you can practically feel his feelings......

Actually normally this won't really bother me as tons of Chinese novels has passive FL's and she isn't even that annoying but somehow it's ticking me off in this novel..... <<less
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Aug 13, 2023
Status: c74 part4
Who are the ghosts who gave this one star? NU should do something to these ghosts who went around giving novels 1 star for no reason.

This is a really good novel. At first, I was quite frustrated with MC's denseness. She cannot tell from the very obvious clue that ML likes her. She thinks all he did for her was the normal stuff a lawyer does for their customer, but once she found out, their relationship progressed quite fast.

There were lots of sweet moments between the couple. You know, stuff... more>> normal couples do every day. If there was any misunderstanding, they resolved it quickly and maturely. Really, this couple is just like any other couple out there. This novel is a slice of life, with some crimes here and there.

If you want something relaxing, give this novel a try. The translation is a top-notch work. Thank you DHH team!! <<less
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Jul 15, 2023
Status: c74 part3
I love it, thank you translator for translating and author for writing. There’s more crime than expected but it was interesting. I really appreciated reading how ML is scheming quite hard to win FL hahah and how he is so unwavering in his love, I also find the side couple so cute!!
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Jun 29, 2023
Status: Completed
this novel is just really.... cute.... they're both smart separately but when they're together they're both foolish and they're both shy!!! it's silly and cute. I really like the ML's relationship with his sister. they're such siblings but at the end of the day they care a lot about each other!! it's a bit silly how the FL is like. so heavily involved in his job of which she has no training or qualifications which would protect her (eg. attorney client privilege) but it's like. easy to overlook imo. overall... more>> a cute relationship story, super charming!!!! <<less
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Nov 15, 2021
Status: c1 part1
The story is very interesting and unique for me. It makes me relate to the story that I also wish I will have the chance to meet my crush again in highschool. It super sweet. There are parts that are dramatic. Those scenes may be a little off in the story as this is related to a serious issue and I thought its a fluffy novel but I guess that what makes the novel unique to me.
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Oct 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is really good but I dont understand why it was so underated! I'm not usually the type of person who writes a review but I highly recommend this novel. If u are looking for a mature relationship, strong FL, and doting ML.. This is the book. FL character is not fussy like typical cnovel. FL character is strong, smart, and independent. The plot line is not cliche but more focused on ML job as a lawyer. ML character are really mature, and dotes on FL. In terms of... more>> good character design, this novel really excels. <<less
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