Youngest on Top


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Great God Artemia, please grant me strength. So that—
“I can go around beating everyone up!”


Saelica, who died as a divine power supplier before her regression. Meanwhile, the saint of the Temple of Parmanas, Amelia, was loved by the whole world.
People didn’t know. The truth was that all those miracles were actually Saelica’s abilities. This time, she swore she would never die unjustly.
The enemy of my enemy was my friend.

First, she headed to the Temple of Artemia.
“Artemia is the best! I’ll do whatever Artemia wants! (Artemia is the greatest god. I want to cultivate my mind and body beside Artemia!)”

Thus began Saelica’s temple life.

To help with the temple’s finances, she sought out its forgotten treasures.
“High Priest! We’ve struck gold!”

She also educated her peers, the future of the temple.
“Let’s be close friends with your fist.”

But then, things started to take a strange turn?


“I’m always on the side of our precious Sae.”
“Sae likes me the most.”
“Honey bread said I’m the coolest.”
Where did the suspicious and hostile peers go?

“I will take this child with me.”
“No, this child has decided to come with me.”
Caught in the feud between the northern duke and the southern admiral!
“I’m not your daughter!”

And to top it all off—
She even got involved with a dangerous man.
“Is it fun playing with me? Then let’s play a bit more.”

All she wanted was to beat up the priests of the Temple of Parmanas and Amelia…
Could Saelica achieve her goal?

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