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The story is about a man who’s opposed to the now-common practice of implanting false memories, but is one day given memories of a fictional childhood friend. This fabricated happiness torments him, but then, to his surprise, he meets her – a girl who shouldn’t exist.

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Kimi no Hanashi
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08/14/18 vgperson c10-12
08/11/18 vgperson c7-9
08/04/18 vgperson c4-6
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MitsukiKanou rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: c3
It looks promising. It's the kind of mystery and romance where you keep wondering, what's the truth? Who is telling the truth? With the faint whisper of a hope that the maybe just maybe... instead of a scam, the childhood friend might be real.
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Bondance rated it
September 16, 2019
Status: c12

It’s an amazing story, but that ::heartwarming:: tag reaaaaaally misled me. It was definitely satisfying in the way all tragic Japanese stories tend to be, but I started reading it because I wanted to see someone get a happy ending for once... and that just wasn’t what I got.

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Wiki09Wallace rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: --
Stunning book by Sugaru Miaki. It has the mysterical vibe and the dialogues explored the psychological depth, showing where the characters resemble and diverge due to different experiences. His slightest touch of dramatization makes the text playful in words and stirring in descriptions.

It is a typical heartwarming story packed with innovative settings, in which he enrichs the text providing depths in both viewpoints. The settings are not fully explained in many cases but I enjoy thinking back and forth to grasp the true meaning among the letters, because the words we use are much more clever than we are.
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kkartik100 rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: c12
Amazing piece of literature. I couldn't stop myself from finishing it when I picked it up. Simply a beautiful story with a tragic end.
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