Your Majesty is so Handsome


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I woke up in this new world as Diana Gundal, the youngest daughter of a feudal lord.

But hey, that’s great news!
That means I can live my life pampered from head to toe right?

Everyday I’m living like a maid to help out with the household.

What’s even worse is that I neither inherited the old Diana’s memories nor her knowledge of the language. I’m basically starting from scratch… I thought I would live the rest of my life like this until the Emperor came to visit our small village.

Oh lord, he is so handsome! I’m now so thankful I’m living under the same sky as him. I will work hard to get closer to him as his new number one fan!

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폐하가 너무 잘생기셔서
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KamiNoKitsune rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c12

Not my cup of tea. I accidentally gave it 4 stars but I would have given 2 stars


MC acts very cringey. To the point where it isn't even funny anymore. Each chapter is nothing but her singing praises about His Majesty and his perfectness. It feels like being trapped in the mind of... a crazy person? A pe*vert?


I would however like to give my thanks to the translator, as I feel that they did a good job, I just couldn't handle the protagonist. :)
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SophieFosterIsAUselessOPCharacter rated it
November 13, 2023
Status: c20
Honestly, at some points of the story, it feels like she's living under, like, a dictatorship or cult, so at times it was a little uncomfortable to read... Although that may just be a misperception on my part. Anyway, FL is pretty endearing when she's not swooning over ML and it's pretty funny to me despite the weirdness of it all
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