Youngest Lady in Contract


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Emilie, a princess who lost her father’s love and life to her half-sister.

Returning to life, she decides to run away from the Duke to live.

But while on the run, Emilie is in danger of being kidnapped by an unidentified assailant.

At that time, there were mysterious men claiming to be her ‘Dad’ and ‘Brother’…

“Get your hands off my daughter.”

“If you let go of my sister, I’ll spare your life.”

‘My father isn’t that young. And I don’t have a brother…’

What’s this all about?

Emilie, who was born as the abused daughter of a Duke, returned to life again and became the youngest daughter of a Count

Elisabeth’s second life, a project to eat well and live well!

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계약직 막내 아가씨
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losernoodle rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: --
The story itself isn't bad, but it's weird when they keep treating the FL like a 5 year old child when she's 12 years old. Stuff like playing with blocks, playing on a swing, being held by her father, and sitting on her brother's lap... Even the parts where they mention her chubby cheeks, stubby legs, and tiny hands. Uh... the author does realize that 12 year olds are middle school age right? The age when girls start to get their periods and develop breasts? I'll keep on reading for... more>> now, but it's this part of the story that makes it hard to fully immerse myself in it. <<less
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Titania07 rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: c31

Ummm.. where should I start?

The story is really good not a master piece honestly but yep it's addicting.

... more>> If anyone who is wondering if they should give it a go? Then YES I DO recommend it because the story telling or Narration is really good the way the author plays with words and our feelings is really fascinating.

Though it may seem a typical 'LIVING A GOOD LIFE AFTER REINCARNATION' in beginning but later it gives different Vibes.

What I liked the most here is not only literture but also the CHARACTER SETTINGS, tragically twisted plot and specially the QUICK WITTED FEMALE LEAD.

SPOILER about what a story is about.


As described in the intro the FL was literally ABUSED and NEGLECTED by her own biological father and her step sister. The main reason I think that she was hated by her father the Duke is because he had INFERIOR COMPLEX to his first wife who was perfect in every aspect but accepting it hurts his pride moreover the situation became worse because our FL was totally like her mother not only in looks but also in brains it DAMAGED the Dukes PRIDE pretty bad so he had an affair with a prostituted and had a daughter again... later Fl's mother died and the prostituted became the Dutchess after which FL had to undergo PROLONG SERIES of VERBAL aswell as PHYSICAL abuse more over she was also FRAMED for the 2nd dutchess's death it was not until she was 18 that her father ENCOURAGED her to commite su*cide and at end she died.


Then again one morning she reincarnated and ran away.


And the story continues where she KNOWS that She is a BLOOD SACRIFICE to avenge the family of her adopted father but she continues to live till day because she wants to ENJOY THE JOY AND LOVE EVEN IF ITS LIMITED AND FAKE but one thing that only she knows is that though her adopted father is using her she has no pain because SHE IS USING HIM ASWELL... THE TRUTH WHICH ONLY SHE AND HER BIOLOGICAL FATHER KNOWS the sacrifice only works to the blood of family OF HER BIOLOGICAL ASWELL AS HER ADOPTED FATHER but her blood was REJECTED and consider IMPURE for sacrifice so even if she is sacrificed her blood is of no use but if her adopted family knows it they will throw her away is what she thinks thus she is using them to live a satisfactory life untill she turns 18 and die of illnesses which she is fated for.


Though everyone knows in the adopted family that one day the journey of painful vengeance will end on the day the sacrifice is done yet they are reclutent to sacrifice her as they are falling deeper and deeper in endless abassy we call love...

And so the story goes on between constant mental struggles of the adopted family but I hope that when they reach at the end of their destiny no matter what outcome it is if they gets revenge or not I wish it ends well with a smile because they all deserve it.

opinion about MALE LEAD.


though it's not mentioned who the ML is my instincts lead me to the belief that the SECOND SON OF HER ADOPTED FATHER IS THE ML.


Also I'll like you to consider if there is any grammatical mistake and here I wait for next update. <<less
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Kalliope rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: c10
This review contains MAJOR spoilers. You have been warned.

This novel is really good in terms of story-telling and I love how they added mystery to the plot, but it is so, so painful to read. My heart is breaking for Emilie. She went from being raised in an abusive family to ... more>>

being taken in by another family who just wants to use her as a sacrifice. Yet she chose to stay with her new family because at least with them, she could live and die comfortably.


God, the girl just wants to be loved and she has to deal with all of this bullshit? I just want to take her away 😭😭😭

Anyway, if you're looking for some heartbreak and family drama, this novel is perfect for you. I can't help but root for Emilie after everything she's been through and I really hope her new family

falls in love with her wholeheartedly and give up their idea of using her as a sacrifice. Also, I expect to see some good grovelling!!!

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thedukeloveskimchi rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: --
// slight spoilers

This story kinda started of weird to me. I understand the intention of the author to hide the reason why they want to adopt her at first for some mystery. But all I get is a feel of old pervy lolicon kidnapper when they just decided to bring her home and treat her nicely and no one, like literally no one raise the question or give explanation what the hell is happening. I 100% understand the situation as a reader but I cannot stop to unconsciously be uncomfortable... more>> with reading. Like when the count expresses how the young FL is cute omygashhhh.

THIS IS JUST HOW I FELT WHILE READING AND I KNOW THERE’S NO ONE TO BLAME. But this side may be what is lacking to the story. It was so off it could’ve been written better. Again, that’s just my opinion and this was just the first few chapters.


But seriously imagine someone just claim you are their family, pick you up, and dine with 2 adults while nobody like everything’s normal and not weird at all

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Perry_08 rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: --
To be honest, I find myself disgusted even with her adopted family (except dylan). If you treat a pig well, fatten it up just to slaughter it, is it kindness? The only reason they gave up is because they got too attached to her. Imagine if her personality wasn't so bright? If they hadn't gotten attached? All the fluff will pretty quickly turn to horror. I'd rather take the abuse than the pretense.
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