Your Highness, Please Love Me Tender


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“Your mission is to gain Prince Rui’s trust.”


“Prince Rui is gay, now you know what to do?”

“…I get it.”

He is the guard of Prince Qin who saved him and cultivated him from young to be his sharpest sword. He is first taught martial arts, then musical instruments, painting, chess, etc. to make him the best assassin.

However, after being assigned the mission to gain Prince Rui’s trust, he gradually falls for him, the one he is supposed to kill. Adding to that entanglement is the mystery about his own origin and the truth about the famine in his childhood. So now the one who he has cherished for all these years turns out to be the very person who caused the famine?

Life plays a joke on him.

However, whatever identity Su Jie holds, he will take to heart this only person who is willing to shield swords for him and forsakes his own identity just to be with him.

“Your Highness, please love me tender.”

“My dear, I’m captivated, body and soul.”

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5 Reviews

Mar 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Ok, so I finally finished this and wow, that was fast. The last few chapters goes like a rocket. Well, compared to others novels that drag the story until xxx chapters with no satisfied conclusion though I prefer this.

So, HE. Main pair got together, villain got killed, basically everyone is happy, except for the unfortunate souls that have crush on main pair rofl.

This novel have historical/ancient settings but it is not too heavy. The translation are good, the romance, especially the last few chapters are really really good.

So well, I... more>> like it, so 5* from me <<less
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Oct 24, 2020
Status: c122
Great historical romance with a plot that develops quickly and keeps things moving. Royalty, princes, assassins, poison, twists and turns, a few light references to cultivation. I'm sorry I waited to read this. Can't wait for the next chapter. It's really good!

I like that MC and ML are both well-drawn, strong characters in their own right with their own goals. They're both clever and disguise their emotions. They aren't immediately swept away by love. They have priorities, and as their relationship develops they gradually start placing each other higher in... more>> the list. To me this added an interesting bit of realism. After all, these characters are dealing with weighty matters like succession, war, and the fate of kingdoms. It makes sense for MC to put his love life on the back burner, even if it hurts the person he cares about. Fortunately, the plot keeps things moving so it never gets too angsty.

As a side note about the relationship, it felt to me that ML takes MC for granted a bit. Sure, ML is a prince and all that, but to call the person he loves "little s*ave" all the time is pretty cruel. Also, it's hard for me to think of any concrete material actions ML has done for MC to actually express his love. So, I think ML needs to work a bit harder to justify the HE. I hope to see that in future chapters.

If I were to nitpick a little, it would be that the story gets a little confusing in some places and I don't think it's the tl's fault. Characters will inner monologue that they're deeply in love, but the next chapter they rationalize and aren't all that much in love yet. Or, a character is deeply skilled at martial arts, but in a later chapter it's stated they're too unskilled to notice someone following them, and in subsequent chapters they're either good or not good at martial arts again. At one point a character's face is "painted with grief", but in the next sentence their expression has merely a faint tinge of sadness. At any rate, you can still tell the overall emotional trajectory of the characters.

Not much smut, love scenes are mostly implied. <<less
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May 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Real rate: 2, 5

The positive rate is mainly to the pace and narrative, is fast and fluid, it helped me finish a novel after a while without finishing any, chapters are all short.

MC and ML are okay, strong and charismatic, they relationship is cute, and they show well their feelings by the end. I love how in love and romantic ML is. But is not a strong ship, I even liked

... more>>

Gongsun yi, and for a moment thought he would made a better ml

I also really liked the MC.

Plot is nice, but sometimes it felt a little all over the place and the final resolutions were weak too, a little rushed and summarized like, how the villains were defeated, so anti climax. It felt like the author got tired and wanted to finish off once and for all fast.

Characters lack depth as well.

But one thing that really pissed me off was

Su Jie's sister. Like I don't even remember if she have a name, she literally is only mentioned in the final chapter only for her son be the heir. Through the story Su Jie is giving a sh*t about her, after he became emperor shouldn't he idk send people after her? And the elder doc, my friend this, my friend that, but he only cared about the throne itself, never thought about look for her after find Su Jie, even if in name of his friend. It pissed me off that the author brought this woman only for her son, not even giving a name to her.

honestly it was very misogynistic.


And Su Jie giving up the throne to a 12 years old boy, like wtf? Now I ask, why not put his sister fighting for the throne together with him, than he became emperor and changed the rules and passed the throne to her, he had always did what he wanted. You keep expecting she will appear and be important and than receive a huge break of expectations in the bad way. When I think about how we didn't have any sister and brother moment I get even angrier.

I was going to give 3 to 4 stars but because of this I gave 2, 5. It had potential for be better.

Is nice if you're looking for a throne plot story but simpler and shorter than mostly. But probably there's better. <<less
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Peerless White Chrysanthemum
Peerless Whi
Nov 22, 2021
Status: Completed
The story won't give a very deep impression on your brain like other novels, won't give you a disappointed reaction regarding about the characters, plot and problems are achieved and resolved. But that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve the 5 star rating. Great ending! Thank you for the translation! Would like to read the author's works if there is!

Not bad to re-read it again
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May 29, 2020
Status: Latest
Seems really interesting from what I've read so far. I can't wait for more chapters -its exciting to think how MC will develop his feelings to ML who appears to be gentle but a really cold-hearted person (I think much more than prince Qin) ; there is also some (albeit a little) unspoken "kindness" coming from prince Qin towards MC, altho I wish for it but I'll keep my hopes down for the possibilty of a rival. Altho the plot is common, its my first time reading it in a... more>> historical/ancient china setting plus MC's mysterious origin is also intriguing. Here's to hoping the story will develop and unfold nicely. <<less
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