Young Masters’ Little Maid


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Li Yiyi entered the Fan family as the eldest young master’s personal maid, but her real intentions were to steal his sperm.

But soon, her coquettish young body was taken by the Fan family’s men, making her the maid of the four young masters for their personal use.

As for the sperm she looked for?

She got as much as she wanted.

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daisukenowaifu rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: c34
Since there are no reviews, I have decided to guide all the new readers to this novel hehe

My summary:

To save her ailing mother, Li Yiyi takes up the high paying job of becoming the personal maid of the eldest young master of the Fan Family. Being the illegitimate child of the Su Family, her stepsister blackmails her into getting the sperms of the eldest, and in exchange LYY's mother will be buried in the Su Family graveyard. While there, the other three young masters also take an interest in her... more>> and papa all day~ What will become of her and her secret mission?

Meeting the boys:

Fan Mohan - The eldest. Company executive, cold, aloof, utterly insatiable in bed. [Forceful and doesn't listen to her words, treats her just like a toy, annoyingly overbearing]

Fan Mohuan - Second young master. World renowned dermatologist. The classic Doctor/ Medical Researcher of every smut novel who arrives to treat the FL's wounds. [Biggest of the bros so far; extreme stamina that keeps revitalizing with one look at her, demon-like, intense s*x. Ungentle, which is in extreme contrast to his image]

FL's love/childhood crush (?) Not delved in detail so far

But FL and I have immaculate taste ( ̄︶ ̄ ;)

Fan Moyi - Third brother. Internationally renowned classical dancer boy, so great stamina~ A clean-freak, who is more than what meets the eye. [Refuses to slow down at her incessant pleas, but happened to be the first one who made her orgasm]

Fourth brother yet to appear~


Let me tell you something, I intially underestimated the plot. It seems to be pretty intricate, and I am all excited for it.


The author uses arbitrary terms such as 'honeypot', 'cave', etc. This is a common practice in all Chinese novels of this kind.

Ya! In the beginning I thought she doesn't org*sm because the author forgot about it. It seems the (awful) men are so forceful, she just doesn't come. Poor baby : (But she managed to org*sm happily by my Mohuan baby.

The smut sometimes is painful for me! I have very intense visualization skills and the author's imagery doesn't help!

In conclusion:

Painful to read in some aspects, but like all smuts, very engaging and I want to moarr~ lol

Rants about latest chapter:

I hope my baby doesn't misunderstand Mohuan!

I revise my review only when new chapters induce varying responses in me uwu <<less
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Julie T
Julie T rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c115
Hi all im new to this. Read for years from here but didnt know how to get involved. I really like this novel. Not just for the smut content but there seems to be something deeper going on with the FL, her family and the MLs. I dont know what yet. I was able to real ahead to ch 115 on another link. Does anyone know where there is a raw link. I cant find the spoiler forum for this novel. Any help would be appreciated. I would highly recommend... more>> reading this novel. Keep up the good work translators. <<less
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nuyanata rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Because first review I try this out.

This is basic brain dead plot cn novel. Many plothole with nonsence story but this is smut novel we dont care about plot anyway.

For me smut scene is normal/readable. No any extreme. Try it yourself, I think it still ok.

(But I skip some because I get bored later)

Because FL made up her mind to sell herself so it's not r*pey that much. except 4th ml, he's a bad seed rapist one

I give you more spoiler here

... more>>

FL mother is introvert and mental ill artist. She fall ill 6 years ago and bedriden later when FL know nothing, she have a hard life in past 6 years before story start.

FL is the artist too. She sell 50-100 yuan /pic to her sister for living

(It's really nonsence if you know painting have cost too and it's not cheap)

Her sister want her to collect sperm from Mr. Fu so she can get pregnant and become mrs Fu (what logic is this?)

Then FL get f*cked around with fu brothers. And sell her self nicely.

ML see FL mother painting, use FL as model and fall in love with her 6 years ago (when she is 16 or younger)

eldest. Mohan, he is ceo type/grumpy big bad wolf and gold master guy. He play his role very well. He is landlord and legal husband. He set trap and plan everything nicely but his bros steal many good part from him and made him play bad guy role That why he alway angry. He win all fight with his brothers and use his power take care very problems in this novel but FL not favor him that much (till nearly end, she know all of his plan) I feel sorry for him.

Mohuan. He is mr. Nice guy / gentle and caring type. He is the doctor with phD. Made me wonder how old mohan and mo huan is? Around 30? FL like him most. For me I think he is a cunning one.

Moyi. He is dancer. Sunny and enegetic type. He alway tell how much he love FL openly and I think he stay with her the most. I like him the most haha. He alway form team with mohuan do 3p and fight with mohan.

Mowei. Youngest the same age as fl. He hate FL at first because she sleep around with all his bros so he r*pe her and force s*x by blackmail? Later when he like fl, he stalking her. I don't like this guy plot at all. He is redeam himself later but the plot is bad another girl get r*pe.... And bahhh

I don't like the pregnent part, she. f*ck with her men and nearly miscarriage 2-3 time and she still continue with it I skip many smut part. Uncomfortable with it.

They have 5 children together

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Violet_Spring rated it
August 28, 2021
Status: --
I like this,

The smuts very hot, but sometimes it kinda lack of detail information like the place, the position

I mean I know somehow it is in the room but maybe they did not doing in on the bed but on wall, desk, etc (omg I sound like an actual pervert here)

Anyway I like this thank you for translate it!
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