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The day Prince Ji Sheng returned to the court alive, Ran Yuan knew she was dead…

That night, stroking the bloody brand on her chest, he smiled and said: “With my personal mark, you will be mine for life, and for all eternity.”

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New orionflakes rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: --
I give three stars because of the good translations, in actuality the story alone is like a 2 stars from me, I read the raws til the end and it'd be decent if you're only here for the smut, but the plot sucks so hard that it distracts me to the point that I skimmed the smut just to see where the plot is going because the premise was interesting, I read important dialogues <if any, when they're having s*x> too. And it's still horrible;

... more>>

First of all the FL starts off by being frightened by the ML's obsessions and is determined to get away from him, then she was found out eventually by the ML (shocker) and he stepped on her ankle until it's almost crippled and she was basically all bruised up everywhere by him. I mean I'm not mad because of this cuz the tags have been warned as a yandere ML so his bastardized behavior wasn't shocking, but the s*upid FL just (huh?) all of a sudden falls in love with the ML out of helplessness? I mean I understand her giving up and not wanting to escape anymore, but fall in love so fast after he took away her inheritance from the former king and almost cripple her? Huh?

Another thing is the author seemed to rush the story towards the end, there was two potential second male leads who both helped FL in times of trouble. One is I think Zhong Xin, and he helped her in her escape, and rescue her from an old lecherous king capturing her, but he got killed later by the ML because ZX was pretending to be her fiance to deter the lecherous king. At this time the FL hasn't fall in love yet but (HUH?) she asked NO questions whatsoever about ZX's conditions and when she know he died by ML she made no comments and proceed to fall in love with the ML!

This sht happens again a second time with another SML Wei Heng who was ML's childhood friend that came for aide after his kingdom betrayed him as the crown prince, the ML not only war his kingdom but also make it part of his kingdom; betraying WH. When in one of his bloodlust conquest ML was informed to die and the traitors in the palace has the hots to kill the FL, WH find and helped the FL who was pregnant and suffer memory lost and become childlike due to concussions. He brought FL to his kingdom to be safe from the palace whilst waiting for the ML's news. They develop a close bond during this time, WH was planning to regain back his title in his kingdom and take FL as his wife, he said he'd love FL's child as his own. Well guess that never happens, ML didn't die, so he came to take back FL and in the process also kill WH! God this pos. After regaining back her memory FL in NO WAY inquire about WH either, or resent the ML for killing her savior when ML left her in danger when he went to war! This FL is fukin heartless and deserve to be with the shitty ML.

ALL IN ALL UNLIKABLE ML AND FL WITH NO HUMAN COMPASSION. Especially the FL who started off normal and in the end went out of character.

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yserieh rated it
February 20, 2023
Status: c11
WAY too many people seem to misunderstand the Yandere label. I think a lot of Western readers seem to confuse it with "obsessive" love. Let me be clear- Yanderes can have loving and semi normal relationships with their focus. But, overall, the label is meant to denote an unhealthy and unstable person doing WHATEVER means to obtain their focus... And not even being kind to their focus/love. Using whatever means it takes to keep them within their possession.

That being said- this novel has tags that may trigger. Non-con, dub-con, and... more>> psychological stuff. This is the traditional and true yandere. A smutty version of some darker stories, like Wife Can't Escape. It's off to a strong and steamy start. The translator is doing a great job. Low rating is mostly coming from those who don't understand the Yandere label and what it actually means.

If you want something wholesome- stick to the obsessive love tag. <<less
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February 19, 2023
Status: c10
damn I love the yandere vibes.

the ML sure is an extremely yandere guy. Its my cup of tea although r*pe is shouldnt be romanticize.

... more>>

the ML killed his brother bcus the FL choose his brother and makes him got kicked out from palace, and what is the worse is he give the head of his brother to the FL and forces the FL to give a poison to the king, btw FL is ml's dad fav concubine


he's smart and manipulative since he cut all the possible way for FL to run.


THANKSS 💗💗💗 <<less
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Llamaz rated it
February 11, 2023
Status: raw7
Oh boy, the ML is crazy and obsessed with the fl. 😧 Let me tell you one thing before you read this.

The guy pretty much force her, soo ya. Read if you like this kind thing. Dont read if not. Whatever. 🤷‍♀️

... more>>

Like what she says from some parts of the book, SHE SHOULD'VE KILL ML WHEN SHE HAD THE CHANCE! 😅😁 This mother fool fool even went as far as killing his own father to get her. My gosh this facker is far gone out the door. Good luck to anyone who going to read this. Later down the road yo need to get some holy water for your eyes. 👍🍀✝️💧👁

Oh ya and she did try kill him from the beginning plot, but he survive that and came or come whatever for her. I've read the raw so.
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