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One day,
Somewhere out there,
Somewhere along the line,
I thought I was dreaming.

Later, I woke up from a dream.
However, I didn’t know if it was truly just a dream.

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05/29/22 Second Life Translations oneshot
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Today Also I Chug Vinegar
New Today Also I Chug Vinegar rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: Completed
This one gives me a little heart ache.

All though the ending is a little like 'And it was all a dream...'

At the same time it seems like not. It just hints at so many things. Like a girl giving you multiple signals, but in the end you missed all of them anyways~

Somehow it's understandable. MC is crazy though not gonna lie, he seems to have been loose screwed since the start.

Reccomended though. Tangible, and small bite sized.
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YoriMei rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: oneshot
One of the best one shots I've read in a long time. Hands down, totally didn't expect that gut punch at the end and that ending line?? My brain has broken down to just monkey screeching because it was such a good line. In fact, once I finished reading it I just scrolled back to the top to reread again. Even with the length, the main pair is really cute (author x protagonist) and their interactions made me smile.

It's a very short story, literally just one page, and it... more>> won't leave you sobbing but I highly recommend giving this a shot if you're in the mood for just a little bit of heart break. <<less
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Yakinori rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
It's pretty comedic. My heart is laughing from the pain and my eyes are sweating. (If the author actually wrote something more about this, then maybe I would really.)

The plot is something you could find in almost every novel in this genre but every book, no matter how cliché, have their own unique charm. It's just up to the reader if you'll appreciate it or not.

The translation is great as well. SLT has done a great job!
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kawaii12345 rated it
June 1, 2022
Status: complted
3 stars

It's comedy either you laugh at the joke or you don't. I didn't. If you think it's funny it may be 4 or 5 stars for you.

The story does have one saving grace if you don't like the joke. The author has an interesting relationship with their world. They are lackadaisical at best and it's a little fun to to see the creator go, ehh I'm god no big deal here, wake me when we are done. That was as close to laughter as I got with this book.

Bottom... more>> Line: Flip a coin, it's short so you won't lose much. <<less
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oyaoyaoya31 rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: oneshot
okay holys– I thought it was comedic, and then I thought it would be angst. I didn't laugh nor cry, maybe I wasn't in the mood but when I read one, I'm into it. And this is not it, I thought it would be a long comedy one shot or short drama one shot that leaves you in an ocean tears but yeah. If anything though, the ending is a bit sad, and I had this feeling the whole time I'm reading it it feels like the author was me or the book was for me, because when I dream and woke up I often think was that in my dream?? Or was it happened fr? Or it was just in my imagination maybe, idk. I don't know what's real,... more>> which one is real.

The story is very short though, I want to know if the Protagonist in the book was real real and the he'll wake up the Author is gone lmao nvm I think it's really sad now. <<less
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I_wuv_Shizunshizun rated it
January 25, 2023
Status: --
Aiya author you're very cruel ah, You became your protagonist's white moonlight ah, Anyways this oneshot is really good ah, If you guys liked this a recommendation from this unworthy of attention me:

The mermaid who didn't know the sea I think, It's also a good oneshot, Same as this except it kind of gives a rather summary background of a hero's blackening into a villain while the mermaid is there to witness the youth's growth until finally,

The mermaid hands out his heart for the hero to take, because he... more>> had long fallen for this youth whom has a sweet and bright smile, brimming with justice <<less
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binkspinx rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Short but still left me feeling empty. It's one thing liking a fictional chara and a whole nother thing actually falling in love. I like imagining the pain.

Thanks for the translations!
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