You’re Gonna Break the Engagement? Right?


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A noble girl is engaged to a prince. One day the prince tells her he will break off the engagement. She is very happy. Now she won´t have to go through the harsh queen training. However, is the prince for real or is he just joking.

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08/25/16 toaaa oneshot
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arashi-chan12 rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: oneshot
It's about a noble girl who is engaged to the crown prince, but really, REALLY doesn't want to be. Then, she is called to meet him and he tells her he wishes to break the engagement. All that's left is to sign the papers, but will things really go that easily?

It's a simple and short story that features your typical dense-ish female lead and a "perfect" prince. It's not the best thing out there but it's light and funny, not a bad way to waste your time.

The translation and story... more>> itself leave a little to be desired, but it's their first time translating and apparently, English is not their first language. It's always better to have more translators than not, so please be encouraging. :3 <<less
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OHtheNovelty rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: oneshot
It's sweet and short. As a one-shot usually is. Pretty generic that touches on the topic of Queen training that most novels seems to forget about. The translation is.... not really great and needs an editor badly, but I managed to get the gist of it. Even with the translation as it was, the story was good. Thank you Translator-san for translating even though English isn't your first language.
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sarabodd rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: --
Hate it, so basically hes just screwing with her and messing with her head. I cant even tell if this is supposed to be funny? Romantic? Or what.

Yeah haha shes stuck marrying a guy shes literally terrified of but you can tell he secretly likes her so it's all good right who cares that she don't like him or want to be queen.

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slay_mithos rated it
November 22, 2016
Status: oneshot
The translation is barely English in many places, with names changing all over the place, making it quite a bit harder to appreciate. It's not trash or anything, but you need to be aware of that if you want to read it.

That aside, I guess it's not too bad, but it definitely feels more like a rough draft for the first few chapters of a series. In that sense, "Breaking the engagement... just as intended" (it's in the recommendations above) basically uses mostly the same setting, but tries to make... more>> a story out of it.

What's funny is that the main thing in common is the hate of the heroine towards a specific thing they have to learn, that is completely ignored in the vast majority of the novels involving engagements with royalty.

Anyway, it's fairly short, so even if you don't end up liking it, it won't take you hours to finish it, and despite me saying so much about it, it's still using its setting and characters fairly well, so it's worth a shot. <<less
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solyana116 rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: oneshot
1.5/5 for translation quality, although it's understandable since English is not their first language and there was no editing nor TLC-ing.

2/5 for impact. I ended up reading the raws because getting through the translation was a bit difficult and it was just 'eh'. Ending was a bit abrupt and wasn't satisfied but oh well.

I dislike the MC's character, whiny and dense; the ML isn't bright either. Though I applaud the author for trying to squish a heap context into a single moment. It's definitely rushed and doesn't engage me as... more>> a reader - that's just my personal opinion. Overall it's a fairly quick but pointless read, and if you want to waste some time, go for it. <<less
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Kozutan rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: c1
I hate it.

Is it supposed to be romantic and funny? Because it isn't.

... more>>

Basically she is a MC who doesn't want to marry the Prince but since he have the power he will force her to marry her. She is afraid of him, the responsibility of a queen is too much, and not happy about marry the prince because of his personality, but instead saying she don't want to, she will agree later with this ruining her life. She was happy when she had the chance to break off their engagement, but the Prince changed his decision after seeing her being so happy. What an as****e.

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AzuraValle rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: --
I only read this cause I had finished reading the chalters uploaded of the sequel but the translation doesn't make much sense so it was annoying to read. Also from the way the story went, it feels more like it's a spinoff of the sequel rather than being a prequel of the story.
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eligy rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: oneshot
I can't even tell if this is a good or bad story because the translation is completely incoherent. There are spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors all over the place, and the translator could not even be bothered to keep the names consistent. Mirfria becomes Mifria, Mirfui, Mirfruia, Mirufia, etc, while even the main character's name shifts from Azursha to Azuria.

For reference, these are the last couple lines of the translation:

... more>>

「until you become the one who's fit to become a queen、i'll wait for it」
「why、to that extent..... 」
「so what should you do? then 、Azursha。 your answer?」

overpowering, denial is unacceptable 。
crossing his leg, that figure just like that of royalty。

「i、i、i..... 」
「..... 一i will do my best~」

i loseeeeeee。
what's more now that I got spartan teacher、to train me more than this is!

「i will wait for our wedding、Azuria?」

he reach my body and touch the tip of my hair。
amusingly giggling 。
i am sure he's making fun of me。

frustrating! next time I will show you I can break our engagement!

「this person's never learn」

Leon-sama's servant saying something but I don't hear it。

if a person like Mirfuia-sama can't do it then、using an angel that always show up in child story or、is miko-sama's not gonna show up。
if it's something like that Leon-sama must be attracted。


This oneshot is extremely short, so it's not like you'll be wasting a large portion of your day, but I still wouldn't recommend it unless you read directly from the raws. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: oneshot
Very short, even for a oneshot. This one wasn't really able to make me laugh, and to be honest... it is just normal. Barely 3.

Why 3? Why not less? Well, it doesn't really do anything wrong. Barely 5 minutes read, funny if you are really open humored, and a bit satisfying. It is just.. ok. But yes, interesting and satisfying. Would love to see this couple, and this oneshot, get turned into an actual story.
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LightningFyre rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: --
It was okay.

That's just it. It didn't give me any type of fluffy feeling. It's your typical dense MC and cheeky Prince

MC is the future queen since she is engage to the crown prince. She doesn't want to be queen because it's too tiring for her. The story focuses on the prince telling her that he wants to cancel the engagement. To the MC this is a blessing sent by the heavens but the cancellation process wasn't as simple as she thought. It was just a ploy by the prince... more>> and he actually is in love with the girl. (I assumed on the last part)

The story needs editing. I think it is an okay story - the major problem was the editing - it was not edited properly I guess? So it is a bit hard to read and makes it harder to connect with the story since your mind would be pre-occupied with the way it was written. I think the grammar was okay - I did not think that it was much of a problem at all - the editing on the other hand.......


Overall it was an okay story, could have done more with it but still props to the writer. :) <<less
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